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Project 333 Pandemic Edition & This Is How It Went

Out of all the times I attempt a challenge such as this, 2020 was probably not the best choice. When all you are wearing are oversized sweatshirts, joggers & slippers around the house, my fashion sense left the building. I mean, don’t get me wrong I tried. On weekends, I would take advantage of any outing (even the grocery store) & put on jeans & a cute top. So, in a way Project 333 was pretty easy & I managed to wear even less than 33 items. Does that mean I win?

Don’t know what I’m talking about? Check out my introduction post called I’m Going To Try Project 333

I Definitely Wore Less Than 33 items in 3 months

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This year has taught me it is possible to only own 33 items in a wardrobe, because I even wore less than that! The reasons probably are due to the fact most events were canceled & I was inside my house more often than not. But still! It is possible. The concept of this challenge is genius & perfect for those trying to pair down their wardrobes. I think we all develop this idea of needing MORE when really it’s simply society’s way of brainwashing us to fuel the economy.

There Were a Few Adjustments

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So, my original list of items for my capsule wardrobe needed tweaked for sure due to the surprisingly warmer temperatures. I was wearing sandals through the end of October. So, I needed to swap a few pairs of boots with some summer replacements. Other than that, I was able to create plenty of outfits for these 3 months.

I’ve Embraced Being an Outfit Repeater

Outfit Repeater | Sarah Forshaw's Blog

Remember how when we were in middle school or even high school, the idea of repeating an outfit was like sacreligious? Yea, I don’t believe in this notion any longer. If I look bomb in an outfit, best believe I’m wearing it for multiple occasions. I own this red dress that I’ve had since I was 18 years old. And I still wear it to this day. I take pride in my belongings & treat them like vintage attire. I mean, I feel like back in the day people held on to their items for years & passed them down through generations. People are so quick to declutter almost too much. And as much as I preach letting go of stuff that no longer serves you, I also think it can go too far!

I Did Do Some Shopping

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I know! I know! During Thanksgiving break, I did treat myself to a few new clothing pieces. I have been doing well with my Low Buy Year but I really wanted to purchase a few new items for the new year. Luckily, my shopping habits are better & I stick to basics. I found a long sleeve army green top from J Crew (The Artist Tee) which are the perfect style for my body type. I also bought a pair of gold hoop earrings because they are coming back in style. The reason for this is because during the challenge, I discovered so many duds that need to go to the Goodwill ASAP. I believe in reinventing your style sometimes & I learned I really needed a shift.

Would you consider trying the Project 333 Challenge? For more information check out Courtney Carver’s book & her blog called Be More With Less

H&D Book Club: "Project 333: The Minimalist Fashion Challenge That Proves  Less Really Is More” — HEDS & DEKS
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52 thoughts on “Project 333 Pandemic Edition & This Is How It Went”

  1. This challenge would be easy for me, because I hate shopping. However I would need a summer selection and a winter selection. The challenge for me right now is getting out of elastic waste pants. Yikes!

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  2. Oh how interesting! I’ve never heard of project 333 before. I’ve only heard it manifestation wise because they are angel numbers! I did a closet purge yesterday and I’ve vowed to make smarter financial decisions this year so purchasing clothes is out the window for me! Great post and I hope you try it again this year! xo

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  3. This sounds very interesting. I would probably struggle with this challenge because I have loved having different styles of clothing since I was kid. I attempted to become a minimalist years ago, starting with my wardrobe, and I failed miserably!🤦🏽‍♀️ I gave away a lot and ended up buying just as much, if not more. 😬🤷🏽‍♀️

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  4. I tried a capsule wardrobe a year or so ago. I actually loved it. But I did allow myself the freedom to upgrade over the past year. So, I once again need to pare down my closet because somewhere along the line I stopped letting go of something old as I replaced with better items. Also, I live in the NE US, so I found that I needed various capsules. Warm weather, cool weather, business, cozy/home, and outdoor work as I’m an avid gardener, too! 😊 It’s a great concept! 👍🏻👍🏻

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    1. It’s such an endless cycle! I’m currently decluttering from the last couple of months. holidays always cause me to accumulate so much stuff. oh yes, in MD the weather is pretty unpredictable so I think that’s what makes capsule wardrobes so difficult.

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  5. COVID definitely limited our wardrobe choices. I have been living in yoga pants for 10 months now. I had high hopes in spring and bought a couple of new blouses. They are still hanging in my closet with the tags on. Maybe I’ll wear them in 2021.

    I think I could try this challenge. I’m very intrigued by the idea of a capsule wardrobe.

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  6. I think I know how you feel about repeating outfits! Rarely I cringe to see that I’m always wearing the same shirts on Zoom, but I saved so much money on work clothes by buying a few basics that all work together. And it’s so easy to get ready in the mornings!

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  7. Omg my mom and I were talking about this today. I jokingly said it’d be cool to buy something in every clothing store I go to (if I were rich of course). Then my mom said then I’d have to find places to store those new clothes. I’d probably end up wearing a different outfit everyday without repeating any clothing choices. It seems unnatural to not repeat clothing choices, unless you’re on a TV show or movie. I used to go crazy on shopping and I still am, but I don’t buy as much as I used to. I like being able to rewear my favorite shirts because what’s the point in buying a shirt if you only wear it once?

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  8. I think we all nailed the 333 challenge this year 🙂 But seriously, you did well – hope you keep it up this year.

    All the best, Michelle (

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  9. This is a really good idea to keep your wardrobe minimal. I pared down a lot this year when I moved, not sure if I have 33 pieces, probably somewhere in there. When I go shopping for spring clothes. I’m going to keep this challenge in mind 🙂

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  10. During Lockdown, I think I have unintentionally done this challenge. 😂 This project would be a good challenge to try as I have way too many pieces in my wardrobe. It would also allow me to experiment with different combinations within the 33 pieces. Thank you for introducing this project; it is certainly something I will consider in the future. For now, I am focusing on not buying any clothing, aside from essentials. 😊 Congratulations on completing this challenge. 🥳

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  11. I feel like I shop waay too much to be able to do this, yet I also feel like I would make it. I’m absolutely and always have been an outfit repeater, so no matter how many clothes are piled in my closet, I always go back to my daily faves lol

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  12. This is great! I’ve never heard of this challenge but I’m pretty sure I already do it, much to my partner’s chagrin. I absolute hate spending money on clothes and really don’t care anything about fashion. I live in Hawaii where there’s pretty much one season. So it’s shorts, tank tops, and slippas all year round. I know a lot of people this would be almost impossible for though!

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  13. I’ve heard of it but have yet to try it. Honestly it scares me a bit to restrict myself to a small amount of pieces but I probably go thru the same clothing already tbh 😂 I am currently trying a month of declutter where each day you donate the number of items for the day. Ex day 1 = 1 item, day 2 = 2 items, etc. I just want to challenge myself to see how far I can get 😅😁

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  14. I can relate to this post. I think many can. I hardly didnt shop for anything in 2020 and now trying to getting back to it. Everything you mentioned was spot on! ❤

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