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Don’t Let Negative Energy Put You in A Funk

Energy, whether it be positive or negative, flocks to me like a virus (is that analogy too triggering?). Not to get all cosmic with you, but we need to learn to protect our auras. Raise your hand if you are an empath? *raises both hands way up high* I’ve found I am someone who embraces emotions even when they aren’t my own. And sometimes those emotions aren’t always pretty. What do we do when we are constantly faced with negative energy? And how do we protect ourselves from letting said energy affect our lives?

I think we first need to understand the idea of empaths.

In my own definition, I find empaths to be warriors of emotions. They absorb energies from people & make them our own. They take the analogy “walk in someone else’s shoes” a little too far. If you are reading this thinking, “oh my gosh, that’s me”…this post is for you. I’ve been really trying to work on this side of myself & have been doing a bit of research & I think I’ve found some ways we can control this “superpower” we have.

Yes, I’m saying being an empath is a superpower. I think once we understand it better & learn to set boundaries for ourselves, we can use these traits for good. It’s when we surround ourselves with too much negativity and even toxicity, this is when being an empath isn’t too fun. Especially when those people are one’s we can’t necessarily cut out (ie. colleagues or family members)


We must first understand why people tend to gravitate to certain emotions. Use your empathic super power & understand we are all human & have a wide range of emotions from time to time. I’m sure you’ve had a bad day or even a bad month before. So, understanding where a person is coming from first, can help you in finding ways to then put those feelings into action. The thing about being human is we run on patterns. We tend to develop these habits that can, in turn, become traits in our personality. I tend to see people who side on negativity have in some way or another developed a bad habit, especially if the negativity is ongoing. Like any habitual trait, we must learn to combat it & not let it rule us. Don’t let negative thoughts become your comfort zone.


This might sound harsh but bare with me. Taking the minimalism techniques I talk about & applying them to people in our lives is so important. Never feel guilty about cutting someone out of your life (even if it is family). Yes, I said it. And I’m not taking that back. Life is too short to be prioritizing people who bring us down. And regardless if they are blood or not, certain people just have the ability to drain us emotionally. And we have to learn how to gracefully walk away. Especially when it’s people you meet by choice like friends & acquaintances. Never feel obligated to keep these people in your lives if all they do is suck the life out of you. I call these people emotional vampires. And why would we choose to keep these monsters around? I think the notion of quality vs quantity within friendships comes with age. I’d much rather have a few people in my circle who truly have my back instead of a bunch of people who don’t.


I fully believe in the concepts of manifestation & what you feel is what you will attract. If we feel we are surrounding ourselves with too much negativity & would prefer not to, we must first observe our own behavior. Sometimes without even realizing it we can be letting ourselves get lost in toxic environments because in some ways we like the attention, find comfort in it or feel like there is no way out. But as I said before, the energy we let stay is our choice. So, decide wisely. I find people tend to make happiness into this vulnerable concept. Society seems to embrace bad news & has made it be this weirdly sought after trait. I find we need to let go of this notion & see emotions as balancing acts. It’s unrealistic to be heavily one sided on either emotion. We need to take our emotions as they come & place action in front of them.


If there are people in your life who mean well & are still toxic feeling, another opinion is to set clear boundaries. Without even realizing it, people in your life could be preventing you from your dream life. People in your life can mean very well, but their protective natures could be stopping you from pursuing what you’ve always wanted. Those same people can think they know what’s best for you & think their opinions are the only correct ones. Don’t ever abandon yourself. Always remember, you know yourself more than anyone else. During my research on these topics I came across some great responses to people who are trying to dictate your path:

“I appreciate your concern but I know what I want / know what I’m doing”

“That may be your case, but that is not my truth”

“I just need some space right now”


Awareness is golden. When we come to terms with what triggers us, we become more empowered as individuals. Regardless of what other people may or may not understand about your boundaries, you need to take ownership of those feelings & protect yourself when you feel it necessary. Whether that’s creating a smaller circle of friends, exiting certain topics of discussion or letting go of old habits; these actions will guide you to a better understanding of yourself & you will gain a sense of power that you may have lost.

76 thoughts on “Don’t Let Negative Energy Put You in A Funk”

  1. I don’t know if I’m an empath, but I do know my triggers. I cannot watch any tv shows showing torture, medical procedures or global suffering because they upset me for days. I don’t understand how people are entertained by the horror genre. I guess I am more sensitive than most. I agree that avoiding your triggers is important for happiness.

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  2. As a foster parent, I have to take on some pain and emotion that’s not my own. In response, I have to be really careful about not letting in extraneous negativity and drama. I’m so glad you acknowledge we need to set boundaries. Unfollowing a bunch of people on social media was my first step. My best strategy is to get out in nature and periodically recharge after processing all the noise and negativity that breaks into my life.

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  3. I feel like the word empath is overused these days, and everyone claims to be one. I can totally relate to this blog post and it spoke volumes to me.

    I get so bothered by negative ppl, and the negative energy puts me in a funk. I’m still trying to accept he fact that someone ghosted me even though I have no clue what I did to upset them. I agree that certain family members are energy vampires. They wonder why I don’t talk to them and I have my reasons.

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      1. Thinking back, I can’t recall anything that I did wrong. The texting just stopped abruptly last april. I have ideas as to why I was ghosted but but it’s nothing I did wrong per say. You’re totally right – it’s more their problem than it is mine. As someone who dwells on things and is bothered by negative emotions, I have a hard time letting s$it go. Thanks for replying to me – I feel like I’m ranting haha 😆

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  4. Wonderful post! I agree, being an empath is absolutely a superpower. I am able to understand people on a much deeper level than most and I am able to access situations much quicker than my non-empath friends. However, like any super power, there are downsides. If I don’t maintain strong boundaries and take time to recharge, I completely burnout. Thanks for sharing your perspective!

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  5. Cut them off but if you can’t definitely set up healthy boundaries and make sure to enforce those boundaries! So many times people forget to enforce boundaries since its a loved one or someone close.

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  6. I agree.. surround yourself with positivity and good people. Sometimes family can be so toxic and negative I always stay in my lane. When you thought you can count on your closest family or friends it’s like you should have stayed in your lane girl. Seriously so happy to learn boundaries and what I accept and what not 💕

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  7. This is such a helpful post and you’ve included some great tips. Setting boundaries is so important for your mental health. Sometimes if you feel you can’t cut the toxic people from your life, you can at least limit the amount of time you spend with them and the affect they have on you.

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  8. I really love this post! I’m definitely an emotional person, not sure if I am empath but I do know triggers and have boundaries. I can definitely sense different energies from persons and it helps me make decisions of having certain in my life and so far, I haven’t been wrong lol. Great post as usual 😊!

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  9. This post is giving my life. I am empath too and sometimes wish is wasn’t because it can become so emotionally draining at times (not every often thankfully). Love the tips! Set boundaries and cutting people off is so important. Yes it seems harsh, but if we sit back and think what purpose some of our friends are arriving in our lives, we will wee that their negative energy is what is holding us back. Thanks so much for sharing.

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    1. Yes, that’s a great way to word it – emotionally draining. Sometimes I think of it as people come into your life for only phases of it, not forever. It’s ok if some people leave or you leave them. It’s supposed to go that way. Glad you liked the post!


  10. I loved reading this — it makes me feel secure because the tone was so professional but personal at the same time. The tips are concise but true. We need to understand how our emotions work, identify our triggers and ask why this person means so much to us so we can determine why we’re reacting this way. And when we determine our relationship with them is unhealthy, we cut ties. but at the same time do it as respectfully as possible. Awesome!!!

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  11. Wow! Thank you for writing this. A lot of what you wrote is very recent realisations for me. And hence I shall implement setting healthy boundaries from now on.
    Power to you for making it so simple and breaking it down into points.

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  12. I love this! I am definitely someone who can really latch on to negative feelings, but I love how I can make this powerful through making boundaries for myself! Great post! 💜

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  13. I feel things very deeply and keenly and cannot abide cruelty, unfairness or discrimination (I think that’s why I wrote about the things I do, advocate for various causes and tackle things head-on). I don’t consider myself an empath as such but I live by the idea of listening to people and taking the time to try to get an understanding of their perspective and struggles so that I can be better educated and of support in some way. I am very easily moved by other people’s emotions and have love for pretty much everyone. Great post — really fascinating!

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  14. Setting boundaries with people is something that I am working on. It’s hard because some of the people you want around won’t always be willing to respect boundaries and this may call for you to make a decision on whether you want to keep those people around or not.

    For me personally, I like to keep my circle positive. There is no room in my life for negative people.

    Thank you so much for sharing this post. I know it will help a lot of people reading it.

    xo Erica

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  15. Really interesting post. I completely agree with your statement of “Never feel guilty about cutting someone out of your life (even if it is family).” It’s not always easy to walk away from people buf it is definitely necessary sometimes. Even family, although the most difficult, does have to happen sometimes. You can’t let yourself be pushed to your limits and beyond, make your life more difficult, and even put yourself in a downward spiral by anyone.

    Keep up the great posts.

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