Taking My Power Back: How A Break From Writing Rejuvenated My Creative Soul

First & foremost, hello everyone! Hope you all are doing well. Did you miss me? A week ago, I decided to step away from blogging to give myself a proper break from all the responsibilities surrounding Mind Beauty Simplicity. I wasn’t sure how long of a break I would need, but only a week was really needed to gain a healthier mindset & routine. I’ve been blogging for about 9 months now & as much as I love the routine of waking up, uploading a blog post, promoting said blog post, planning future content & being on social media for hours each day, something had to finally give. For someone who preaches self care to her readers, I was being a hypocrite & not taking my own advice. It’s almost like I took the symbolic nature of spring – a renewal – & wanted to apply it to my blogging career & like a snake, shed that skin & old mindset. Basically, having a break from writing gave me my power back & I want to share with you what lessons I learned.

My Professional Mindset Was Out of Whack:

I remember waking up the first Monday of my break not knowing what to do with my day. Although blogging has been the best distraction during such a chaotic year, I had to understand I was neglecting other parts of my life. I would literally wake up & only have blogging on my mind. When I’m passionate about something, I tend to become rather obsessive. On one hand, that type of personality can get a person pretty far in life but eventually if you don’t keep a healthy balance, you will hit a wall. And that’s exactly how I was beginning to feel. I wasn’t prioritizing working out or eating healthy, I was letting the house get messy & just losing all motivation to do anything else. I couldn’t even have the attention span to sit & enjoy a new book. Every time I tried, I would last 2 pages & then get up & scroll through Twitter or check comments. During this hiatus, luckily the weather broke & I was able to enjoy the sunshine. Being outside has really changed my mood & given me that inner peace I had lost in the winter time. 

Social Media Addiction Is Real & Bloggers Need To Take Note

Since I wasn’t posting new content on my blog, I didn’t want to be completely MIA from my audience. So, in the beginning of my break my social media presence & routine stayed the same. I had scheduled tweets to go out periodically, I was promoting old blog posts, making tons of reels on Instagram & even dipping my toes back into Tiktok. It was fun for  a while because my first thought was I would have more time being creative on these platforms. But I realized how much time I spend online in a given day. I’ll be honest, I have an attachment to my phone. And blogging has made it even more difficult. Other creators make you feel like you have to be on socials all day to become successful & it’s truly such a waste of time. I knew in that moment, when I returned to blogging, I would make serious changes to my digital routines & set boundaries for myself regularly. For instance, I removed the Instagram & Twitter app from my phone completely & even discovered how to upload photos to Instagram from my laptop. This way, the temptation of scrolling through socials is at a more difficult reach & I can set aside time in my routine to scroll through these platforms. I remember I read a tweet that said something along the lines of not making social media an unpaid part time job & that really opened my eyes. 

I Needed To Create a Schedule That Works Best For Me

I realized with blogging, you can get in the mindset of thinking you are only as good as your last blog post & having to one up yourself. That feeling of being proud of a blog post & letting it marinate for a few days but then not being able to fully celebrate because you are quickly onto the next idea. It’s an exhausting cycle if you let it be. I knew I wanted to return with the notion of focusing on quality over quantity. I started off posting 3 days a week & then it slowly became one to two days a week. I understand schedules keep a creator honest & on a routine. But since I’m my own boss, I decided I wasn’t going to place strict expectations on keeping a set posting schedule. If I am not proud of a piece of content, I will refrain from posting & wait until it’s up to my standards. That way, the pressure of always having to have something to share every week is gone. We need to remember as creators, we are in charge of ourselves, so we mustn’t block such freedoms. 

If You Are Reading This & Want A Break, Take It 

I had this scarcity mindset where I felt like I couldn’t take a break. If I left for a while, all that hard work was going to go down the drain. Thankfully, you all sent the most supportive comments & even private messages on social media that helped me continue in the direction of R&R because I really did need it. And I’m here to let you know, if you are feeling at all burnt out or just needing a step back, it’s completely ok. Every single creator deserves a break once in a while. We shouldn’t think we need to work ourselves to the bone to become successful. Our wellbeing must always be first on our priority list.

Have you considered taking a break?

~ B

49 thoughts on “Taking My Power Back: How A Break From Writing Rejuvenated My Creative Soul”

  1. Great post! I have taken a break for a few days (especially after Blogtober and Blogmas) and it was so important! I agree with all of the points you made, and am happy that you got to refresh when for a little bit.

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  2. This is exactly why I only blog once a week. I figured if I was ever going to get my other writing projects done, this is all I could handle and it has worked well for me. I’m glad you are finding that perfect balance for yourself.

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  3. Welcome back! I think this is great advice for new and old bloggers. Could I feature this in my post for Friday? Let me know when you get a chance.

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  4. Great post!! Welcome Back!! I had a month of a blogging break when I started and I only uploaded like a quote post. I was ever so productive when I took a break!! But, that was like a couple of weeks after I started blogging and have not had a break since except for a mini 5 day one when I uploaded no posts but I did engage for a little while on the WP reader. I really recommend taking blogging blogging breaks.

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  5. YAY!! Welcome back B!

    I think many bloggers have that issue of where their whole identity is being a ‘blogger’ and ‘content creator’. I was obsessed with blogging at one point, when people asked what I was doing all I said was blog nothing more. I think it’s needed to sometimes step away, take breaks and also engage in other hobbies we enjoy. Self care is extremely important for us! A healthy and balanced schedule is needed!

    I’m glad you took a break and bounced back stronger and with more power! 😊

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  6. Yea sometimes I consider taking a break but I feel like my engine just started.. Gotta put in a bit not elbow grease first, but know exactly what you mean with the whole “keeping it up” thing… But you’re right, quality over quantity any day!

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  7. Its so good to have you back.

    Glad you took a break. I totally agree with taking breaks. This past weekend, I had to tell myself just stop looking online and just enjoy the holiday weekend. I really did. I think sometimes social media can becomes something we get so used to being a part of each day and sometimes we have to realize that its good to step away from it.

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    1. It’s so great to be back. 😊
      It can be quite challenging to step away from socials and be more present. It’s something I’m going to try to do from now on. You are so right, stepping away is good for us sometimes


  8. I haven’t really considered taking a break because working on my blog energizes me and it’s a much-needed distraction right now. But, I think my reasons for blogging are different than the majority of other bloggers. For me, it’s a hobby and a creative outlet rather than a career or money-making endeavour.

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  9. I’m so happy to read that you had a fantastic break! I don’t think I would ever take a break because I establish very clear boundaries so I haven’t felt the issue of being addicted to blogging or social media BUT if it ever came to the point of addiction, I’m all for it! Sunshine really makes a difference and I’m excited for the brighter and longer days! xx

    Lynn |

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  10. I absolutely love the title : Taking my power back. That is a good one. I am so glad that you are back and stronger. Whether it is from our work life, blogging or anything else, we all need a break. We aren’t machines and it is important to have a schedule that fits for you in order to avoid getting a burn out. Your decluttering tips have always helped me, but your thoughts, your views, your efforts in your blog amazed me as well. I am definitely going to be sharing this post!

    Welcome back, B. Stay Strong!

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    1. Aww thank you so much!! 🥰 this comment really means a lot, knowing you find inspiration from what I have to say. It’s words like these that keep me going and continue to come up with new content for you all. 💕💕💕😊


  11. That’s honestly what I just did. I feel bad that I went MIA for two weeks and threw off my planned schedule but then I realized that my well-being was important too. So, I shifted my schedule from weekly to bi-weekly, giving myself more time. I’m really glad I did! It gave me the break I needed and some control back. I think you’re absolutely right about burnout from social media and exhaustive cycles. There’s no shame in taking a break!

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  12. Omg this was so relatable especially because it’s a lot of work being a blogger. I try to post at least twice a week (Mondays and Fridays), then I have to promote the blog post on social media and I have to write the captions for three different social media sites and it’s hard thinking of fun ways to promote a recent post. Then I write a new blog post to fill in the gap for the one I just posted, and one blog post can take me all day (sometimes less than that if I’m lucky). I’m glad you were able to relax and give your mind a rest for a bit! Thanks for sharing your experience and what you learned from your break!

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  13. So glad to have you back🥰🧡You hit the nail with this one “mindset of thinking you are only as good as your last blog post & having to one up yourself”

    A great read! xx

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  14. I also set rules when it comes to blogging. I made sure to respond to comments when I have the time to actually read the comments thoroughly. I reply to comments every Friday till Sunday. This lift up the pressure of being active on social media all the time. I also retweet the blogs that I want to read from other bloggers when I had the time to read on weekends. Having a full time job and blogging can be tough so I need these rules to keep up a realistic schedule. I post my blogs mostly at night after work. It’s great to have breaks too and actually read a book that I have been meaning to read.

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  15. Taking a break is so important when you need it. I am a blogger (I actually started about the same time as you!) and author with my 2nd book coming out next week. I have decided to just focus on the blog for now, and take some time before my next book. My boyfriend is so encouraging, but it has been a bit stressful with the constant writing, proofreading, promoting, etc. Self care is so important too. I make sure to take at least an hour in the morning for yoga and journaling before I turn on my computer. Otherwise I feel all out of whack. I am glad you got the time you needed! Thank you for sharing!

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  16. Taking a break is so important, especially from social media! I don’t put so much pressure on myself to post on social media anymore, but I definitely need to take more time off than I do,
    Amy x

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