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How To Have a Mindful Self Care Day

It took me a long time to realize how important self care is to our mind, body & soul. In a world where society preaches “the grind never stops” & “sleep is for the weak”, we almost get in the habit of thinking when we slow down & make time for ourselves it means we are being lazy & unproductive. As I’ve been adapting intentional living in my routines, I’ve learned it’s completely ok to take a breather for a while & just be. Slowing down & taking time for myself has helped me manage feelings of burnout & fatigue. I have gained a sense of balance. Here are 10 Mindful Self Care Techniques I Do Regularly:

  1. Morning Stretches: I have found as someone who is not a morning person whatsoever, taking the time to do some slow morning stretches or a short yoga practice helps me wake up & become energized for my day. I can feel rather stiff as soon as I wake up & this light movement & meditation grounds myself for the tasks ahead. It’s so important to stretch as it promotes proper blood flow & loosens up those tight joints after being asleep for 7 to 8 hours. This practice has also helped me with any feelings of anxiety or stress I may be having in the moment. Focusing on my breath & just intentionally slowing down teaches me to let go of these feelings of needing to always rush.

2. Make Your Bed: I am someone who wouldn’t make their bed in the past because I had the mindset it was pointless since I’d be getting right back in it later. But as I’ve developed the habit of making my bed in the morning, it immediately makes me feel like I have my life on track. And when I return to it in the evening, it’s nice to see a tidy bed awaiting me. The idea of appreciating slow living & properly doing my tasks has helped me let go of the notion of feeling like I never had time for such a small task. Before, I would always rush out of bed & let the sheets go haphazard & return to the mess later. It seems like such a silly change but I’m telling you it shifts your entire mindset for the rest of the day.

3. Wash Your Face: Would you believe if I told you I have a one step skin care routine? I’ve learned the more products you use on the skin, the more clogged it can be. Not to mention, I have rather sensitive skin, so experimenting with products is usually the wrong way to go. I simply use a gentle facial cleaner & wipe away with water. And somedays, I’ll just use water. To some of you, that may sound insane. But I’m telling you, my skin has been the most clear in years. Even though my skincare routine is fairly simple, it is still a vital step in self care. The feeling of clean face is underrated.

4. Fuel Your Body: Be mindful what you put into your body. But also be attuned to what your body may need. I’m someone who doesn’t like the concept of diet culture & more so someone who is striving for a balanced yet healthy lifestyle. If you feel you need more carbs one day, go ahead & eat that pasta. Having a sense of balance & understanding of properly fueling the body is a form of self care not a lot of us consider. Lately, I’ve been loving starting my day with a strawberry & banana smoothie. I’ll sit down at the kitchen table & savor each drop.

5. Rest: When we are in the swing of life & on the road to accomplishing goals, we forget burnout can creep up on us all of a sudden. I learned taking a break, resting & getting proper sleep are key components to staying productive & creative. A few months ago, I took a break from my blogging passion & that hiatus gave me the fuel to come back more creative than ever. If you want to hear more about this, click here. Make sure you get proper sleep. No one really thinks you are more successful if you pull all nighters on the regular. Sleep is in & burnout is out.

6. Vitamin D: Sunlight is the ultimate self care ingredient. I can’t even describe the feeling I get when I go outside even for just 15 minutes. Being cooped up in a house can be detrimental to the psyche. I’ve made the habit of getting outside more often whether it’s writing a blog post on our back deck or taking a walk in the early evenings. You can take vitamins to help boost these levels but there is something about getting it from its nature source that seems so much better.

7. Spending Time With Quality People: I guard my energy like it’s a piece of gold. I no longer try to waste time on people who drain it from me. Especially when I’m in the need of proper self care, I make sure to spend time with people who lift me up like my closest friends, boyfriend & family. Self care doesn’t have to be a lonely endeavor. I’m looking forward to seeing friends & family more often this summer & have proper get togethers. I’ve realized how much I need that to maintain happiness.

8. Cry it Out: I think society preaches the idea of positivity too hard. Instead, we need to be more acceptant of all emotions even if it’s negative ones. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve learned it’s ok to cry & that release is actually rather therapeutic. Anytime I am at this breaking point, I will either go to a room & lock the door or take a shower. But allowing myself to get those feelings out, as intense as it may feel, always relieves the pain I was holding in at the time.

9. Laugh it Out: Whenever I’m feeling down or just need some quality me time, I always find myself looking for funny videos or tv shows to watch. Some of my best moments are scrolling through TikToks with my boyfriend in the evenings. We catch ourselves laughing our asses off & honestly that feeling is magic to the soul.

10. Collecting Experiences: One of the best feelings is discovering a new place or learning a new activity. I think we all have the right to immerse ourselves in all kinds of experiences – new & old. Making memories & truly living in the moment is something we all need to do more often. I new outfit or a new makeup product doesn’t give me the amount of joy adventures do. It enriches the soul & brings a sense of happiness that is priceless.

Self care can mean a lot of things. It’s not just a pampering day at the spa or even a luxury trip. It’s something only you can define for yourself. It’s what brings you joy & rejuvenates your entire existence. Honestly, my self care list is never ending. Each day, I discover something new that helps keep the balance. Having a mindset of prioritizing such a need is something we all should get in the habit of doing. There is no shame in taking care of yourself.

What have you been doing for self care lately? I’d like to add more to my list.


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33 thoughts on “How To Have a Mindful Self Care Day”

  1. I’ve been doing some of those, but what my body has been craving a lot of lately is to do absolutely nothing… by myself… in silence… not even moving a muscle… brain shut off. LOL I suppose that’s taking a break?

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  2. I have reengaged with my yoga practice. The stretching and mindfulness are amazing for my mental health. Also, I love the idea of collecting experiences. It can be hard to make time for self-care but you are worth the effort! Wonderful post!

    Liked by 2 people

  3. I am a huge self care advocate. I appreciate that you speak to other activities besides massages and spa days. You have to fill your own cup with what works for you. This provides an excellent list for people to build off of and find an activity that works for them.

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    1. yes, sometimes self care is more so the simple changes & things that don’t take up much time. that way you can attribute self care into your routine more regularly. i’m glad you found this list of ideas helpful. thanks for reading.


  4. Cry it out..! Not everybody advices, maybe not applicable to everyone but I do agree with you 100%! This works for me instead of just forcing myself to stay positive when all my heart desires is to release those emotions and waiting for me to embrace it. Nice one! โค

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  5. I agree that self-care is important, especially as more people head back to work. One thing that helped me to de-stress at work was that every day, on my lunch break, I would lock my office door, turn off the lights, and do some stretching. Then I would sit for five or ten minutes with my eyes closed or else go for a short walk off site. This allowed me to wind down and refuel for the afternoon.

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  6. These are all great ways to have a mindful self care day! I will say that cleaning my house, making my bed, and having my chores done makes me feel very calm and prepared for anything. As long as I have those things done I feel like I am prepared for my day. When I leave my house a mess it is like my mental health is just as much of a mess as the house. Love these ideas!

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  7. These are great tips! Iโ€™ve been working out first thing in the morning. I have found that when I get in some movement first thing that I feel more refreshed and alert throughout the day.

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  8. I try to implement all these techniques into my day as well. Vitamin D is definitely the most challenging ๐Ÿ™‚ Loved this article and how informative it was without being overwhelming! ๐Ÿ™‚

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  9. I love this! Mindfulness and self-care are such great mood improvers. They can really help your mental health. All of these ideas are quick enough, meaning that it feels like even the busiest people can find time for them. This is great, I really enjoyed reading this and you inspired me to do one of these today.

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  10. There are a few tips that I need to do more of such as getting Vitamin D and morning stretches. However, I do need to drink more water. Thank you for sharing this post and the reminder.

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  11. These are great tips. Definitely agree with crying it out sometimes, often it’s all you need to instantly feel better and get your emotions out.

    Tash x

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  12. Amazing post! Recently, I’ve been trying to get back into drawing. As much as I love creating art, painting can be a several-hour-long affair. In the mornings, I like to do my skincare routine if I have the time! Looking forward to getting some decent sunlight now that Spring is here. Thank you for sharing!

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