Listen Up: You Don’t Need These Things in Your Closet

I try to declutter my closet & dresser on a seasonal basis & sometimes monthly if I’m feeling extra spicy. Even though I have a relatively small collection to begin with, I believe a routine refresh is always in order. As I change & grow as an individual, so does my style. A few months ago, I posted about how I downsized my wardrobe in half & donated around five large trash bags full of clothing pieces, shoes & accessories. To read about that decluttering session, click here. Of course, the cycle of getting new items in & letting old ones out never truly stops, so I’m back with another decluttering post. I was actually requested on Twitter to talk about the things you truly don’t need in your closet to begin with & how I’ve managed to cull a capsule wardrobe in the first place. So, let’s get into the tips. Here Are Things You Don’t Need In Your Wardrobe:

  1. Items That Are Worn Out, Damaged or Stained

I’m guilty of holding onto items for far too long. As I’m writing this, I’m thinking about this worn out white t-shirt with a hole in the armpit that I wore (just around the house) the other day. I get it. Sometimes you need a few frumpy items. But you really deserve better than this. Even I know I should probably recycle that armpit holed t-shirt before I wear it out in public. Any clothing pieces that are extremely worn out (like from being over washed), stretched out or damaged in some way or another need to leave the collection. Find crisp & clean replacements so you can feel the most put together. When you look good, you feel good.

2. Those Free Event T-shirts You Were So Excited To Get

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been to an event or concert (especially in college) where I would come home with a free advertisement t-shirt & feel like I won the jackpot. Do you really need that bright red t-shirt with the AT&T logo on the back? Probably not. But again, I’ve been guilty of holding onto these types of items so I would have a proper cleaning day or painting shirt. If it’s truly necessary, leave it to only one & get rid of the rest.

3. Dresses You Wore Once & Won’t Wear Again

I try to purchase event attire that is timeless & can be worn multiple times. But there are still moments where there’s a dress or even a top that was made to be seen once & only once. Those types of items can be donated or even given to a friend. And if you are looking for other alternatives for large events, you can always rent dresses & suits online.

4. Uncomfortable Shoes & Clothing

Whether it’s an itchy sweater, ill fitting shoes or a bra that won’t stay up; there is no reason to have these pieces take up real-estate. I know these types of things would just sit in my drawers or remain hung up never been worn anyway. Get them out of here.

5. Clothing That Doesn’t Fit Your Body Type

Quit having the mindset of “oh I will fit into this one day” or “I’ll keep these just incase if I gain a bit back later.” Always just keep the pieces that work for you body type right now. Focus on the present moment instead of always worrying about the past or even the future. Why would you give space to items you won’t even wear? Keep the pieces that make you feel the most confident & get rid of the rest.

6. Colors That Don’t Suit Your Skin Undertone

For reference, I have red undertones in my skin. I look like I’m sunburnt or embarrassed even when I am not when I go makeup- less. I tend to stick with neutral shades such as white, grey & black & when I do venture to colors, I stick to Earth tones. The muted down shades compliment my skin tone & makes me feel more confident. There is no sense in owning the entire rainbow when not all the shades compliment you.

7. You Can Like It From A Far & Still Have It Not Work For You

I tend to like certain patterns or styles on other people, but when I try & mimic it on myself, I rarely like it in the same way. I’ve learned to enjoy the art of window shopping & liking things from afar but not needing it for myself. I’ve learned to be more practical with my spending choices.

8. Graphic or Juvenile T-shirts

I finally let go of my old Jurassic Park t-shirt along with a few others because I tend to get tired of logo shirts after a while. Not to say I’m too mature for them, but I did feel like I should focus on plain, solid color basics from now on. I get more use out of basics & no one has to refer me as the girl with the Kale sweatshirt as much.

9. Clothing Other People Gave You

Sometimes gifts are hits & other times they are complete misses. Don’t feel the guilt of needing to hold onto anything just because someone gave it to you. If you won’t wear it, it’s better off at a home with someone who will get use out if it then collecting dust on your hanger. Sometimes I’ll wear it once & test the waters before I completely give it away.

10. Items You Said You’d Get Altered But Never Did

And you probably never will. Most of the time, if I end up with a jacket without a zipper or a button missing, I just quickly donate it. Half the time I never remember to bring it to the cleaners. I either try to fix it myself right away or let it be someone else’s problem.


59 thoughts on “Listen Up: You Don’t Need These Things in Your Closet”

  1. Cleaning the closet is the hardest task and one that we MUST do, as you point it out, often. I donate all my clothing to UMOM as well as children’s books. They are a nonprofit that assists women to get back on their feet

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  2. I really need to clean out my closet. I have so many things that don’t fit because I’ve gained weight, but probably half of those are things I don’t like or will wear again. I know it’ll feel great once I start. I’m struggling to get that motivation/energy to start!

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  3. I’m starting to realize that since I retired, I may never need to dress up again, so I have too many formal dresses. I need to give some away to my working sister-in-law or to the thrift store.

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  4. I need to clean out my closet. It’s been years since I really refreshed my wardrobe, and most of what’s left just doesn’t appeal to me anymore. I’m also guilty of hoarding t-shirts and event shirts. Honestly, I save a few free event shirts for when I’m doing yard work or messy chores so I don’t have to worry about what happens to the clothes I actually like.

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  5. Oh, so guilty! Not on the free t-shirts count; I always managed to resist those but, ya, I got a stack of clothing where all I need to do is a quick stitch here and a little tuck there . . . it never happens.
    Thanks for some reminders about what can leave the wardrobe. 🙂

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  6. Very helpful post Brittany! I definitely needed the reminder about not holding on to clothes that don’t fit. I currently have a bin of clothes that are too small because I kept thinking I’ll need them whenever I can drop this extra weight. But these items would be of use to someone else now if I donated them and cleared out some closet space.

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  7. Ugh, I needed this! I am the worst when it comes to keeping stained/damaged clothes in my closet just because I have a hard time letting them go, knowing how much I once enjoyed wearing them. I need to stop wasting space since I will never be able to wear them again anyway. Thanks for sharing this! I loved reading this post.

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    1. yes, i have the same problem as well. right, i always consider they don’t fit or look the same when i first owned the item so i tell myself i got good time out of it & it’s past it’s expiration date.


  8. Every year I try to get rid of at least some pieces of clothing. It’s great to do. I always feel so good to get rid of clothing I no longer wear or no longer want. I need to clean out my closet this year. Haven’t don’t it yet.

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  9. Guilty as charged!! My whole life I have always bought cheap “on trend” clothes which are patterned, bright colours etc. Now I’m trying to scale it back and build a good basic neutral toned wardrobe that is timeless

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  10. Such a helpful post! I know I had to stop buying the majority of blues/purples because although I love the color, it used to clash so horribly with my red hair! Also, I tend to use my free shirts as pajama shirts which work well. I have so many shirts I bought every year as a fundraiser in high school, so they’re also pajama shirts. Thanks for sharing!


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  11. Thank you. I needed this list. I’m a bit out of sorts with my wardrobe at the moment, as I find it so hard to say goodbye to those items that don’t fit anymore. I have a pair of shoes that look amazing but are so uncomfortable; I need to donate them. It’s time. 😂

    These are all useful tips that I will have to keep in mind when I clear my wardrobe. Thank you for sharing, B. 😊

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  12. Amazing tips! I haven’t decluttered my closet in a while, I was thinking about doing it the last couple of days, but this post made me want to start right now! Decluttering always made me feel fresh and more put together, and you just gave me a huge amount of motivation to get rid all the clothes I don’t love. Thank you for sharing!

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  13. I tend to keep way too many clothes! I think I have a whole drawer full of t-shirts that I haven’t worn in at least 5 years. Why am I so attached to these t-shirts? I don’t know. It is time to purge!

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  14. I am guilty of doing so many of them! Why even I am attached to clothes?! there are literally so many clothes which I haven’t touched but they were given by someone as a gift. It’s time to declutter now, thanks for sharing this reminder!

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  15. A much-needed read! I’ve got a whole bunch of shoes to get rid of but I’m struggling with old dresses that don’t fit me anymore. I’ll do another declutter soon with your points in mind! thank you 😀

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