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Why Bloggers Need Their Own Work Space

I think a lot of us bloggers can relate to being nomads when it comes to our work space. I for one love going from my kitchen table to the living room couch to even the patio in my backyard. In a lot of ways the change of scenery sparks inspiration. Over the course of the year, my goal was to create a space of my own – a blogging office if you will. And like many home projects, it took a while to get to a place where I could even work in here. And honestly, it’s not quite finished. I still want to purchase a proper reading chair. But having a space where I can work & brainstorm in peace is a total game changer. I feel like all writers & bloggers deserve their own creative space to venture off to.

Let’s Take a Tour Of My Blogging Office…

I’m lucky enough to have the opportunity to claim this spare bedroom all to myself. When I moved in during quarantine, I took over the closet in this room to store my dresses & dress coats because the other closet I share with my fiance couldn’t hold all my belongings [ well, it could, but i liked the idea of having my own closet for my dresses like the movie, 27 Dresses]. I treated it as a dressing room in a sense & a place there I could go to watch television, do my makeup or read. But as I became more serious with blogging, I decided to make this space into my own personal office. My fiance made an office for himself in the basement & I felt I wanted to do the same upstairs. Plus, I have a lot of personal trinkets & things from my room at my parent’s house I wanted to display. Here are a few photos & an Instagram Reel of my blogging office:

Why Blogging Offices Are Worth It…

It’s Calming & Away From Distraction

I’ve never felt so productive when it comes to my writing. I didn’t realize how distracting doing work in the common areas of a home can be. Especially if other people are wandering the house & constantly wanting your attention, it’s hard to get anything done. Now, that I have my own proper space, if I need to I can close the door & type away.

You Need To Differentiate Work vs. Play

When you have a designated workspace instead of using a common area like a living room, it trains the brain to know when it’s time to work vs when it’s time to put the laptop away. I can’t tell you how many times I’d just continue to work on the blog or answer tweets way into the evening. When I have a designated work station, I know to leave those tasks in that specific area & give myself the deserving break I need.

You Can Show Off Your Personality

Having my own blogging office allowed me to showcase my “brand” or interests in a space. Since I live more minimal, I wanted my office to be simple & calm. I leave the center of the room open so it feels more inviting & I have space to walk around. I added wall shelves to add height as well as have a place to display my favorite possessions – like my F.R.I.E.N.D.S. dvd set. Especially when you live with someone else, you can’t always decorate the entire home to your liking but it’s nice to have one area I can do whatever I want.

It Sparks Inspiration

The worst feeling is being in a creative rut & suffering from writers block. I’ve found having my own place to write actually sparked inspiration. I can think more calmly & productively without distraction. I swear the ideas keep flowing now that I can work in peace. It isn’t to say changing scenery doesn’t do the trick too, but I’ve found I benefit more from quiet spaces.

It Keeps You Productive

In other parts of my home, I was too distracted to write or get anything done. Some weeks I wouldn’t write at all – which is ok some, but I was slowly getting in this rut. Now that I have a proper place to work, my to-do list gets complete & I’ve been writing more than ever.

Overall I find having a blogging office to be extremely beneficial. Having your own sanctuary creates a sense of peace & productivity. I think all content creators should consider creating their own offices whether you are a full time blogger or do this as a side hustle. I feel more official now that I made this change.

Do you have a blogging office? Where do you go to write?


97 thoughts on “Why Bloggers Need Their Own Work Space”

  1. That sounds like a amazing idea💡 I love your space —it is minimalist and calming at the same time. I live in a flat and I am always struggling with space but you are right having a space on your own to do your work get rids of the distraction.

    Thank you for this —it got me all inspired x

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  2. Trying to write with others in your space is so chaotic! Having a place where you can shut the door and concentrate sounds so nice.

    Having a place specifically for blogging could also help with developing and displaying your blog brand, which is something I had not thought about until I read your post. Thank you for sharing more about your new office.

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  3. I couldn’t agree more. I used to blog at the kitchen counter but had difficulty focusing. Now I have my own office I’m much more productive.

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  4. I don’t have my own space right now but loving blogging from my patio in these warm days! I am hoping to create some space though soon. Thanks for sharing your ideas!

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  5. Love your minimal workspace❤ After seeing this I think I definitely need to create a space for me. Thanks for sharing your ideas!

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  6. Love this! I agree. I love separating work and play which is why I don’t use a laptop anymore. I invested in a desktop and just keep that in my office! When I’m away from my desk, I’m off or on a break! I loved decorating my office so much! So glad you liked yours. Thanks for sharing, b xx

    Lynn |

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  7. I agree that having a dedicated workspace is essential. I have a desk in my room that I use for work and blogging. I find it helpful for me when I write because it’s quiet and it’s also got a window view which also helps me relax and also gets my creative juices flowing.

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  8. I love your blogging office! Your desk is so organized and my favorite part of your room would have to be the Minion plush 😉

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  9. This is such a great idea I wish I could implement (hope I do as soon as it’s possible). The thing you said about differentiating between work and play really hit me because I think I don’t have any boundaries with my space. Enjoyed this post x

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  10. I don’t have a blogging office & my apartment is too small to have a designated office space, but I’m hoping to get a bigger apartment soon so I can have an office/beauty room haha
    Also, I LOVE your office!

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  11. I cannot wait to have a separate office for working as I work on a laptop table in my bedroom. I will be excited to style my office too. You have a great space. Thank you for sharing.


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  12. You are oh so right! We share the flat we live in so we can’t really create a designated space, but it would be so great! I love yours, it makes me feel calm and relaxed and ready to start working! Will keep your tips in mind for when eventually I get my own space x

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  13. Having a space dedicated to writing is amazing! It is something that I totally feel like I need also. Since I live in a rented apartment with limited space this means I have to move in order to do so. But it definitely is the dream! So glad for you that you made a space to please you and inspire you! 🙂

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  14. I agree with the fact that bloggers need their own work space. There are so many benefits of a workspace from limiting distractions to increasing productivity. Your workspace looks so simple and cute. Thank you for sharing!

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  15. Your work space looks lovely. Agree completely with the idea that you need to differentiate between work and play – I never work in my bedroom as I would never get anything done. Thanks for sharing!

    Tash – A Girl with a View

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  16. We’ve converted a spare bedroom into our office as my husband and I both work from home. Although I’m downstairs in the kitchen at the moment because the office is too hot and I’m nowhere near as productive!

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  17. Really cool space and setup!
    I’ve never thought of having a blogging space, but I definitely did have one for studying and exam revision😅
    Also, I can testify that having a change of scenery/environment definitely helps with writer’s block

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  18. Aww! Your space is so simple and clean and pretty. I love that you have a rug down and a mirror on the side to catch some light. I have a desk, but it is not nearly as attractive as this space so I am inspired to make some changes.
    Thanks for sharing. 🙂

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  19. I’ve just been writing in bed or on the couch, but I’ve actually always been like that, even as a teenager doing homework lol. I would love to have an actual writing office one day, but I’d need a comfy chair and not a desk!

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  20. I completely agree with you, it’s do important to be able to separate the two. My plan has always been to purchase a desk when I start making money from my blog. I’ve got a little way to go but I’ll get there. Great blog post.

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  21. Your setup looks so clean, mine is a chaos of books and post-its, not to mention my husband sits right by me doing his dev work xD Though I do love having him there. I always wonder why it is that I can’t stand people in my writing space, but my husband is the exception o.O

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  22. I love the idea of this post and I love all of the wonderfully made points! I also believe it’s so important to have your own space for these very same reasons but my favorite reason is because you need a space for work and a space for play. It cannot be more true! My favorite thing about my space is bringing my personality into the design, that’s always so much fun.


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