Why You Should Declutter Before Your Next Birthday

When I think of birthdays, I think of a second chance for resolutions & self growth. And if your birthday is on New Years, I guess you have double the chance. haha. My 30th birthday is coming up on August 9th. Shoutout to all my fellow leos out there! And making it to this milestone is a pretty big deal. Not to say I’m going to become a totally different person when the clock strikes midnight but I do see it as an excuse to make a few changes. It’s time to do a decluttering sesh not just on my closet but my entire life. On Monday I’ll go more in depth what I’ve learned up to this point but today I simply want to discuss how there’s always time to make a change. And these milestones should be a time where we reflect on where we’ve been & what we want to do next. Let go of the old & welcome the new. Here’s why you should declutter before your next birthday.

We Are Always Evolving

When people accuse me of changing, I’m always like, “good I should be.” I would be pretty discouraged if I was the same person I was in my early 20’s for example. Life’s obstacles & situations are automatically changing us whether we realize it or not. What we liked to listen to a few years ago, what we wore & even how we acted may not resonate with us at this present moment. So, like any decluttering session, we have to evaluate what should stay & what should go. Some things have an expiration date & we need to honor that. Make room for new hobbies, new styles & even new people. These changes will ultimately help us evolve into the people we wish to become.

It Stops Us From Being Stuck in the Past

I think the times I’ve felt most in a rut either personally or creatively it’s because I hold onto too much of my past. I don’t allow myself to fully shed those chapters. I think sometimes the longer of history you have with someone or even a material item, it’s harder to let it go. Or you don’t allow it to shift into a different direction. There is no rule that states you have to remain a certain way forever. Going along with the first point, to allow yourself to evolve you have to be open to the idea of letting go of the past.

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The Accumulation of Junk is Never Ending

Speaking mostly about material items now, I’ve noticed it’s a never ending cycle. At some point you will always be bagging up something to be donated or trashed. So, having these set moments like before a birthday is a great time to look at what you have in your home & do a proper clean out. With mine being at the end of summer, it’s rather convenient because I’m always doing a seasonal clear out anyway. Currently, I’m making room for my fall fashion favorites & possibly bringing in a few new pieces & products as well. I think it’s perfectly fine to treat yourself especially before a birthday.

Starting Fresh Always Feels Good

Anytime I’m starting with a clean slate, I feel like the possibilities are endless. I can become whoever I want to be no matter how past me may have looked or acted. And I think we have to remember we can start fresh as many times as we need. Like the quote says, “tomorrow is another day” , there is always a chance for something new. So, for me, as I’m getting days aways from my 30th birthday I’m headed with a new mindset. I want to be open to all the possibilities my 30’s have to offer. I want to be kinder to myself & even be a little more selfish when it comes to my happiness. I tend to focus too hard on others when I let myself flounder. I hope to find a healthier balance. I want to leave the past in the past & keep moving forward. I want to walk into my 30’s with the greatest sense of self worth & confidence. I no longer want the comments of others to break me down. For those who walk out my life I let them with grace & no longer take those choices to heart. I wish to simply be more at peace, open to adventure & no longer have my happiness be taken away.

What do you wish to let go of before your next birthday? What are your goals?


44 thoughts on “Why You Should Declutter Before Your Next Birthday

  1. I loved this post! I usually have a clear out of clothes and toys when my sons birthday (or Christmas!) is coming up but as it’s my 26th birthday in October, I will probably start decluttering more of my own stuff over the next couple of months! I definitely want to be more intentional with my wants and needs this year.
    Saph x


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  2. Happy early birthday! 🥳🍰 I turned 30 today August 4)! it’s good to tackle the clutter while we’re still young 😅 I think it’s a good thing that we already have this mindset. For some reason it’s sooooo easy to accumulate junk and even harder to get rid of it.

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      1. I had a fairly boring, relaxed birthday and that was okay. From all the running around I just wanted to do nothing. We had a pretty cake so that’s all that really mattered! 🥳🍰

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  3. Happy Birthday! This is a real thought-provoking post and one I need to consider for a while (my birthday is late in the year). Thanks for sharing!

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  4. This is such an interesting idea! I always declutter twice a year: in the summer before school starts up again and over Thanksgiving/ Christmas break. I never thought to do a clean-out around my birthday. Maybe I’ll give it a shot since I’m turning 20 next month. Thanks for sharing!

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  5. Happy early birthday! This is a great idea. It is hard to let go of the past and we should always be evolving. Cleaning out stuff is important too. It makes sense to clean out often since we seem to accumulate so much so quickly (at least in my house of 5 we do). Great post!

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  6. Your writing is so thoughtful ❤ Happy early birthday –I hope you have a lovely day. This really made me think, although my birthday was couple of months ago but decluttering is always welcome! xx

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  7. I have so many things I want to purge but my partner is kind of a hoarder. Makes throwing stuff out more complicated. Maybe I can show them this and gain a little traction. Wonderful post!

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  8. Hmm great question 🤔 I have so many things I have accumulated that I don’t know what to get rid of first. But now you made me think about it all and thank you for that. Great post 💛

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  9. I thought it would be a different kind of declutter but after reading this, I knew it had other aspects too not just material ones. Very good post. Material is never ending for sure. Decluttering from the past and holding on all these really do count. Thanks for sharing Xx
    Isa A. Blogger

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  10. I enjoyed reading your blog today and i really relate to it, i need to get rid of things but sometimes even for the idea that is not useful anymore has a great memory in it, it can be even a rock to literally an egg to certain clothes that don’t fit me but i just have good memories in. thanks for sharing i loved your blog!

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  11. Another great one! you’re on a roll ~ My birthday’s coming up at the end of the month and I’m also in the process of some major decluttering. I’ve actually decided to take pictures of some things to keep as a digital memory so that it’s easier to let go 😀

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  12. These are fantastic tips Bee – I like your point about at some point you’ll need to declutter! I can’t stand holding onto things longer than they serve a purpose, but my other half is the opposite so it’s always a work in progress to find a balance between us.

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