10 Fall Clothing Essentials You Need In Your Wardrobe

Fall season is upon us which means two things: back to school (for some of us) & fall fashion (which is the most elite season for style imo). In the past, I’ve talked about how to create a capsule wardrobe with the project 333 method & how to declutter your wardrobe seasonally. And today, I’ll be discussing the 10 fall clothing essentials you need in your closet.

1. Good Fitting Pair of Jeans

A classic staple to any fall wardrobe is a properly fitting pair of jeans. I personally love the Top Shop Jamie jeans as well as the Loft Petite brands. But whatever brand you love, I recommend you finding a dark wash, a light wash & black shades of denim. I’m currently in the market to replace a few pairs so let me know which brands I should look into.

2. Nice Fitting Pair of Slacks

For a dresser / business option, I recommend a pair of slacks or dress pants in your wardrobe. I personally love ones from Zara or Ann Taylor. Currently, I own a few straight leg styles but I’d love to find more flair style as that is the trend lately. I have to stay a little hip with the Gen Z’s right?

3. A Crisp Button Down or Silk Blouses

I’m all about the basics but to jazz up the selection, I’d recommend you pick up specifically a white button down either lightly oversized that you can wear in both a business setting or casually out and about. Pieces such as the classic button down is a must in anyone’s closet because it can be worn a multitude of ways. As we know, I’m an outfit repeater, so if I can style a shirt in different ways, it’s definitely worth the purchase. Along with this, I also recommend silk blouses. Find some with cute patterns, colors & textures. They are perfect to dress up & on hotter fall days, you won’t be sweating bullets in it.

4. The Basic T Shirt & Tanks

The majority of my closet is filled with basic tops in an array of colors. Most are also from Target so you definitely don’t need to break the bank with this essential. I love pairing basic tasks with cardigans or underneath sweaters. To start, you need the colors white, grey, black & tan. Earth tones such as sage green, light pink & blue are great shades to have as well.

5. Sneakers

I’m trying to get away from just living in Uggs until March (although if you are from the East Coast, it’s pretty much inevitable). During the Nordstrom Anniversary sale I purchased a pair of the Sam Edelman sneakers in this white shade with a tan swayed tip. I cannot wait to wear these to death this fall. You can wear them with jeans, leggings & even longer dresses during those warmer days.

6. Dainty Statement Jewelry & Hoops

I’m getting more into jewelry lately. I recently was gifted a pendant necklace with a B & a T ( 💕😊) in rose gold & I wear it almost daily. It’s so subtle but really adds to an outfit. Plus, it matches my engagement ring so yay! Along with this, I also love gold hoop earrings. I think they just really jazz up an outfit without trying too hard.

7. Oversized Sweaters & Cardigans

Of course, it’s not fall without that cozy feeling. Sweater weather is where it’s at. Just picture wearing this camel colored oversized sweater & leggings, warm beverage in hand, a thriller novel in the other relaxing in your favorite chair. (Oh was I describing my depiction of heaven? I digress). Some of my favorite brands are from J Crew, Madewell, TopShop, Zara or A New Day from Target.

8. Leggings

Even for a person who tries to be as minimal as possible, I own an absurd amount of leggings – 10 & the majority are plain black. Clearly, I don’t take my own decluttering advice. I recommend you check out Aerie for their offline leggings as well as Fabletics. They are way cheaper than Lulu Lemon but the quality is *chef’s kiss*.

9. Graphic Tees

I’m such a hypocrite with this one because in this post, I talk about how we need to let go of graphic tees but I think we can still own a few. Just be pickier with your choices. But I’ve been on the kick of wearing oversized graphic tees with leggings or compression shorts. I’ve had it in my mind I want to find one with the Beatles on them. And I also found one with zodiac signs & flowers. Stores are really stepping up their game. Or I’m just trying to hold onto my youth since I’m 30 now.

10. A Pair of Mules

This shoe style is perfect for transitioning from the summer sandal. They are so easy to slip on & look so dressy my opinion. I personally love the shade tan / camel as it lightens up a fall look.

I hope this list of essentials give you inspiration for your fall style. Be sure to check out my closet decluttering series to get even more ready for this next season.


35 thoughts on “10 Fall Clothing Essentials You Need In Your Wardrobe

  1. How can someone not love fall fashion??? It’s the best! Literally as I read this I was opening up new tabs with your recommendations to shop I desperately need a wardrobe refresh because the majority of my clothing is falling apart. I just hate spending money on clothes! The basic tanks and tees from Target are the best- especially when they’re on sale. Thanks for sharing! xx

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  2. Great list! I love wearing sweaters in the fall – you’re right, there really is no better feeling! You’ve reminded me that I still need to buy a couple of nice pairs of jeans and leggings too, thanks so much for sharing x

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  3. Ooh, I can’t wait to get my cosy jumpers and cardigans out! I store my seasonal wardrobe away (saves space AND keeps it fresh by rediscovering things) and as we get into September, it’ll be time to get them out from under the bed and wrap up.

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  4. I love how simple and versatile all of these items are. You can make many outfits out of everything listed, which spices your wardrobe up without you having to own too many clothes. Great post!

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  5. This post worked as a great reminder to me cause I really need to buy a new pair of jeans. Usually I forget to check what I need on time and in the middle of the season it is always harder to find what you need.Thank you for sharing 🙂

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  6. I love a good fall clothing essential list! I’m quite happy that I have most of these essential pieces in my wardrobe, as I love Autumn.

    I need to invest in some slacks/dress pants, though, as they would be great for business events. I never considered getting some of them before, so thank you. My oversized sweaters and cardigans are ready for the cold weather, as I have a few too many. They are just so cosy!

    I also own an absurd amount of leggings. Thank you for sharing this post. You’ve given me a few ideas on how I can wear my essential pieces differently. 😊


  7. Love this! Definitely agree with most of these (not a fan of slacks XD), love love that it is sweater weather again, I can finally grab all my favourites from the attic and put them in the closet again! Plus I recently finally added #1 back into my closet. I finally found a store that had comfy and fitting jeans, unlike other stores *H&M *cough** which seem to only cater to those with no hips/butt and no muscles.

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