Thank you Vourneen of The Plain Simple Life for guest posting on my blog today! I’m so appreciative of you for stepping in while I’m taking a small hiatus from original content & sharing your thoughts on simple living with my readers!

As a society, we are more connected than ever before. But despite our constant connection to the world around us, it seems like we are having less meaningful relationships and experiences in our lives.

We’d all like to be more mindful and intentional about our daily habits, but it’s hard to do this when we’re busy with work and life.

The good news is that there are small changes in your daily routine that can lead to big improvements in your happiness and wellbeing. 

This guide will help you start living a more meaningful life by focusing on some simple living habits such as getting outside in nature, spending less time online and just slowing down. 

By making these seemingly insignificant changes in your day-to-day activities you’ll find yourself feeling happier, healthier and having an overall better quality of life.

7 simple living habits to live a more meaningful life:

1. Make a Routine

Establishing routines can help you become more organized in everything from work to home life, which ultimately leads to a less stressful environment. It’s important to have routines because they are predictable, reliable ways for us to get things done around our lives. 

You’ll notice that when there is no routine established, it’s easy for us as individuals or families to get side-tracked with other tasks at hand while often forgetting what is important. 

Routines give your day structure and help you get into the habit of doing the things that you know will make you happier in life. This can be anything from doing your makeup in the morning to having a cup of tea at the same time every evening (whatever works for you). 

2. Spend Time in Nature

Spending time in nature is one of the simplest ways to reduce anxiety and improve focus. For most of us, it’s so easy spend all day inside and never even notice what the weather is like outside. 

When we spend time outdoors, we are able to relieve our minds from the day-to-day stressors that often build up over time.

Taking daily walks outside for at least 30 minutes will give you a chance to see your surroundings in a different way than when you’re glued to your phone or computer. Not only will this improve your overall mood, but you’ll be more present in each moment with less distractions holding you back. 

3. Declutter

Decluttering gives our minds more space, which makes it easier to focus on each task we need to complete. Having less clutter around also means fewer distractions throughout the day, leading us towards living a more meaningful life. 

When there are too many possessions around us, we are always trying to find a place for everything which leaves us feeling overwhelmed and stressed. 

Decluttering doesn’t have to happen all at once – start small and get into the habit of getting rid of one thing each day. Once you’ve found a place for everything in your home, it’s easier to manage your time and energy throughout the rest of your week because there is less clutter to look through.

4. Spend less time online

It’s easy to get addicted to scrolling through social media or watching funny videos on YouTube. While this may be fun in the moment, the long-term effects of constantly being glued to your phone isn’t always positive.

When you disconnect from all of these distractions, you’ll be able to reconnect with the important things, such as your relationships with your family and friends.

Spending less time online can help you become more mindful of each moment in life, so every now and again make sure you disconnect to reconnect.

5. Take Time to Enjoy the Little Things

It’s easy for us to focus on what we don’t have or what hasn’t happened yet in our lives. When you focus too much on the future, it can lead to anxiety and stress because we are always looking forward to something that hasn’t arrived yet 

This is why it’s important to take time every day to enjoy the little things in life, like having your morning cup of coffee out in the garden or reading a book in the evening before bed.

When you take time to enjoy the little things, you’ll be able to see life more clearly and experience each moment without worrying about what’s coming next.

6. Take 10 minutes every night to clear up

By taking just a few minutes each night to clear away surfaces and get the leftover dishes washed, you’ll be creating space for your mind to relax at the end of each day.

Not only will this help you sleep better, but you’ll notice that each morning when you wake up, it’s easier to start fresh because there is less clutter around. 

7. Limit consumption

When we live in a consumer culture that tells us we need to buy things and own lots of stuff, it can be easy to become caught up in the ‘keeping up with others’ lifestyle. However, excessive consumption of non-essentials doesn’t have a positive effect overall. 

Try limiting your consumption to spend less and save more so you can spend time with loved ones or simply unwind at the end of each day. When we live life in this way, we are able to experience more pleasure and fulfilment. 

Final thoughts on simple living habits

We are constantly surrounded by messages of what we need to do, buy and have. But the truth is that living more meaningfully doesn’t mean having tons of stuff or doing things that don’t make us happy. 

By following the above simple living habits, not only will you reduce stress in your life, but you’ll be able to live a more meaningful life overall. 

Bio: Vourneen is the creator of The Plain Simple Life where she helps overwhelmed women to regain control of their homes by switching their mindset, decluttering & organising,and introducing simple and sustainable living practices into their daily routines.

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  1. Wonderful tips! Spending time in nature and stepping away from social media is really helpful. Life is truly about the simple things and less about what we’re surround by, such as media, splurging on things we don’t need, and keeping up. Great collab!

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  2. Wonderful post! Second and fifth are a part of my routine so I would say it’s indeed a great thing to follow and have meaningful life. Rest are also so realistic and practically good to implement!

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Good list! I would amend #4 and say, “Be more intentional with online time. If I spend 5 minutes on social media or reading depressing (and inevitably biased) news reports, it will negatively affect my entire day. But I will feel recharged and refreshed after spending an hour connecting with other writers on a Sunday afternoon!

    Liked by 2 people

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