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Why You Should Own a Gratitude Journal

Having a sense of gratitude for life is truly transformable. If you’ve been following me for a while, you know I kept a gratitude journal for an entire year & wrote in it almost daily. And not to be dramatic, but it seriously changed my life. If you are currently in a place in your life where you’re feeling kind of stuck or constantly seeing the worst in most situations, maybe you need to head to the store & pick up a journal & pen & start writing down what you are grateful for.

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Here’s why you should own a gratitude journal…

Reflection Helps You Grow As An Individual

I personally love spending time with myself & my thoughts & just reflect on where I’ve been, where I’m going & where I want to be. But sometimes when you are keeping those thoughts floating in your mind, your thoughts can become blurred & jumbled together. I find when I take the time to write my thoughts & feelings down on paper, those ideas become more clarified. Have you ever had those moments where you are so overwhelmed that you can’t get your mind off said situation? Maybe if you sat & wrote them down on paper, you’ll release them from your prisoned mind & perhaps your vision or goals will become more clear.

When You Focus on The Good The Good Gets Better

Like magic almost, if you focus on the positives more so than the negative, you will find yourself more at bliss. The reason I started a gratitude journal in the first place is because I was tangled up with negative situations too much, I was becoming a Debbie Downer & I wanted to get back to the person I was before I was jaded by life. Believe me, I know life’s obstacles & tribulations can change even the most bubbly of people, but I was adamant NOT to give in. And writing down even the most smallest forms of gratitude helped me get through those ruts.

Your Mental Health Benefits As Well

Not only will your mindset shift, but your mental health will benefit as well. When you become more thankful, you release the tensions & frustrations & in turn, lower stress levels, anxiety, improve your sleep & even your interpersonal relationships. No longer will you be tossing & turning about the what ifs of life. You will sleep soundly knowing you have much to be grateful for. I think when you become more aware of your emotions & what goes on in your mind, you can better articulate situations & relationships. They say communication is key & you must not forget to communicate with yourself most of all.

You Become Happier

When you show gratitude, this means you are acknowledging the good things happening in your life. By focusing on the good, you become less cynical & start having faith in your life again. Having that sheer optimism, strong relationships & connections as well as an urge for more experiences results in a much happier existence.

You Gain Self Worth

When you start taking control of your mind, your perspectives & mood…you are no longer accepting or needing validation from other people. You know yourself better than anyone else. Quit holding those judgements, falsehoods, or even critical statements that may have some truth to them. How are we supposed to better ourselves & learn from mistakes when we are bombarded by those situations forever? By writing your blessings, you automatically down the road to success & improvement. No longer see yourself as a lost cause.

Would you consider keeping a gratitude journal after reading this list of benefits?

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35 thoughts on “Why You Should Own a Gratitude Journal”

  1. There are so many benefits to using a gratitude journal! I love how it helps frame life in a more positive way. Thanks for sharing!

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  2. I have started a gratitude journal last year and I love it. It has honestly helped me so much. I write three things I am grateful of in the morning and reflect on it before I go to bed. It does motivate me on my goals which I absolutely love. Your last point is something that I have realized. You do gain self worth, it is a huge benefit.

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  3. Looks like I’ll start shopping for one so I can start this☺️ I hope this helps me as much as it’s helped you. Lovely read as always.

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  4. I agree with all of these points, it definitely makes me feel more content with myself when writing these types of things down, love this post!

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  5. this is something I want to do. in fact, i actually have an empty notebook for this very purpose. I keep telling myself I will start the next day. perhaps tonight is the night I start my gratitude journal

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  6. I have a gratitude journal, but don’t write in it enough. I must start doing it more, because when I’m not recording my daily progress, wins, or reflecting, I feel like I haven’t achieved much. Even though I have!

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  7. Definitely agree… especially when going through so much in life, it’s important to pause and consider the things you’re grateful for. Thank you for sharing this post about a gratitude journal. Something I encourage very often is the importance to count your blessings everyday and take nothing for granted.

    Pastor Natalie

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  8. I tried listing things that I’m grateful before for like everyday and I’m amazed that even though how bad things go by through the day, I can still name even the little thing that I’m grateful for. Though I’m not doing it now, i will probably bring it back on my journal soon. Thank you for this informative read. 💕

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  9. I’ve always wanted to be more intentional about trying to write each day but when life gets busy it often gets pushed aside, and I’ve learned during those times is when you really need those reminders of gratitude! Thanks for these gentle reminds and I’m going to try my best to make it more of a habit!

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