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Fall Bucket List For The Anti-Autumn People

It has come to my attention not everyone wakes up craving a pumpkin spice latte, has the urge to carve a pumpkin or jump in a pile of leaves or watch Halloween themed movies until they are blue in the face. I mean – I can’t relate. But in today’s blog post, I shall channel the anti-fall vibes & let you in on some things you can do this season (or any time of year) that would help you forget it’s Autumn all together.

If You Say Pumpkin Spice Anything, I Might Hurl

Visit A Historic Town or Outdoor Shopping Center

I love spending weekends strolling through historic local towns or shopping centers with company or even alone. I enjoy admiring the architecture, grabbing a tasty meal or treat & either window shop or find a few bits to bring home. In my area, there are a few places that even have views of the Bay or other bodies of water. As long as I’m bundled up slightly, I enjoy taking in the sights. And seeing the water reminds me of warmer days.

Go Hiking

Although the temperatures are much chillier, I try to still do a few “summer like” activities. I personally find hiking more enjoyable in the fall season because I’m not sweating my ass off & I won’t get a sunburn…most likely. I do find the scenery to be breathtaking & we have a few local trails that have some hidden waterfalls along the way. Getting out into nature is always a great experience & I’m sure you can capture some epic views.

Have an “I Hate Autumn Pity Party”

Grab all your fall haters & have a nice little gathering or party. You can talk shit about how annoying pumpkin spice is & gallivant with like minded individuals who despise the thought of jumping in a pile of leaves. “That’s not fun – that just sounds itchy.” Theme the party with whatever season you do love & pretend you’ve been transported to your own little pumpkin hating oasis.

Sit By The Fire & Roast Some Marshmallows

I think having a bonfire is a great way to embrace autumn in an anti-autumn way. I personally, find an excuse to have a bonfire & smores every time of the year. But I find the crisp fall air to be perfect for it. Sorry, I forgot my audience for a second. LOL. But truthfully, the reason I love sitting by the fire with a group of friends or my fiance is because we get lost in conversation. My favorite types of activities are when you have genuine conversation with people & strengthen those bonds. And for some reason by the fire – it sparks that connection.

Book A Trip

Who says vacations have to revolve around summer? I say, if you are itching for a new adventure, fall is a perfect time to travel. I mean, I know it’s still been a bit sus with this whole pandemic but I’d love to go someplace warm like Florida, The Bahamas or Hawaii to keep my tan alive. But also, I’d love to visit New York in the fall or even travel out of the country one of these days. If you are looking for more of a quick fix, you can also find new places to visit in your local areas or surrounding states. Honestly, a road trip is calling my name.

To those anti-autumn people, I hope you enjoyed this post because the Halloween / fall content continues tomorrow. Let me know in the comments, if you dislike fall so much, what is the reason? I’d love to be enlightened.

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15 thoughts on “Fall Bucket List For The Anti-Autumn People”

  1. I’m def not a fan of pumpkin spice lol but pumpkin scones I can do so I’ll stick to my white iced mochas like the basic biiiish I am 😂

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  2. Even though I love Autumn, I still want to do some things on this bucket list!

    Exploring historic towns or shopping centres is a great way to spend an Autumn day. There is some beautiful architecture in the towns around me, and sometimes you forget to admire the intricacy of each one. There is never a bad time to sit around a fire and chat with friends. I agree; there is something about sitting around a fire that sparks a connection.

    I am still firmly in the loving Autumn group, but I loved the activities mentioned in this post. Thank you for sharing. 😊

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  3. If you think I’m going to have an anti fall party every fall then you would be CORRECT. Thanks for sharing these. It really helps us Autumn/Winter hating humans 🤣


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