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Stop Caring About What People Think of You

“You’ll Never Be Happy If You Constantly Worry What Other’s Think of You”

But why do we let ourselves get caught up in this game & allow it to take control of our lives? We scroll through social media & slowly degrade ourselves with every flick of the finger as the news feed moves across the screen. We treat the comment threats & mentions as true indications of our worth. When we make decisions of our life paths, we can’t help but wonder what others around us are doing instead & what they may think of ours. We question who is in the wrong & who is on the right track.

In terms of starting this passion project of a blog, I’m actually surprised I was able to start it in the first place. I had this fear of vulnerability & putting myself out there, especially to complete strangers across the globe. I wanted to grow thicker skin. All of my scarcities stemmed from caring what people would think of me. I would get a pit in my stomach going through scenarios in my head of being embarrassed or ridiculed for my choices. I though people in my real life would think I was nuts fo even thinking of going down this path.

“I wanted to grow thicker skin”

The fear of judgement is a real problem. It’s so easy to tell ourselves, “don’t worry about what people think of you.” But I know first hand, when I’d click publish on a blog post, my stomach would do flips because I was worried my perspectives on whatever I wrote about would be thought of as a weird or people would criticize my writing style. I’m a rather self critical person. A perfectionist of the arts if you will. On one hand, constructive criticism can be very beneficial to someone’s growth. I had to grasp the idea that there’s a difference between being taught vs. judged.

Here are 5 Ways To Stop Caring What People Think of You:

Have Something To Care About More

Life is all about how you see it & your perspective on situations. Creating a new mindset & shifting it to something more important to you, is a wonderful way to put the focus back on yourself instead of someone else. I think we can overly focus on other people & neglect our own journey’s. And chances are, people aren’t thinking about you on the level you think they are. Most of what you feel are insecurities you’ve developed in your mind. I was always told if I just simply made my life more important & stayed busy, I wouldn’t have time to even care about what other people may think of me or compare my life to there’s.

Question Your Thoughts

When you start caring what people think of you, chances are there’s an underlying reason behind it. Do a bit of reflection & determine why you are feeling the way you are. I for instance can be an over thinker at times. Blame my anxiety I guess. Over the years, I’ve learned to sit with my thoughts & pinpoint my reasonings for getting hung up on something or someone. Write out your thoughts on paper or even talk to a trustworthy person in your life. Most of the time what we think about are merely fabrications of what is really going on.

Find The Right Community

Don’t allow yourself to get mixed in with the wrong crowds. Being around the wrong people who don’t support your goals & ideas can cause you to question your entire existence. You start to wonder who is doing life correctly. You start to lose your authenticity & begin to mold into these so called “experts” on life. Instead, find people who cheer you on.

Embrace Vulnerability

If there are people in your life who question you on how open you are whether it’s in your writing or anything else, they are probably jealous you had the guts to share that information. So instead, feel proud the next time you show vulnerability & open up. I think the more you do this, the stronger you become. Your skin becomes thicker than ever & no sticks or stones could ever break it. In terms of blogging, when I shared my story on anxiety, I was a bundle of nerves at first. Once I read the comments & saw how it helped so many of you, I felt proud. And I want to share more stories on the caliber.

Be Your Own Best Friend

Above all else, YOU are your biggest cheerleader. The reality is, you will always have people questioning your decisions & making unsolicited judgments. It’s up to you to gain that back bone & confidence in your personal journey. There isn’t a rule book on life. There isn’t anyone who is more right than anyone else. So, just do you.


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71 thoughts on “Stop Caring About What People Think of You”

  1. This is a brilliant post and well needed today! I saw your post come up on my emails and thought Iโ€™ll read that later. Wish Iโ€™d read it there and then coz Iโ€™d have had a better afternoon not worrying about what people think work wise. This is very helpful! Why do I not care what people think about my blog but I care what they think at work? I need to stop worrying! Thanks for sharing!

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    1. Thank you for this lovely comment ๐Ÿ˜Š I totally understand what you mean. In work settings especially there can be feelings of wanting to impress or worry about what others think. But I think even in work settings, you can actually accomplish more when you let that worry go. Glad this post was helpful to you.

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  2. Your post reminded me of a sign I saw this weekend.

    -Its none of your business what people think about you.

    You and the sign are right. We can’t let the thoughts of others determine who you are. Just do you boo!๐Ÿ˜

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  3. My worst trait is that I care soo much what other people think of me and I take it all sooo personally. It’s a part of my make up but I am really working on letting things roll of my back and not get so wrapped in it all. This is a great post!


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  4. Great advice, it’s so important to love yourself. It’s taken me most of my adult life to finally let go of what ppl think of me. Now I don’t care, I know I’m a good person and don’t need validation from other. ๐Ÿ’œ

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  5. Well, to stop caring would imply that I currently care – I don’t! ๐Ÿ™‚

    I adopted this outlook many years ago. One of my school teachers offered this little pearl of wisdom “If an opinion comes from somebody whose thoughts you value, give it the consideration it deserves. If it comes from somebody whose thoughts you don’t value, also give it the consideration it deserves – that is, ignore it as it has no value!”

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  6. Amazing post, when I was younger, I definitely used to care too much how people thought about me, it’s still a struggle for me but I’ve definitely gotten better. I feel better now since I calmed down about it.

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  7. This post is giving me life! We really need to stop caring what other people think. I get like that sometimes, but I have gotten better over the years and I am still working on it. Caring about what other people think of us, can break our self confidence and self esteem.

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  8. This is such a thing that I worry about it. I feel itโ€™s such a natural thing and it always need to be said. We just get too caught up in it and can never tell whatโ€™s our own opinions anymore. Really enjoyed the read, keep it up

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  9. I have found that the older I get, the easier it is to stop worrying about what other people think. With age comes indifference, haha. You brought up some great suggestions for dealing with this issue, though. It’s important to surround yourself with people who who will lift you up. Yes, find the right community.

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  10. Questioning negative thoughts is good thing to do. I believe that the moment you are being your true self you are truly free. Itโ€™s good to stop caring what people think about you

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  11. This is a great reminder. In the last year, I have been trying to live life for me and no one else. Thank you for sharing this post.

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  12. I love how honest you are in this post โ€˜Bโ€™. Whenever we compare ourselvesโ€ฆ we will never feel satisfied with our own lives. You can also become unable to celebrate others. Itโ€™s so vital to be content where you are while you continue to strive to grow and keep moving forward without constantly worry what others will think. Truth is youโ€ฆ we have to accept that you will NOT please everyone and we are not meant toโ€ฆ I have learned the importance to never take anything for granted. Thank you for sharing this important post. I have written about โ€œcomparisons.โ€

    Pastor Natalie


  13. I loved your tips on questioning your thoughts and finding the right community. I think sitting with your thoughts can be very powerful in realizing the negative ones are often not grounded in reality. Finding the right community is also key – for me, it took finding the right corporate culture at my full time job to feel accepted and comfortable. Before this, I was much more preoccupied with what people thought of me, if they liked me, etc. This was such a creative post idea, and such a joy to read! You’re a great writer. Thanks for sharing!

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  14. For such a long time I really would obsess and worry about what others thought of me. And realised it was because of the issues I had with myself. My own insecurities. I always thought others saw me how I saw myself. Its crazy what can happen you change your attitude towards yourself. You stop worrying about what others may think or say about you, because you know who you are.

    Topics like these are so important! Thanks for sharing!

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