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How To Declutter Your Makeup Collection + My Holy Grail Products

I used to be a collector of makeup. Cute packaging was my downfall & I always wanted the newest release or every brand. I honestly, think I wanted to create my own makeup store in my bedroom. Luckily, with being introduced to simple living & watching a few minimalist makeup collection videos on Youtube, I’ve learned to save that money, use what I have & have a curated collection of products I love.

How To Downsize Your Makeup Collection

Over quarantine, I used my time wisely & decluttered my makeup collection to the bare minimum. To check out that blog post, click here. If your makeup collection has gotten out of hand & you are interested in doing a proper clear out, here are a few things to consider:

Check The Expiration Dates

Not to say I was surprised makeup had expiration dates, but it was definitely not something I looked for in the past. I’m kind of embarrassed by how old some of my products were when I first did a proper clean out. I recently decluttered the original Naked palette that is over 10 years old & discontinued from the brand all together. Don’t get me wrong, I clearly loved this palette, but to putting these shadows on my eye after 10 + years?! Talk about gross. Every makeup product should have an expiration date somewhere on the packaging. If they don’t refer to this list I found online:

Find What Works Best For You & Ditch The Rest

I used to think I needed every shade of eyeshadow or every finish of foundation because I treat makeup like an art. But overtime, I realized there’s no sense in owning a foundation that doesn’t look good on you or an eyeshadow that doesn’t compliment your complexion. Red eyeshadows aren’t flattering on everyone for instance. I don’t care if it’s a trend. I also used to hold onto these duds just to make my collection seem larger!

Check To See If You Have Look Alikes or Even Doubles

Unless it’s a holy grail product you love, owning doubles isn’t necessary. And if you own shades that are too similar, maybe you can decide which one you like best. I’ve found the less options I have, the easier it is to get ready in the morning. I also found when I had look alikes, I always had one I prefered over them all.

My Holy Grail Products

I wanted to leave you with a few favorite makeup products that always seem to make the cut during any decluttering session. These products are ones I’ve used for years & find to be worth the hype. Let me know if you’ve tried any of these:

It Cosmetics CC Cream

I love this CC cream / foundation so much. The ingredients in this product saved my skin & got rid of a lot of my acne. It’s a product I use year round & for multiple occasions. Although it’s a CC cream, it provides such full coverage. I recommend this one if you are looking for a new face product.

Tarte Shape Tape Concealer

Believe the hype around this product. I’m the type of person who wears concealer than any other face product. My eye bags & my proof of late nights needs covered at all costs. It is a thicker formula than most. But for someone with dark circles, I love the full coverage.

Laura Mercier Translucent Powder

I love this powder because it doesn’t have a strong scent & keeps my makeup in place all day. Although it is slightly pricey, it lasts me a long time. But if you are looking for a drugstore alternative, I would check out Maybelline Fit Me Powder.

Physicians Formula Butter Bronzer

I love everything about these bronzers. The scent reminds me of summer & the velvet finish glides nicely on the skin. They are pigmented yet very blendable. I love the lightest shade for fall & winter & use the medium shade for summer time.

What are some of your favorite makeup products? Let me know in the comments.


28 thoughts on “How To Declutter Your Makeup Collection + My Holy Grail Products”

  1. Great Post!! I love my Essessence Nude lipstick and then Avon Purple lipliner and black eyeliner are a must in my cosmetic bag! I also love Hannon Makeup spray!!!

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  2. Yeah!!!!!! Thank you for this awesome tips. I need to declutter my makeup box by end of this year. I need to throw away some expired lipstick. But besides decluttering, I also need to list know what brands that are good for me. Thank you for sharing.

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  3. I needed to see this. I have the Ipsy subscription and sometimes I feel like I’m overwhelmed with how much makeup and tools I have. Definitely a sign to start decluttering.

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  4. Your infographic is so helpful and easily consulted! Definitely something to keep in the make-up drawer or tacked beside the mirror as it is too easy to let things pile up or get shoved to the back.

    Love your tips for decluttering look-a-likes and especially your tip on finding what works for you and sticking too it.
    Thanks for sharing!

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  5. Uh-oh, I thought mascaras would expire a year later, i was surprised it has a shelf life of only 2-3 months! I seldom use makeup and all i have now are definitely expired after seeing this post and it makes me sad that I must get rid of it even it still looks new and seldom used. Should have used more before.. Anyways, thank you for this post slash reminder! Will definitely check on this tarte concealer, I’ve heard a lot of pretty good reveiews on it too. 😁

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  6. Such great tips! I’m awful for hoarding make up and have about 50 nude lipsticks 🤣 50 shades of nude. My fiancé thinks they’re all the same but they’re clearly not haha! But I have had make up on my draw for months that I haven’t used so need to have a decluttering session for sure! Great post xx

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  7. The downside to LE collections is the expire date. So I get torn between using them or just keeping them to idk, look at? I really need to downsize my collection, since the lock down I haven’t really been wearing makeup much — but it hasn’t stopped me from buying it ugh.

    My holy grails are my ELF concealer (I’ve been using their concealers since 2009), MAC lipstick in Heroine, MAC gel liner in black track and lately the Colourpop palette in “It’s a Mood” has been my go to!

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    1. I was the same way during lockdown. But now I’m getting back into experimenting on looks.

      Love the elf concealers! So good for a great price. I’ll have to try more of MAC’s lip products because I love the formula. I’ll have to check out that colour pop palette! Love that brand as well.

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