How Bloggers Should Handle Being Unfollowed

Rejection sucks! I get it! But I also think it’s something that comes naturally during the course of life. People are going to enter your life & set up camp while others slowly go away with time. Although this can happen in everyday occurrences, I wanted to focus on how it feels to be unfollowed as a blogger. The blogging community is a place filled with endless support & encouragement. We all bring unique qualities through our writing & personalities. With there being 7 billion people on this planet though, not everyone is going to like you.

They Just Don’t Vibe With Your Content

Every blogger has some niche whether it be extremely broad like lifestyle or narrowed in like minimalism. Usually when you start blogging & determine your niche, you flock to that particular audience. Occasionally, you’ll find others who are more neutral & may or may not have strong interests or opinions at all with what you write. I personally, don’t get offended by an unfollow or being unsubscribed to because I wouldn’t want people who don’t enjoy my content to stay. I want my followers to be genuine.

You Shouldn’t Obsess Over The Numbers

I understand it’s important to set goals. In any type of work we are always striving to better ourselves. As bloggers, our stats are some of the only ways to monitor that. I’m saying we shouldn’t get so hung up over the numbers that it causes us to completely give up. For instance, I could have deleted my blogging Instagram after losing 500 followers in a week one time. But instead, I just stepped away & returned with a new mindset of enjoying the loyal followers I do have.

Blogging Is Supposed to Be Fun

Whether you are a full time blogger or do this as a side hustle, at one point you simply found blogging as something fun to do. Go back to that mindset when you are feeling overwhelmed or looking at stats too hard. I for one, fell back in love with blogging by participating in Blogtober. I’ve gotten to share useful informative content along with ones that are just for fun. It will always be this healthy distraction for myself above anything else.


33 thoughts on “How Bloggers Should Handle Being Unfollowed

  1. I think it’s important to not get hung up over numbers. It’s always a shame when people unfollow but they are not the right people for your blog and probably weren’t engaging anyway. This is a great post, thanks for sharing! x

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  2. good post. this is an issue that many of us bloggers face — how to deal with being unsubscribed. in fact I had someone unsubscribe to my blog not too long again. And at first I was really offended and hurt, wondering what I did. but at the same time, as you say, we need to realize that not everyone will like our content. and if someone decides to unfollow then that is ok because they are doing what they think is best at that moment. it is always sad but that is life.

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  3. The moment that I decided that I want to build a community I stopped worrying so much about the numbers. Of course you’re going to care because you want people to read your blog, but you right I rather have people that genuinely want to be there

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  4. I used to get a bit upset when I saw an unsubscribe but then a mentor said that people are only subscribed to you when you’re a fit in their life journey stage.

    Concentrate on those who need you right now and not the one who said I don’t need you anymore but may do in the future.

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  5. I use to get really upset when someone would unfollow me but I’ve realised that it’s nothing to do with me personally, they just don’t vibe with my content and that’s fine. I’ve really become positive towards it and the 3 things you’ve mentioned are totally true! Thank you so much for sharing Xo

    Elle –

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  6. I always find myself nodding along to your blog posts in agreement 😁. I stopped caring about numbers a long time ago, I just want authenticity and people to speak to who are into the same sort of things as me. X

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    1. aww thank you!! yes – i’m the same way. i’d much rather have followers / readers who genuinely love my posts & take time to have discussions. it’s nice to have connected with such like minded individuals through this community.


  7. I never concentrate on numbers anymore – I’d rather have people who genuinely want to follow me rather than people following me because they feel like they have to!
    Amy x

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  8. Good advice here. The world mirrors back to us the state of our mind. Being unfollowed can mirror back fear in the mind concerning an illusion of loss, rejection, criticism, and all illusory ego states of mind. Simply let go to allow in greater love and happiness, along with increased blogging success.

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  9. I’ll be honest; I don’t notice when someone unfollows me on WordPress, as I only check at the start and then the end of the month. 😅 Twitter, on the other hand, I used to feel so disheartened when someone unfollowed me, but soon realised that’s just what happens.

    I agree with you! I want people who enjoy my content to stay; if they don’t, that’s okay. 😊

    I loved reading this refreshing post; thank you for sharing B.

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