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I’d like to thank Mummy Conquering Anxiety for nominating / tagging me to do the This Time Next Year Tag. I was actually thinking of doing this anyway, but now that I’m properly tagged, I thought now would be the perfect time to share my goals! My favorite part of this time of year is reflecting on my past year & making plans for an even better future. Be sure to check the end of this post to see who I tag next! Lets get into the goal setting mindset with this tag!

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My Goals for Next Year

Create a schedule for my blog & stick with it

Throughout my blogging journey so far, I’ve changed up my schedule quite a bit. In the early days, I was posting 3x a week – Monday, Wednesday & Friday for almost an entire year. I quickly learned – besides the blogging daily post challenges – it was easier to post once a week & choose quality over quantity. In 2022, I have decided to post on Mondays at 9a.m. EST. I hope to schedule out posts ahead of time, where I don’t miss a week – but I do plan to allow myself a few weeks off throughout the year as well. When I do post though – Mondays will be my day. Although consistency is key, I have also learned the value of taking blogging breaks. Balance is so important with blogging.

Successfully complete or plan to complete Blogtober & Blogmas

Can you believe I’ve already been writing posts for both Blogmas & Blogtober 2022?! I decided to really get on the ball if I want to do these daily post challenges. This year, I successfully completed Blogtober & I absolutely loved embracing spooky season & connecting with the blogging community in October. My first year of blogging, I did 12 days of Blogmas. Unfortunately, I since deleted all those posts – so I have no proof. But I do plan to attempt to complete all 25 days this year. I think although this challenges take a lot of prep work, if you are looking to grow your site – it’s worth trying out. I feel like after doing Blogtober, I really developed creatively & expanded my niche to more than just intentional living which was a lot of fun.

Prioritize Self Care More Often

Life can feel really busy at times – & 2022 is going to be very very busy with our wedding especially. I want to be sure to prioritize self care & me time more often than I did this year. I feel like I tend to prioritize others before myself. I can be a people pleaser at times. I want to have a healthier balance in 2022. I don’t want to necessarily be completely selfish – but I want to make sure I make some time for just myself. Whether it’s reading a book, getting my nails or hair done, or just taking a nap once in a while – I want to prevent burn out as much as possible. This also means breaks from blogging & social media more often. Fully unplugging & just being in the moment are habits I need to adopt going into the new year.

Adopt a dog

This is more of a manifestation. But this time next year – I hope we have a golden retriever of our own. We’ve talked about getting a puppy after the wedding [ so summer time possibly ]. It’s been just us two for a while now & I think adding a puppy to the family would be a nice new chapter for us. We do also talk about having kids – but time will tell if we will be on that track as well this time next year. I think the fur baby will be a good start though.

I can’t wait to recap this post this time next year in Blogmas. We will have to see if I succeed in these goals / manifestations.

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65 thoughts on “This Time Next Year Tag

  1. My goals for next year include publishing another book, continuing to meet more people an explore more nature walks around my new town, and taking a trip down South to see my daughter.

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  2. As you know from our chat over on Twitter, I’m thinking I need to be more intentional and plan my posts a bit better – even if it’s just once a week or something like that. It just needs to be more organised.

    Blogtober and/or Blogmas are even more of a wing it period and it didn’t work this year – so I’m going to sort about planning it and earlier in the year rather than trying to do it day by day.

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    1. oh right – yes, i remember! scheduling the posts out has def helped me. whenever i get the urge to write, i’ll create a thumbnail & schedule it to whatever day i want to share it. currently, i have jan & feb content all written and scheduled. working on march content next.
      for blogmas and blogtober i just advise you prepare ahead of time. months in advance.
      i’m sure you can do it!


  3. The fact that you are already planning and writing for Blogtober and Blogmas of NEXT YEAR?!?! You amaze me! I aspire to be you! Good luck with all your goals, I can’t wait to come back next year and see how you did. And I definitely need pictures of the new pup if you are able to adopt one!

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  4. Mondays are also my posting days, but because of my full time job and other responsibilities I post every other Monday. I’ve never participated on blogtober or Blogmas but maybe I’ll do it for next year. Especially since I love Christmas time so much LOL. I cannot wait to see and read all about your wedding.

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  5. I love the idea of this post! I too have been posting 3 times a week but recently have been finding this a little too much and am going to reduce to two in the New Year. As you say quality wins over quantity. I’m actually so excited for you to get a dog! I can’t have one where I live at the moment so I’m living through other people’s dogs haha

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  6. Absolutely love everything about this post. Might have to do something similar for myself. Scheduling is so key, in the last few months, mine has fallen by the wayside and it’s stessing me out

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    1. you totally should! i’d love to read yours! scheduling ahead of time really helps prevent that stressful feeling. but also, it’s ok – life happens & we completely understand when posts aren’t as consistent. we’ve all been there.


  7. These all sound like great goals! I especially loved your comment on quality over quantity, it’s easier to write one good post a week rather than multiple meh ones (I know from experience πŸ˜…). Good luck with your plans and goals, and I really hope you get your dog!!

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  8. Love to hear about your goals and can’t wait to see you achieve all of them! A schedule for blogging is such a helpful tool and also scheduling some time off. SO excited for you to have a puppy and get married! Such exciting times x

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  9. Balance is absolutely key! As much as I didn’t want to take time off from blogging it was much needed. That in itself is self care. Don’t be so hard on yourself. What I love is your transparency continue creating great content. I also love your blog layout. πŸ™‚

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  10. Amazing goals! I hope you get to achieve them ☺️ I’m with you on the making a schedule for blog post. That’s what I’m trying to do too. It’s just finding the right day and time and then using that as a goal to head for πŸ’—

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    1. i hope so too! a schedule really makes it feel less overwhelming and it keeps you consistent when you are busy [ scheduling them out automatically ]. i’d say choose a day that works best for you and your schedule. πŸ™‚


  11. I know I read this a little later than expected, but yes to all of these! I love that you want to adopt a dog, we have a little rescue and it’s the best feeling ever to see him happy and safe everyday!

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  12. This is such a great post – I can’t believe you’re already planning 2022 seasonal content that’s wild! Best of wishes are you approach your wedding, and fingers crossed for a fur baby this year.

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