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10 Things You Can Declutter In 2022

The new year is always a favorite time – with the glitz & glam & thoughts of fresh starts. I’m not one to make large resolutions, but I do like to reflect on my past year & gain perspectives that will entice growth. Most importantly, I love going through my physical baggage of the past year & cleanse my space with a proper declutter. Here are 10 things you can declutter in 2022.

1. Clothing That No Longer Defines The New You

I plan to go into more detail on decluttering your closet in the next few months, but one of my favorite spaces to downsize is my wardrobe. I’m going into the new year wanting to experiment with fashion & be rid of any items that no longer make me feel like the new me.

2. Holiday Decor You Won’t Use Next Season

As you pack holiday decor away, instead of buying more storage boxes – go through each piece & ask yourself if you’ll want to use it next holiday season. I know I’ve personally accumulated quite a few Christmas decorations in the course of the pandemic era. I wanted to make my feel extra cheering. But as I put things away, I’ve discovered the lack of space we have to store such items. It’s time to downsize for sure.

3. Who You Follow

Go through all social media platforms & clean house. Let go of any accounts that no longer inspire or make you happy. I no longer keep the mindset of follows for follows. It feels less genuine & I’d rather be authentic going into the new year.

4. Digital Files & Emails

Although these items can be discreetly stored on tablets with very little visual clutter, it’s important to go through these forms of technology & clean out your digital storage.

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5. Books You’ve Already Read in 2021

Unless you love having shelves filled with books, it may be keen to declutter a few you’ve read in the past year. Make room for new ones & allow others to read ones you’ve loved. You can donate them to local libraries.

6. Purge Your Pantry or Fridge

Let go of any expired goods or foods you won’t eat in the new year. Perhaps you are trying to establish a healthier lifestyle. Get rid of any snacks or junk foods that would prevent this new habit. Start fresh with fresh groceries.

7. Expired Beauty Products

Did you know your makeup products have an expiration date? In the new year, I like to refresh my collection with a new foundation or other products. I will get rid of any products that are quite old or ones I know I will no longer use. It’s better for your skin.

8. Gifts You Won’t Use

During the holidays, we tend to bring in a lot of new items. Some of which aren’t suited for our lifestyles. Be honest with yourself & get rid of anything you don’t want. There is no need to have guilt. You can even regift certain items – just be sure it’s not in the same circle of people who gifted you first.

9. Masks

Don’t get rid of every single one quite yet. But I’m sure you’ve accumulated a collection by now. Let go of any masks that don’t fit properly or you don’t like. Clean them & donate them to shelters.

10. Sentimental Items

Sometimes, to move forward – we need to let go of the past. I have a feeling most of us hold onto physical items that represent such memories. Whether it’s greeting cards, letters, trinkets or event tickets – it is important to go through these items carefully & be sure we aren’t holding onto anything they will keep us stuck.


40 thoughts on “10 Things You Can Declutter In 2022”

  1. good list and very thorough. I love how you included everything from digital files to masks to followers. sometimes we just gotta weed out certain things and people too that are not making us happy.

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  2. My two favorite things to de litter are definitely to de clutter my clothes and social media. I de clutter my fridge throughout the year but somehow I’m always finding random junk that expired years ago 😂😂

    Liked by 2 people

      1. I don’t know about you but it’s kind of satisfactory for me whenever I end up tossing out A LOT but that just meant I was lazy over the past few weeks and let the old food build up, oops!

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  3. I love this post because I just got a Christmas gift that I desperately want to get rid of because I know I’m not going to use them (one of them is a bag and the current bag I’m using was another Christmas gift that I never returned on time) and I’m not going to use them. But also, cleaning up is so hard and the struggle is real!

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  4. digital decluttering is something I definitely need to get in the habit of doing, especially with promotional emails. I need to go thru and unsubscribe from sites and stores I no longer shop and delete emails that have expired promotions. I don’t think i’ve ever deleted an email that wasn’t spam so I have a lot to go through. maybe i’ll dedicate a day each month to cleaning out a small section of my email so it’s cleaner and up to date! this was a great read!

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  5. Love how practical this list is. One thing I made sure to declutter before the new was my mail inbox. It was a huge mess in there and was definitely affecting my workflow. I’ll definitely be decluttering my wardrobe as you stated, there is so much in there that just doesn’t feel like ‘me’ anymore. Great tips!

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  6. This is a very thorough list! I just recently went through my wardrobe and makeup and now I need to go through papers and my emails to declutter those. Have a great 2022!

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  7. I love a good declutter at the start of the year. I can’t wait to read your posts that go into detail about decluttering your closet, as I do struggle to get rid of some items.

    I went through my Christmas decorations today and discarded any that were broken or one’s that I didn’t use this year. Going through my emails is on my to-do list, as it is one of the most cluttered parts of my life. It will be a monumental task.

    Going through sentimental items, such as greeting cards and letters, is such a good idea! Thank you.

    Thank you for sharing this list. 😊

    Liked by 1 person

    1. yes, January is always the perfect time to declutter. 🙂 closet decluttering can be difficult & daunting for sure. i’ll be writing those posts soon. sounds like you are doing a really good cleanse of all aspects of your life. thanks for reading! 🙂 glad you found it helpful.

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  8. Ooh fab list here, I love decluttering at the start of the year! I really want to have a good clean out of my closet at some point (it’s getting quite bulky) so I’ll definitely be keeping an eye out for your post on that! I think going through sentimental items and Christmas decorations would really benefit me too. Thank you so much for sharing such a helpful post x

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  9. This is a great list that sums up lots of things that it would be nice to go through and get rid of what we no longer need or want. I am a bit emotional and sometimes keep lots of useless things just because of the memories they bring. I have to get rid of some of those.

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  10. Last week I did a deep cleaning of my fridge & pantry & it was great getting rid of old food!
    I do need to go through my makeup though since it’s been a while & I’m slowly working on deleting old emails.

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