Visualize Your Life & Watch It Come True

My First Vision Board

I’ve been watching a lot of videos on creating vision boards & manifesting your life. I’ve done this in the past with gratitude or manifestation journals, but I haven’t yet dreamt of my future through a collage in a very long time. I actually had quite the nostalgic feeling of reminiscing on the days I’d spend hours on my bedroom floor, cutting out photos & words from old Vogue or Seventeen magazines & creating the most elaborate collages for my closet doors & walls. Those were the days. I decided to share with you my very own vision board I created on Canva & go into detail of each photos meaning & how they represent my goals for the future.

Let’s Take a Look

With this being my first vision board, I had no set or narrowed purpose. This illustrates my mindsets going into the new year, what’s to come & a few things for the near future.

Me Myself & I

Being a Leo, I tend to lean towards the more selfish end of things. But over the course of last year, I found myself mixed too deep in people pleasing, becoming overwhelmed with too many obligations & saying yes when I didn’t want to. Without going to far the opposite direction, I hope to gain more self worth, trust the process ( especially in a pandemic stricken world ) , be patient & know things will fall into place how it’s supposed to be. In a sense, I’m working on becoming “that girl” & establishing good habits & routines that create more of a balance for myself. I wish to live more in the moment, slowly & going one step at a time.

Wedding Bells

So as many of you already know, I am a 2022 bride getting married this Spring. Let’s hope the omicron variant controls itself. But like I said above, I’m learning to go with the flow & see how things play out. However it ends up being, it will be a beautiful day & I’m so excited to finally be marrying my best friend. The lyrics shown is the song Better Together by Luke Combs which is one of our first dance songs ( we will be dancing to two different songs).

Blogging & Writing My Little Heart Out

After slowing down content over Christmas break, I returned in 2022 with a bang. The ideas are just flowing & I already have content written through February. I hope to continue that motivating feeling throughout the year & share amazing content with you all. And with the world locking down again, I’m sure I’ll find time.


This might be far fetched as the pandemic is really showing itself at the moment. But we do plan to go to Hawaii for our honeymoon & I would love to go abroad with my brother sometime this summer like Europe or someplace. Let’s cross our fingers.

Adopting a Golden Retriever Puppy

I’m telling you all, this is my year to finally become a fur parent. I already stated this in my this time next year post but I’m saying it again because I really want this to happen. Most likely after the wedding – but 2022 is the year for a puppy.

Reading More

Towards the end of last year, I become more of a reader than ever before. I find it so relaxing & a way to shut off the world for a little while. I have so many books I want to read this year. Let me know if you’d like to see a reading wish list post on the blog.

Prioritizing Down Time

The candles & cozy photos represent wanting to live more slowly & really immerse myself in cozy vibes especially this winter. I am not the hugest fan of the cold weather & days being shorter. But I do love the snow. To better enjoy the winter seasons, I’m creating hygge like evening routines of lighting candles, displaying twinkly lights inside my house & watching shows or movies or even getting lost in a good book, I am actually leaving up my Christmas tree without the ornaments for this reason because it gives off such a cheerful vibe this cold & dark winter.

Cabin Life

Something my fiancé & I talk about is moving to the mountains ( Deep Creek Lake, Maryland) in the next few years. We used to say living by the beach would be nice but as of late, we have really grown to love the lake / mountain life. We took a weekend trip there together in November, & I used to go all the time during my childhood. I love how peaceful & how you can become more one with nature there.

Start Our Own Family

After the wedding, I feel like we will be finally at a place where we will want to start a family of our own. I’m not placing any pressure on ourselves but it is something I’m really looking forward to either at the end of this year or beginning of 2023. I’ve always wanted to become a mom & we both are finally at a place in our lives where that conversation comes up more & more.

I really hope you all enjoyed this type of blog post. I loved sharing more about my life & my dreams for the future year.

– B

29 thoughts on “Visualize Your Life & Watch It Come True

  1. Love your vision board! Cheers to us 2022 brides🥂such an exciting milestone! We’ve got similar thing, like getting a puppy but the one I want costs $6000😭 (toy golden doodle) but here to a blessed and prosperous 2022🎉🥂

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  2. Well all that hygge should be conducive to starting a family, but I hope you get your honeymoon trip in first! I also wish to travel this year. It has been too long. Hopefully these boosters will keep us all safe.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Wow Brittany this is gonna be one hell of a year for you! I’m so excited for every single bit of it, including the fur baby 😍😍😍 maybe I’ll even live vicariously through you.
    All the best, my love!

    Liked by 2 people

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