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Mindsets To Leave Behind In The New Year

The start of a new year always sparks inspiration to clean house, reflect & begin again as Taylor Swift would say. I’m always finding an excuse to declutter & downsize my belongings but I’ve also taken some time to reflect on non material items I wish to change as I’m feeling 2022. [ alright – I’ll be done with the T Swift references – as they just come naturally all too well for me. HA! ]. Last year, I talked about how we can all simplify our lives – check out that post here if you haven’t already. But to extend off that post, I wanted to share with you some mindset changes I’ll be leaving behind this year.

Spending So Much Time on Social Media

I’ve battled with having a healthier relationship with social media & at the end of 2021, I was posting a ton on my personal accounts & just living for the photo op which was a bit of a regression if you ask me. Some of it could have been because I was going through grief & it was a way to heal, BUT I’d much rather go into the new year with better ways to mend such grief & focus on self care offline. I’ve talked about how I primarily use social media for my blog & although this is true, I was definitely getting carried away with my online persona. Even for my blog, I want to be more intentional as a blogger & truly walk the walk instead of just talk the talk.

Less Isn’t Always More

This may be a little contradictory if you’ve been a reader of my blog from the beginning. I decided to be less strict when it comes to living a minimalist lifestyle. Sometimes less isn’t always more & I don’t want to limit myself to x amount of items. Sometimes it’s nice to treat yourself now & then. And I don’t want to feel deprived. Minimalism, if you decide to follow it, looks different for everyone. Figure out what works for you & go with that. The main goal is to be happy in this life & not to be so tied down to our belongings. But if say, you love a large book shelf filled with novels, enjoy your library!

Stop Delaying Travel & Experiences

“It’s just not the right time” or “let’s wait until next year” are statements I want to leave in the past. I want to live more in the moment, experience all I can & say yes to adventures more often. I’ve learned it’s more rewarding to spend money on experiences than material items. And there’s still so much I wish to see & do. I’ll be manifesting milestones & adventures ten fold this year.

Letting Other’s Treat You In Ways You Don’t Deserve

I wouldn’t necessarily call myself a doormat but people pleasing is definitely something I’ve been working on lately. There have been too many times where I let my kindness get the best of me & allow people to treat me in ways that aren’t deserving. At the end of 2021 & going into this new year, I hope to develop more of a backbone & stand up for myself & my wishes in a respectable but firm manner. This means saying no more often & refraining from explaining myself to hard.

Include Self Care In Your Daily Routine

The world paints this picture that tells us we should be nonstop hustling to succeed. I’ve learned how important it is to implement self care [ even if it’s 10 min a day ] into our routines. Especially someone who is heavily wedding planning, taking time for yourself some is so important. We don’t want us to burn out. During the month of December, I took my longest hiatus from blogging – an entire month. And although I was casually writing content for the new year when I had the time, the pressure to keep up with a self inflicted schedule was no more. I was able to focus on real life tasks & enjoy the holidays with my family. I think all content creators should consider breaks more often. It’s nice to be consistent, but it’s also good & healthier to step away for a while. And speaking of self care activities – some of my favorites include binge watching a tv show, getting lost in a book, have phone calls with loved ones, taking warm showers / baths, getting active or listening to music. Plus, when you make time for your life outside of blogging, you come up with content to write about. It’s a win win for everyone.


Each new year provides a fresh page to an unwritten chapter. It’s always exciting to see how we wish to write said story. With this in mind, reflecting on your growth, perspectives & feelings toward your life will allow you to evolve & make each sequel to your own personal novel another page turner.

What are some things you’d like to leave behind in 2021?


43 thoughts on “Mindsets To Leave Behind In The New Year”

  1. I am so with you on the waiting to travel front. I’m over it! I am going to plan a trip somewhere in the near future and jump through all the testing hoops to get there if I have to. Our lives have been open hold for too long and I’m not getting any younger!

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  2. Leaving behind a fear of someone’s opinion of me that I don’t care about or respect. It’s amazing that we care for ourselves so much but value the opinions of others more than our own

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  3. Brilliant post, I loved what you said about minimalism looking different to everyone. I think as a general rule for life if there’s something that makes us happy then we should just go for it, we don’t always know if we have tomorrow to do it!

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  4. It’s been tough the last few years as my husband and I have had to delay having experiences due to illness and finances, etc but we’re so ready to start living again. It’s not off to a great start yet but we’re going to move forward. I think shifting our mindset is key to personal growth so I loved reading this post!

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  5. Super inspiring post! I too am scheduling some days off social media/mindless scrolling. Takes up so much time and last year I realised I actually have so much time in my day. I’ll be leaving behind lack of confidence in certain areas and stepping into new strength 😊

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  6. Great post!!! I definitely agree about all of these, especially self-care and spending less time on social media. Even in a busy schedule, it’s important to make time for yourselves. As for social media, it’s very toxic and time consuming, so a break is much needed at times.

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  7. This is such an important post! I definitely want to cut back on social media this year, I feel like I waste so many hours on it and there are so many more productive things I could be doing (like reading, haha). I really want to say yes to more things this year too – I’m actually taking my first solo travel trip this year, which I’m super excited for! Thanks for sharing x

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  8. I am with you on like every single one of these! I am definitely working on self-care more this year though and cutting way back on social media! Wonderful post and wishing you all the best this year!

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  9. I am with you on like every single one of these! I am definitely working on self-care more this year though and cutting way back on social media! Wonderful post and wishing you all the best this year!


  10. I love this post so much, B. It came at the perfect time.

    I have all the intention of working hard on self-improvement this year. I know for sure I need to stop feeling inadequate or like I don’t belong. It’s a hard thing when self-doubt and insecurity deprive you from seeing your own worth and value. This week, I started journaling with intention and doing healing and shadow work to try to work through my issues.

    I took a big step back from social media and the internet last year, so another thing I want to work on that you mentioned as well is being more intentional as a blogger and content creator.

    I also want to work on the content I consume. I want to support those who truly inspire me and be more consistent in showing up for my fellow bloggers by engaging more with their content and being there for them. I find it hard to be online, cause it easily overwhelms me but I appreciate all the blogging friends who inspire and motivate me.

    Wishing you all the best.


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    1. Thanks for commenting, Estee! And glad you enjoyed the post. Yes – social media breaks are very important because it can def become a lot. I’ve had moments of stepping away more often for my wellbeing. that’s wonderful you want to be more of an intentional blogger! i think all creators could benefit from that mindset. i can totally relate to it all feeling overwhelming. I’d say don’t worry too much & do what you can. we don’t want to burn out.

      Sending you all the best!

      – B


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