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30 Items You Don’t Need In Your Wardrobe

Out of all the places in my home, my closet & dresser drawers are spaces I declutter most frequently. Although I’m more of an intentional person, I do love fashion & trying out different styles ever so often. With that, I tend to accumulate quite a few clothing pieces throughout the year. I no longer have the mindset of having a certain number of items in my wardrobe, but I’ve discovered types of items you definitely truly don’t need in your closet. I’ve shared a shorter list in the past on my blog, so check out that post here if you are interested. But today, I’ll be sharing with you 30 items you don’t need in your wardrobe. Yes, 30!

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1. Items That Don’t Make You Feel Confident

Life is too short to own clothing that doesn’t make you feel your best – get rid of them!

2. Items That No Longer Fit Your Present Body Type

I get it – sometimes you want to save those jeans you swear you’ll fit back into. Or on the opposite token, you save those pieces for those times you think you may need to up a size. Unless you are saving maternity clothing because you plan to have another baby soon, I don’t think it’s fair to yourself to be playing such mind games to your body. Keep what works for your present body type & leave it at that.

3. Damaged, Torn or Stained Items

As I’m writing this, I’m wearing an old t-shirt with a hole in the arm pit so it’s a reminder to myself & my readers to think twice in keeping clothing pieces of this nature. You deserve fresh ones.

4. Items That No Longer Represent Your Current Self

As we grow & evolve, so does our style sometimes. Honor those changes with regular clear outs. Say goodbye to your past self & styles.

5. Items You Are Saving For Your Future Self

In the same token, sometimes we save items for our future selves. Now, I do find this helpful in some cases, but it can also get out of hand & take up space in our closets. So, really ask yourself why you are keeping said item.

6. Items / Gifts Others Have Given You That Are of No Use To You

As appreciative as it is, sometimes gifts [ especially clothing ] from other people don’t represent ourselves. It’s ok to get rid of any of these items especially if you 100% plan not to wear them ever. What do people say, “one person’s trash is another person’s treasure.”

7. Items That Hold A Memory But You Never Wear

Either place the item in a sentimental keepsake box or get rid of it. The item is never the actual memory.

8. Trendy Items You Just Don’t Wear Or Aren’t Practical

I personally, love to stick with classic & timeless clothing pieces, but sometimes the trends get the best of me. Anything you see you are done wearing, get rid of them.

9. Colors of Items You Just Don’t Wear

I used to think I had to own every color of the rainbow & color coordinate my closet accordingly. I no longer have this mindset. If I don’t like the color yellow on me, you won’t see me in anything yellow. Period.

10. Items That Aren’t Comfortable

Whether it’s an itchy sweater, tight pants or tops, shoes you can’t walk in – yea, get rid of those items.

11. Items You Spent Tons of Money On But Don’t Wear

I know you may feel guilty for spending a certain amount of money on something, but it actually feels worse when you just let the item sit in your closet with the tags still on.

12. Outfits You Wore Once & Won’t Wear Again

Those dresses you wore to a wedding or anything you wore literally one time & will never wear again. Yea, let those pieces go to a better home.

13. Duplicates You Don’t Wear

There are some moments where having duplicates is nice in a wardrobe – like if you have a favorite sweater & want it in multiple colors. But I try to be careful with this, because it’s a fast way to feel like you have no variety in your wardrobe.

14. Clothing Pieces That Remind You of Sad Times

There’s no sense to hold onto physical baggage. Believe it or not, these material items like clothing can actually mentally cause us to hold ourselves back from moving forward.

15. Shoes That No Longer Fit

This goes along with #10 about being comfortable. There’s no sense in owning shoes that are impossible to walk in. I don’t care how pretty they are!

16. Graphic Shirts You’ve Retired To Your PJ Drawer

It’s good to give your old t-shirts a second life. But I try not to overdue this because it can quickly result in an overflowed drawer filled with shirts.

17. Robes You Never Wear

I’m not the biggest fan of robes. I just don’t really understand the point. But I think owning one is efficient if it’s your thing. Otherwise, it seems a bit excessive.

18. Slippers You Never Wear

Again, owning multiple pairs of slippers seems excessive. So, be sure you are wearing all of them on rotation or go through the collection.

19. Holiday Attire You Won’t Wear Next Year

I try to find holiday shirts that I know I’ll wear multiple years in a row. But the truth is, especially around Christmas, I always end up with tons of holiday shirts. It’s a good time for you to go through these items & get rid of ones you know you won’t wear again.

20. Socks With Holes In Them

This goes with #3 but I know [ me included] it can be easy to keep those socks with holes because it’s so easy to accumulate so many! They usually get mixed in the group & I don’t realize there’s a hole until I’m half way out the door!

21. Items You Know Someone Else Could Love

It’s better to give items you aren’t using to those who will love it even more!

22. Items That Need Fixed But Haven’t Been

Those coats that need a new zipper or those tops that are missing a button. If you haven’t yet gotten those fixed, I honestly doubt you ever will.

23. Brands You No Longer Want to Support

Whether you are trying to be more sustainable or you find a companies’ message not up to par with your morals, maybe it’s time to donate those brands & start fresh with ones that are.

24. White T-Shirts That Are No Longer White

I always like to replace my white t-shirts every season or so. Owning white t-shirts that have lost its crisp shade just aren’t fresh to wear.

25. Cheap Accessories

I try not to purchase cheaper jewelry because they usually turn my skin green or they break so easily. It’s worth investing in a few nice pieces of jewelry.

26. Belts You Don’t Use

I’m not the biggest belt person, but I feel like it’s easy to accumulate this accessory. I like to say owning a black, brown & one other shade [ possibly one with some sparkle or buckle ] are plenty for your essential wardrobe.

27. Hats You Don’t Wear

Same mindset as the belts – it’s better to have hats you definitely wear. I like to have at least one knit hat for winter time, a ball cap & a sunhat for the beach.

28. Bras or Undergarments You No Longer Like

You should only keep bras & undergarments that are flattering to you, comfortable & make you feel confident. Everything else should go. Period.

29. Clothing That Has Lots of Years On It

I’m guilty of holding onto some items for longer than expected. For example, I have a bag that is over 10 years old & has a small hole at the bottom. Maybe it’s time to replace it?

30. Items Other People Like on You, But You Don’t

It’s nice to wear certain pieces others may like on you, like a romantic partner for example. But you don’t want this to get out of hand. You want to dress for you & no one else at the end of the day. It’s called your closet for a reason.


I hope this list provides the decluttering inspiration you may need to cull a proper capsule wardrobe of items you absolutely love!


52 thoughts on “30 Items You Don’t Need In Your Wardrobe”

  1. This is a great list! Like you, my wardrobe is the place I seem to declutter the most, and I’m really trying now to only bring in new (or thrifted) pieces that I know are my style and fit me well. This list is a great point of reference to come back to : )

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  2. Number 2 is a big one for me because I just had a baby and only 2 of my jeans currently fit, my thighs are much bigger so idk if I should get rid of then jeans I have or wait to see if I can slim down. Although idk if my body will be like it was better.

    Liked by 2 people

      1. “Just in Case” 😳🤣🤣🤣🤷‍♀️……hence why I’m reading this! Ok, ok I’m taking them out 👍

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  3. 3,4 and 29 resonated with me. I reverently did a second closet declutter last week and also filled a bag with shoes that I placed in the donation bin. Currently I am looking for more quality pieces and been having fun shopping around. Great post 😊

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  4. Great list! I recently went through my closet and finally got rid of all of the items that I no longer wore. I’ll be sharing this post with others who need some inspiration and reminders to declutter. Thanks for sharing!

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  5. What an awesome and complete list! I am inspired to ditch several ‘future self’ items, as well as a few pieces I keep telling myself I will alter . . . as likely as not, I never will. As for robes, I wish I had the ones you do not keep! I love robes and could do with a replacement. 🙂

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    1. haha! 🙂 maybe in the future, i’ll create a poshmark where i can sell some of my old clothing pieces. but don’t worry, the robe I got rid of was very worn out. you wouldn’t want it. I did keep one though & it’s from Victoria Secret. very soft and comfy.

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  6. I have a yearly cull of my wardrobe. Strangely enough I actually only wear about 20% of my wardrobe, then I have a bunch of perfectly nice dressing up clothes that I never wear but have no reason to throw out either!

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  7. This is a great list! I thought it would be more clothes specific but actually, most items in our wardrobe hold some sort of meaning and we sometimes do need to look a bit deeper when it comes to de-cluttering, to see what we’re holding on to!

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  8. Ooh fab tips here! I’m starting uni in September so I think it’s time to start decluttering now, and this is a great place to start. I definitely need to go through my sock collection, haha – I’m sure there’s tones with holes in by now! Thanks for sharing, this was really helpful x

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  9. Number 1 is so huge- Items That Don’t Make You Feel Confident. Why hold on to something that doesn’t make you feel good! it is so important to dress how you want to feel. I love this list though and at this point I am ready to start from 1 lol.

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  10. To be honest, I have a lot of clothing pieces that I haven’t worn in years, but I’ve kept them because I think I’ll wear them again, but I never do. Quick question, where do you go to get rid of your old clothes? For future reference.

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  11. Practical and helpful decluttering tips! I have a part of my wardrobe where I put clothing I’m not sure about. If I don’t wear it in the next 3 months it is gone!

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  12. For five years, I was a full-time fashion blogger and my closet changed with my mood. I was constantly bringing in new items and getting rid of old ones (usually via Poshmark or other consignment stores). I was always happy with what was in my wardrobe. Buuuut in the past couple of years, especially since the pandemic and my change of blog genre, I’ve let my closet practically fall apart. I hardly like anything in it, half of it is waaaay overworn (see: worn OUT), and I think that nearly everything would be on this list in some manner. Oof. I need to do a major overhaul of what I own soon!

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    1. that’s wonderful you use sites like poshmark etc…to get a little cash back from your purchases. plus, you are letting someone else enjoy the things you are done with. i can totally relate with the pandemic causing me to purchase things i probably wouldn’t have otherwise. happy decluttering! 🙂


  13. I love your point about giving away clothes that someone would love/wear more! So important to remember that. I’m currently going through my wardrobe, and a third have bad memories associated. I feel so guilty getting rid of them, but it isn’t good for my mental health for them to be there as reminders of a different me. I think I’ll be giving them to a charity shop or clothing bank

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