Easy Plastic Free Swaps You Can Make Today

Happy Earth Day! I’ve been recently on the journey to becoming more sustainable. In no means am I perfect & in all honestly, I don’t think I’ll ever be 100% sustainable but I have found a few easy swaps that have gotten me started down the road of living more Earth conscious. Here are a few plastic free swaps I’ve made in the last year or so…

Wooden Toothbrushes

I’ve used plastic toothbrushes for as long as I can remember – especially the electric toothbrushes. But as of late, I’ve decided to try bamboo or wooden toothbrushes instead. They seem to work rather nicely & they compost a lot easier.

Organic Cotton Pads

I used to be an avid user of those one time use makeup wipes & packs of cotton rounds. But I realized how wasteful it was & the amount of money I was spending monthly on these products. I now use these organic cotton pads from Amazon that can be washed in the washing machine every week or so. They have managed to hold up really nicely & I will no longer be purchasing the one time use alternatives any longer.

Wash Clothes

I’ve been using wash clothes through my childhood. I find loofas to be bacteria havens. I love using wash clothes to apply body wash, apply face cleanser & even take off makeup. I simply put them in the washing machine like the cotton pads & they are good as new.

Bar Soap

I find body washes to run out so quickly. I end up using way too much product & the containers are always in plastic containers. Instead, I’ve been leaning towards bar soaps [ Dove brand ] that come in cardboard packaging.

Metal Water Bottles

I love my Hydroflask water bottle & use it all the time. This is a easy plastic free swap because so many companies sell metal water bottles now a days. It’s perfect for travel & outdoor / active activities like hiking or going to the gym. They really help in maintaining proper water intake throughout the day as well.

Cotton Grocery Bags

Although many stores sell reusable grocery bags, most of those options are made of plastic. Instead, I purchased a few cotton material bags I use for a multitude of things – one being hauling groceries. I am no longer hoarding tons of plastic grocery bags.

Reusable Pads

This last swap is something I’m still on the fence about -but I’m trying. In terms of feminine hygiene, I’m aware how bad pads & tampons are to our bodies. But as much as I want to go to the reusable alternative, I just can’t get behind it at the moment. Maybe I need to browse other brands. But I would love to find period underwear or accessories to make this swap because even on a money saving gain, I know for a fact I would be saving tons of money a month not repurchasing tampons or pads.

Do you have other plastic free swaps to share? Let me know in the comments


55 thoughts on “Easy Plastic Free Swaps You Can Make Today”

  1. Fab suggestions! I’m trying to be more sustainable too and you’ve definitely gave me a lot to think about! I still need to get a metal water bottle and some cotton bags but I love my new toothbrushes and soap! In terms of feminine hygiene I also really want to switch to reusable products at some point although in the meantime I bought some plastic free pads, which you might be interested in? Thank you so much for sharing x

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  2. Amazing post, B! I love it! Personally I started using eco-friendly products and using cotton grocery bags whenever I go to shopping. Reusable pads are something I’m still not good at using, but I’m trying my best to reduce my waste! I started buying plastic-free and eco-friendly ones. Thank you so much for sharing xx Penny

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  3. Love this, B! I’ve never considered wooden toothbrushes, I’m definitely going to make that swap for my partner and I. Where do you get yours? Also, I use those reusable makeup wipes too and they’re AMAZING! Happy Earth Day!

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  4. Love this! I just ordered organic cotton pads & was surprised that they were only a little under 4 dollars!! I expected organic stuff to be way more expensive! Love it 🙂 And I want a cute grocery bag like that!!

    The only thing is that bar-stuff doesn’t work for me. I’ve never liked bar soap because everybody touches it and uses the same bar. I recently also tried a solid deodorant, and it doesn’t work AT ALL. I’ve never tried shampoo or conditioner in solid form but heard from a lot of people that it’s just not that good. Maybe they need a few more years to make solid beauty products that actually work… Do you maybe know brands that have good solid shampoo, deo, etc.?

    Lots of love,
    Krissi of the marquise diamond

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  5. Another great post! All the swaps you mentioned were excellent picks to talk about.

    I’m kinda obsessed with sustainable or “green living” these

    I’d suggest using amber glass jars for household cleaning and wooden kitchen utensils (i.e. wooden bowls, spoons, etc).

    You may take a look at some more ideas on my ‘Sustainable Living’ Pinterest board. 🙂

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  6. This is a fantastic list B! I’ve made very similar swaps over the years, I also use bulk refill stores so I can refill glass jars as opposed to buying more plastic bottles that get discarded quickly.

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  7. I love that you made these plastic free swaps! I switched to shampoo bars a few years ago but then learned they weren’t curly hair friendly. Thankfully I’ve found a local shampoo brand earlier this month that comes in reusable metal containers that I’m planning to try once my current shampoo runs out. I’m also on the fence about the reusable pads, but I’m thinking of trying organic, biodegradable pads instead. 🙂

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  8. This was a super helpful post! A lot of these I have actually not heard of or at least tried before. As a student, I bring my own lunch every day, so I like reusable bags instead of plastic (I’m pretty sure they’re silicone?). I use Sistema containers more often, which are still hard plastic, but are definitely better than single-use bags.

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  9. What a great post! Surprisingly I use many of these such as the metal water bottle (the one I have keeps drinks cooler longer), wash cloths, bar soap. Now the wooden toothbrush I haven’t thought of for myself, however my cat has his own. LOL Thanks for sharing,

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  10. I loved your suggestions! I try to apply as many as possible but the reusable pad is absolutely impossible for me 😦 I prefer the diva cup, if ever you want to try a different alternative:)

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  11. It’s always good to look for more eco-friendly options and make switches whenever we can. These are all great suggestions for easy swaps to make in the home and for on-the-go. I also use a refillable metal water bottle and take it with me everywhere. Many places have water bottle refilling stations now.

    Another thing I use instead of plastic wrap is Beeswrap – it’s a beeswax coated cloth that wraps around food for a tight seal. I’ve even used it on apple or avocado halves. I also use recycled glass jars instead of plastic containers for leftovers.

    It’s surprisingly hard to avoid plastic, as so many items are packaged in single-use plastic wrap. I’ve started ordering toilet paper by the case, which saves money and avoids plastic wrapping. It is delivered to my door in a cardboard box & each roll is wrapped in paper (which I recycle).

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  12. I recently started using a facial cleanser and a toner, and became very aware of how many disposable cotton rounds I was using. After doing some looking, I was so pleased to discover I can buy reusable ones that come out fresh after a wash! 🙂

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  13. Great post! I have been trying to incorporate a lot of these items also, and am lucky enough to have a local shop which sells unpackaged natural bar soaps, so there is no waste at all, which is really satisfying! I am like you with the reusable pads, I just can’t get to grips with them. I know several people who swear by period underwear Modibody, although I haven’t taken the plunge yet as they are quite pricey, but apparently last ages. Might be worth trying! : )

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  14. I love these suggestions! I am far from perfect when it comes to sustainability, but every small change can help.

    I haven’t even considered swapping out my electric toothbrush for a wooden/bamboo one. Cotton shopping bags are a great swap! My sister gifts birthday presents in handmade cotton bags instead of gift bags so that we can use them for shopping and such. As you said, it is a great way to no longer hoard plastic bags.

    Thank you for sharing! 😊

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  15. These are some really great suggestions lovely which I’ll be taking on board for sure. I’m always looking for new ways to be sustainable and you’ve shared some amazing tips which will come in handy to many like myself. Thank you so much for sharing with us Xo

    Elle –

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