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Why Spending Money on Travel is Worth it: Honeymoon in Maui

It sounds a bit dramatic when I say our honeymoon in Maui changed my life. But I’m a Leo, & we are rather dramatic individuals, so I stand by this statement. Anytime I feel like I’m in a rut or need to make a change, I always know some form of traveling will be that cure. This past year has been one of the most trying years with the loss of my dad in the fall & planning a wedding in the middle of said grief & healing. But now that phase of my life is over [ the wedding planning part] , I’m looking ahead to a summer of continued healing & focusing on what I want my life to be moving forward. I strongly believe in the idea of immersing yourself into experiences to grow as individuals. When we simply remain in our bubble, thats when ignorance develops & the perception of believing our lives are only tied to what’s right outside our front door. We are so much more than that & a 10 day trip on island time showed me the type of person I want to strive to be which is more adventurous, tied to nature & one who continues to focus on the more simple aspects of life like experiences.

Focus on What Truly Matters

I’ve been following the minimalism lifestyle for around 5 years now. It’s been a slow journey & in no way am I a perfect minimalist [ i don’t think there ever is]. But I definitely strive to focus on the bigger pictures & refrain from putting my attention on frivolous material things. It’s not to say I don’t spend hours putting together outfits for my travels, but I also let go of the notion in thinking I constantly need new or better items to have a good time. I’ve learned through packing light, you can actually enjoy more of your surroundings & prioritize the connections & memories you make. While on our honeymoon, we did a lot of adventurous activities that lead to ruined clothing, muddy shoes & losing my $5 pair of sunglasses on the beach. I don’t focus on that because through those instances, we drove ATV’s up a mountain, we went 10,000 feet past the clouds on top of a mountain & star gazed. We snorkeled with motorized scooters. My husband jumped off rocks into the ocean, while I casually soaked under a few waterfalls. We hiked for miles, trudging through mud, rock & bamboo forests. We saw an array of sea life including two sea turtles while snorkeling. We also ate tons of different foods & visited local gems. It was truly an experience & memory I will hold onto forever.

Capture Those Moments & Stay Present

We took countless photos & videos during our travels, but we made sure to make the conscious effort to go off the grind for these 10 days. Not answering calls or texts [ unless they were true emergencies ] & staying off social media. It was truly refreshing. And I want to make the habit of doing this during our mundane days. Leaving your life a mystery is actually a powerful thing.

Reminiscing the Memories

I’m not the hugest fan of gifts or souvenirs. If I do bring something home from a trip, it usually holds some form of purpose or I know I will have it for a long time. One of the fun things we did was collect stickers during our trip. We plan to display said stickers as a collage & hang it up on the wall of our home. I love displaying photos or DIY projects like these because it showcases what we love to do as a couple – travel. I did find a few other souvenirs along the way including a Maui hook t-shirt [ I’m a sucker for a new graphic tee] & a sun hat [ which I plan to wear all summer long ].

I feel like this post is a little all over the place, but the bottom line is traveling to Maui reminded me of my love for travel. And I want to continue to make the effort to travel more often [ locally or across the world ]. There are so many times where a holiday comes up & we choose to do the same boring routine when we could be experiencing someplace new. For instance, I would love to visit Chicago during St. Patricks Day. Or going to Disney World or NYC around Christmas time. My side of the family is choosing to gift experiences over wrapped gifts under the tree this year. I think the pandemic taught us to enjoy the simple moments in life but it also ignited the urge to see more than what’s out your front door.

Where would you love to travel to next?


46 thoughts on “Why Spending Money on Travel is Worth it: Honeymoon in Maui”

  1. I’ve never really been that interested in travel because I don’t have the best memory. Plus, remembering places I’ve been doesn’t spark any emotions. That maybe because I have high functioning depression though

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  2. I love this blog! Travelling is one of my favourite things to do and I can travel more because I am not over spending in gear countries so coming home with money to spend on my next adventure! My next holiday is to Spain and I can’t wait! Thank you for sharing!

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  3. I don’t think it sounds dramatic at all that your honeymoon in a beautiful location changed your life. I’m the same when I’m in a rut or something, a change of scenery always does the world of good and can really have a profound effect on how we feel. Although I haven’t been abroad in over 10 years!

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  4. Love this post, it sums up how I feel about travel. Traveling has changed my life too, I love the memories, seeing something different and learning new things. There are an awful lot of places on my list 😂

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  5. Lovely post B! I too believe in spending money on travel and experiences instead of material items. Your adventures in Maui sound so exciting! I hope one day to be well enough to travel there! It sounds absolutely beautiful and amazing to snorkel, sit under a waterfall, and see a sea turtle 😃

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  6. Wow! I’m a firm believer in less-is-more but this trip really does seem to have you focusing on positivity. I’m so glad you got that after everything you’ve been through! You deserve it.

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  7. I love love love this post, B! This was such an amazing reminder. Ever since my Mindfulness journey, I became the same and I started collecting moments instead of “ things”. I truly believe that staying in that moment is the most beautiful thing. You worded it right;” . When we simply remain in our bubble, thats when ignorance develops & the perception of believing our lives are only tied to what’s right outside our front.” 100% true! Thank you so much for sharing an amazing message. I’m so glad to hear that you had a lovely time at your honeymoon. You guys totally deserved it after months of planning! I really hope this summer will be the summer of healing for you. Lots of love, x Penny |

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    1. aww thank you – penny! that’s wonderful to hear. i’m glad you are on your own personal mindfulness journey. the trip was much needed especially too after not traveling for 2 years. aww thank you – i really appreciate it and hope i prioritize healing as much as possible. thanks for reading and resonating with my post.


  8. I agree that travel is the best investment you can make because it gives you a sense of accomplishment and memories that sustain you for a lifetime. I’m just waiting a couple of months until they rehire enough staff at the airports. For me, there are too many delays and screw-ups happening right now.

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  9. Really living life and experiencing the moments is the best part of life. I would love to start my travel journey this year, starting by exploring my country more and going to our sister island. Thanks for sharing.

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  10. I love this post. I’ve been to Waikiki and I’m hoping to visit Maui someday. Hawaii is such a beautiful place. Travel has changed my life too in so many ways. Best wishes to you and your hubby!

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  11. It sounds like you had an amazing time and totally feel you when you said that it changed you as a person! Sometimes we get away with being always on social and documenting everything, but I think you had the best approach and to keep them as memories x

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  12. Did you eat the pineapple? I had never tasted pineapple like that before. It was a long time ago, but I’m pretty sure I found a way to send the pineapple home to people as gifts. I think there was a company doing that at the time — maybe in the airport? Happy honeymoon!

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