95% of My Clothing Gone?! But I’m Still Decluttering! | Minimalist Capsule Wardrobe

When you think of a minimalist wardrobe, what do you consider it to look like? For some, it’s an x amount of items, usually sticking to smaller numbers. Or maybe, it’s an aesthetic filled with all neutral shades. In some cases, people swap out their clothing seasonally, also sticking to a strict number of items. One of the queens of capsule wardrobes, Courtney Carver – the creator of Project 333, allows 33 items within a 3 month span. I personally, live like Lizzie McQuire – an outfit repeater. Truthfully, there is no right or wrong to the minimalist lifestyle. All of these definitions are options. You just simply need to choose what works best for you & your lifestyle.

My Personal Journey

Something to keep in mind with my own personal wardrobe is I stick to an all year round style closet. The weather can be pretty all over the place where I live. One day I could be in shorts & a tank top, when a few days later I could be rocking leggings & a sweatshirt. It’s easier to keep every season together in one area. The only pieces that aren’t stored in my closet are my ski / snow gear or holiday attire like Christmas sweaters [ which, yes – I still own ]. Not all minimalists are cookie cutter neutral lovers. Over the last few years, I’ve downsized my closet immensely – roughly 200 items worth. I’ve donated 10 bags of clothing to local shelters or The GoodWill & I’ve even sold a few items for some money back.

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After a year of wedding planning & our wedding in May, I returned from our honeymoon with an itch to declutter my wardrobe [ & entire home] once again. It’s amazing & a little bit frustrating how clutter just seemed to accumulate all of a sudden. I’ve also changed a lot personally, so I’ve been looking to “let go of the old & bring in the new.” Not only this, but the grieving process has caused me to evaluate my entire existence & shed what is no longer serving me.

Let It Go

The first point of action is to thin your wardrobe as much as possible. Marie Kondo suggests taking everything out & laying it on the floor or your bed to showcase the immense overflow. And I agree with this method. There’s something so eye opening to seeing your belongings in a mountainous pile. I’ve shared countless posts about decluttering your wardrobe, so if you are wondering what types of items you should let go of, venture over to one of or both of these blog posts: 30 Items You Don’t Need in Your Wardrobe & Listen Up: You Don’t Need These Things in Your Closet . By decluttering your wardrobe first, you will have a much easier time organizing said clothing in a way that is functional for your routines. In my most recent decluttering session, I went through my formal dresses & donated ten! I had so many dresses pushing 5 or even 10 years old & they just didn’t fit or look as nice as when I first purchased them. It was time to finally say goodbye & make space for some updated pieces that fit my current body & style.

Holding Onto The Past

There is something practical about keeping an item of clothing for 5 or even 10 years. You definitely have braggers rights that you’ve gotten your money’s worth. To this day, I hold so much sentimental value to clothing pieces. And I seriously need to quit it! I’ve had this red dress for nearly 15 years now because I remember feeling so confident in it at the age of 18. Although it still fits, the style is not as flattering & I feel like nobody really wears body con dresses anymore. I’ve had the hardest time letter that dress go. I would place it with all the donations, but it would miraculously end up in our spare closet. Plus, I haven’t worn it out in 5 years. It is literally collecting dust in my closet. I’m trying to be brutal & rip the bandaid “so to speak” & finally let these types of items go!

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Needing To Shop

Here I go again with NEEDING things! But here me out. I sometimes feel like I hold onto items of clothing because I’m too lazy to find replacements. For example, I finally donated a pair of black ankle boots from 2017 that my mom would call my “witch shoes.” I would keep them because finding the perfect pair of ankle boots can be a job & in my mind, I found it easier to keep wearing said witch shoes instead of finding a more flattering pair. Another area I need replacements for are my shorts. I’ve had the same American Eagle denim shorts since 2012? And they just aren’t flattering anymore. I need to make a mental note to be on the look out for new ones. I bring up the need for shopping because I feel like when we declutter, we forget the importance of updating our wardrobes & styles. We aren’t meant to remain the same, so why should our clothing be? It’s a true balance of getting proper use out of a piece of clothing & not letting the same items keep you stuck.

As I write this, I’m still in the process of decluttering. I hope to transform my wardrobe to the person I am today & can’t wait to share a full look into each piece. If you’d be interested in seeing an inside look of my capsule wardrobe this fall, let me know in the comments. And until then, let me know if you’d consider a capsule wardrobe yourself? Is there any piece of clothing you need to declutter?


24 thoughts on “95% of My Clothing Gone?! But I’m Still Decluttering! | Minimalist Capsule Wardrobe”

  1. I really enjoyed this post! I read Courtney’s Project 333 book and after a year of sticking to most of her rules, I’ve made my own version of her Capsule Wardrobe to fit my lifestyle and career. I’m all for neutral shades with a couple of pops of color here and there.

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    1. I still need to read her book! But I read her blog all the time. Love adding pops of color to my wardrobe as well. Thanks for reading.

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  2. One would think after living in an RV for 11 years, I would already have downsized enough, but no… haha! Love your examples, and I have more to give away, such as a pink blouse I haven’t worn in 10 years. Why did I keep it this long? I wore it for a portrait with my now 11 year old granddaughter (who lives far away).

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  3. This is a great post. Decluttering is one of those things that requires real attention, and minimalism can make life simpler. Although, not the same thing, Steve Jobs always repeated outfits to remove the added mental strain that having too large of a wardrobe entails. Thank you for sharing!

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  4. I definitely am due for a declutter – I really need to try and just not be as attached this time around. There are many clothes in there that I haven’t worn since the last time I reorganised😂 Yes I’d love to see your wardrobe in the winter!

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  5. Having just moved back to my parent’s place for a little while from abroad, I had to carefully select what to bring and what not to bring. Luckily my wardrobe was already quite slim, but I did decide to bring my books with me. Although had it not been possible or too expensive I was ready to leave them behind. Same with some of my clothes. At one point you just have to let it go, as you said in your post. Thanks for sharing this.

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  6. I have way too many clothes, in closets and in storage. But I only wear clothes like having a capsule wardrobe. I donated many things that I carried around for years so the next step is ridding my wardrobe of clothing that no longer suits me.


  7. I am waiting just a few weeks longer until when I start packing my wardrobe for college to really and truly go through my clothes and declutter what I will not wear in this new stage of my life. I plan on color coordinating and, as you said, dress for who I am today, not who I was several years ago. 🙂

    Would love to see your capsule wardrobe too!!

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  8. Great post! I can’t tell you how thankful I am that I don’t care about following the trends because if I did, I’d be broke trying to change my wardrobe every 3 months. I just stick with what works best for me: band t-shirts and shorts.

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