15 Ways To Boost Your Mood

We all have bad days once in a while – & point blank, they kind of suck! Lately – I’ve been feeling unmotivated & just in a bit of a funk. But instead of wallowing in such pity, I wanted to take this opportunity to write a blog post for you all that could help you in you too are having a bad day. I wanted to take the positive way out & share a few things I do to help boost my mood when I’m feeling down. Here are 15 Ways To Boost Your Mood On Those Bad Days…

Treat Yourself To Your Favorite Food or Beverage

On bad days, I love getting into the car & driving to Starbucks or Dunkin & purchasing a hot chocolate, chai tea latte or a iced tea. I know, most days I should just make this drink at home – & I do. But on days like today, I like to get out of the house for a second & treat myself to something different. This can also be a favorite take out meal. I’m not condoning unhealthy eating on bad days, but I’m going to be real with you all – sometimes you just need some McDonald’s nuggets & fries to mend that mood.

Stretch It Out

Moving your body & doing a light workout or yoga practice is a definite mood booster for me. This practice really helps me recenter & calm down.

Put on Some Cozy Socks

It’s such a little pleasure – but I love putting on a pair of fuzzy socks when I’m at home. We have hardwood floors & it can feel so cold especially in the mornings. This little accessory really boosts my mood.

Listen To a Podcast or Music

Whether its creating a playlist off Spotify or listening to a mood boosting podcast, these activities really brighten my day. Here’s my favorite podcast at the moment >>> MOOD by Lauren Elizabeth.


Anytime I’m feeling down, I always ask myself, “have I taken my vitamins lately?” I usually take a multivitamin daily as well as vitamin B when I feel like I need it. Also, get that natural Vitamin D as much as possible by getting outside regularly.

Good Talks

I think having conversations with loved ones or close friends really can help put your bad days into perspective. I love having these talks with my mom, brother & my husband. These people especially always bring me back to Earth & make me feel better about any situation.

Random Strolls Around Target

I’m not trying to condone retail therapy – but sometimes walking through stores like Target really boost my mood. Sometimes I don’t buy a single thing. Just window shopping & having a look around aimlessly is enough.

Light Some Candles

My mood always changes with the ambiance. In the evenings especially, I love dimming the lights & lighting a few scented candles throughout the house. In October, I love embracing the dark & fall like weather & just get extra cozy.

Write Those Grievances Down

Sometimes you have to simply voice or write down those problems you are having that are causing you to have a bad day. Get them off your chest & don’t let them fester.

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Channel That Frustration

Once those thoughts are out & in the open, run those frustrations out! Or channel those feelings into something else so those thoughts don’t control you. I personally love to run when I’m angry. But you can always create something, listen to music & dance around or just scream at the top of your lungs for a second. Whatever works for you.


Running, yoga, biking, hiking or lifting weights are other ways to channel that bad day & boost that mood of yours. Breaking a little sweat will do you some good – trust me.


If you are having a bad day, feeling sick or just extra tired – take a shower. Seriously, showers fix all the problems. And getting fresh & clean always feels better.

Drying My Hair

Nothing pisses me off more than going to bed with wet hair & waking up with a hot mess of a mane. So, do yourself a favor & dry that hair.

Comfy Clothes

My go to comfy attire includes flowy soft pants or joggers paired with an oversized t-shirt or sweatshirt.

A Mini Getaway

Experiences always enrich the soul. Whenever I am having a bad day or need to get away from my normal routine, I plan a weekend getaway to someplace I love or want to explore. For me some favorites include the mountains but I would also love to visit Salem as it is currently spooky season.


30 thoughts on “15 Ways To Boost Your Mood”

  1. I needed this – thank you for sharing! Couldn’t have come at a better time! 🙂

    A favorite beverage and taking a stroll around Target (in my case, Walmart since we don’t have Target here) really does lift one’s spirits! I like how everything on your list is simple too.

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  2. These are really great ideas. If I’m having an off day I tend to go out for a walk or have a mooch around the shops even if I don’t need anything xx

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  3. These are such great suggestions! I always find a good talk with someone I care about boosts my mood when I’m having a bad day, as well as writing it all out. I love the idea of a mini getaway too! Thank you so much for sharing, sending you lots of love x

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