How To Romanticize The Autumn Season

Happiness to me, means romanticizing your life no matter how extraordinary or mundane it may feel. And as you know, I lean towards enjoying the more simpler moments. Although, grand gestures & affairs may seem wonderful, those too can become old. So, we must look beyond the extravagant & appreciate all aspects of our days – because like the leaves falling off trees, we are forever changing & life doesn’t stop for anything. And whether you usually love or dread the fall season, here are a few ways you can romanticize the autumn season to your liking.

Wear Cozy & Warm Colors

There’s just something so refreshing about the brisk air & more blustery days. I very much enjoy cozying up in chunky knits & boots – or staying in & snugging up with blankets to a crackling fire. Even the tones of autumn that mimic the aesthetic of the falling leaves brings joy to my days. Adding a few burnt oranges or reds to your neutral attire can be a nice change.

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Embrace the Taste of Fall

The flavors of fall go beyond pumpkin spice – although I do love me some warm pumpkin bread as a snack. Crisp apples, pies, ciders & cinnamon anything are just a few of my favorites for the fall season. I’m also a huge fan of soups as soon as the temperatures reach the 60’s. There’s this cozy factor I hold onto with these tasty treats. Slow down & savor each bite as you become more present in such mundane actions.

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Watch Some Fall Classics

With a warm beverage in hand & cozy blankets to hold me tight – I treasure those slower & peaceful evenings on the couch with the fireplace going [ or atmospheric screen saver] or watching a comfort fall favorite tv show / movie. Some cult favorites include Hocus Pocus, Casper, The Nightmare Before Christmas or Harry Potter.

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Play Some ASMR or Screensavers To Add Ambiance

I don’t own a fireplace. Instead I’ll play the fireplace screensaver on YouTube while I get lost in a book. If you are looking for some meditation, ASMR videos are another favorite. Find ones that are Halloween or fall themed to add a bit of magic to the evening. I especially love screensavers of rainy evenings in haunted mansions, falling leaves or even spooky music playlists. If you are looking for some books to add to your TBR, check out this blog post here or here.

Take A Walk in The Leaves

They say the most grounding action is walking through nature. Bonus points if you are barefoot. But I love embracing my childlike roots & trudge through the crunching leaves during my strolls or hikes. Jumping in a pile of leaves could also be super fun & nostalgic. The fresh air & sunshine are what are bodies crave, even when it gets a bit colder. Spend a little bit more time outdoors & bring a book or your laptop to feel just a little bit more productive in the process. A change of scenery is always something that brightens my mood.

How will you be romanizing fall this year? What is your favorite part about this season?


44 thoughts on “How To Romanticize The Autumn Season”

  1. I love autumn weather, I just hate the things that go with it… Cold and flu season, mud, stomach bugs, my garden dying off… all of those things suck. However, there are MANY wonderful things about autumn that I love (like the cooler weather and stunning leaves changing, pumpkin pie, and apple festivals here in the mountains where I live, oh and planting bulbs for spring! Ohhh and cozy murder mysteries in front of my word burning stove. So lots of good things too. I’m just going to miss my garden πŸ˜«πŸ˜…

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  2. You are speaking to my soul with this post. I love the idea of romanticizing your life. I lean into autumn using all of the things you listed above. Watching Harry Potter is also one of my favourite rituals to celebrate the arrival of spooky season! πŸ‚πŸ§‘πŸŽƒ

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  3. Love this post! I have taken to romanticizing my life over the last two years and it’s something everyone should try and do because it makes you feel good. I cannot wait for Autumn to roll in so I can take the coziness up a notch

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  4. Fall is honestly one of my favorite seasons. I so love the changing of color of leaves and cooler air. Lovely post. πŸ€—

    Pastor Natalie (Examine This Moment )

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  5. I still wish we had Autumn here in the Philippines 😦 I definitely agree, happiness is all about making even the simplest things your own, making them special by appreciating them for what they are. A lovely read for sure x

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  6. These are all wonderful suggestions! Wearing fall colors, enjoying the flavors, going for walks, and adding ambiance are all ways I love celebrating this season. There are a few go-to playlists I have on Youtube that have such cute fall backgrounds. Thanks for sharing!

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  7. You are absolutely correct about these. Watching shows like Gilmore girls, and other fall shows(I need to watch more) does set the mood. Also eating fall-related stuff like pumpkin cookies, and getting cozy(as much as possible in Cali heat). I love fall, and these just helped!

    sejal |

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  8. The fall holds a special romantic feel to me as that’s when I married my high school sweetheart. 25 years later and we’re still going strong. Going for a stroll with the crunch of the leaves always speaks, “autumn is here!” to me.

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  9. Embracing the cosy is quite hard for us canadians.. the wierd period where one day it’s 20+ celcius and it’s too hot, and the next day go down to 5 degrees celcius and it’s hella freezing πŸ˜…
    I want nothing more than blankets, my big fluffy dachshunds pajamas but alas.. im dying of warmth ahah

    The falling leaves just always make me go back as a child. Doesn’t matter how old I get, I just wanna jump into them !

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