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Why Rebranding Doesn’t Stop At Your Blog: How To Reinvent Yourself

I’ve gone through personal “rebrands” throughout my life – from switching what sport I was playing, to becoming a dancer in high school [ with no prior dance experience ]. I would change my clothing styles or hair color & hope those small tweaks would lead to a new life for myself. And as I’m in my 30’s now, that rebranding or reinventing myself hasn’t stop & I’ve been itchy for a change. The rebranding process is so crucial in the blogging world & sometimes makes the biggest difference in stats & popularity. It got me thinking, the same results could happen if I continued this with my personal life.

For me personally – going through an extreme loss this past year has changed me a lot. In a grief standpoint, it is quite normal & I’ve spent some time focusing on my healing process & being extra kind to myself. Although they say you don’t want the trauma to change you a ton – I’m actually really happy with the person I am today, regardless that the heartbreak of a loved one passing [ my dad ] was the cause. I’ve became quite the reader these days, I am trying to balance a more realistic lifestyle when it comes to living with intention & I’ve gained a much needed backbone.

If you are also looking to reinvent yourself in some shape or form, here’s where you should start:

Determine Your Why

Why are you looking to make a change in your life? Are you striving for better routines? Are you wanting to cut a bad habit out? Or are you just wanting to help yourself reach specific goals? Determining your why will initiate this game plan for your life. For me, my interest in a rebrand was looking in my closet, & not liking anything I had in my wardrobe. Since the pandemic, I became lazy when it comes to my style & now – I’m looking to rediscover that love for fashion & beauty. And then from there, I wanted to make some personality changes without losing the essence of who I am. I can honestly say, I’m the most sure of myself than I have ever been.

Change Up Your Habits

Are there certain lifestyle habits that are holding you back? For me, I am striving to be the healthiest version of myself, so four months ago, I decided to venture into living an alcohol free life. And ever since than, I’ve been able to take back control of my personality. If you are interested, I can definitely go more in depth on why I choose to live an alcohol free life going into my 30’s. Another habit I’m striving to break is spending far too much time starring at a phone screen. To replace that time & energy, I’ve been spending more time reading actual books which in term, helps me relax & maintain a more calm presence.

Create a Morning / Evening Routine

Morning & evening routines are so popular these days – usually filled with aesthetic concepts. But there is truth in having routines & how they can help ground us. Now, I tend to think of routines in a more simpler way. For instance, setting your morning alarm for a set time, making some form of beverage [ my favorite being chai tea lattes ] & in the evenings – setting aside time to read. Slowing down & creating these rituals can really transform how you take on the busier ends of the week. If you are interested, I can go more in depth on my morning / evening routines lately.

Appearance Can Make a Difference

As superficial as it sounds, changing up your outer appearance can actually make you change internally as well. I’ve been looking through my fall wardrobe & have decided I want to expand my style & add a few new pieces. At the moment, I’m loving neutral shades with mixes of textures. As much as I love athleisure wear, I’ve also fell into a rut where I want to dress much cuter.

Determine Your Goals

These can be short term or more long term goals – but I love planning out goals for myself [ especially with the new year approaching ]. Whether it’s wanting to start a family, adding a pet into the mix or looking to purchase a new home – it’s fun & inspiring to brainstorm on our lives. I think sometimes we tend to just go with the flow & let time pass us by, when there is always something to strive for. Even if it’s a small goal of waking up a little earlier during the week, or trying out a new workout class. Not only do goals make us feel accomplished, but it also allows us to romanticize our lives again.


32 thoughts on “Why Rebranding Doesn’t Stop At Your Blog: How To Reinvent Yourself”

  1. Rebranding behavior is driven by want of acceptance.
    Rebranding personal preference is innovative.
    Start over everyday; which will minimize mistakes, relationships, and assumptions¡ Rebrand is lifestyle choice no more¿

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  2. Love this! I personally believe rebranding is important and have been doing so one day at a time myself. We have some similar ones such as reading more, which brings me great joy getting lost in a good book. Not staring at a phone screen, this one is big for me. I recently deleted my WhatsApp and personal IG account and Twitter and I feel light 😀 I am leaning heavily toward a slow-living lifestyle and loving the calm and peace it brings to my life.
    Keep the posts coming B! 💕

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  3. Love this B! Rebranding is needed in every aspect of our lives at some point. I can resonate with less screen time as I have been deleting most of my SM accounts as well as reading more. There is nothing better than getting lost in a good book.

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  4. Ooh I love this! I’ve been going through a style rebrand too recently and there are some other changes I want to make to make – being less closed off for a start. Since being at uni I’ve completely neglected reading but I really want to re-establish those old routines! Thank you so much for sharing this x

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    1. i can totally understand how uni would cause you to have less time to read. perhaps make some time in the evenings before bed. that’s great you are wanting to make changes in your routine. good luck! thanks for reading.


  5. Oh my gosh I constantly hear the word ‘rebranding’ in blogging context, but never in a social context – but it’s so true! Determining new goals can definitely give a new direction and ultimately make you a better person! Thanks for giving this advice.

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  6. Love this! There is always room to grow and change more. I appreciate each point you made. Thank you for sharing this lovely post. This is one of my favorite topics. 🤗

    Pastor Natalie (ExamineThisMoment)

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  7. Lovely post! There’s always room for growth and positive change. Changing up habits and creating a morning routine was the hardest for me, but within a few weeks it became normal. Small goals truly lead you to enjoy your best life!

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