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Romanticizing The Holiday Season: 3 Things I Love

Truth be told – the winter season is not my favorite & Christmas surprisingly isn’t my favorite holiday. Regardless, I’ve been trying to romanticize all seasons of my life because life is too short not to enjoy it. It’s quite easier for me to romanticize the autumn season besides the cold harsh winters. But I shall force myself to brainstorm a few aspects I love about winter & the holiday season so I feel less of a Grinch. I’m pleased to say, this post is in collaboration with a few other bloggers who I absolutely adore. Be sure to read until the end to check out their posts & blogs.

Here are 3 Things I Love About the Holiday / Winter Season:


If it’s going to be cold, it might as well look pretty! So, I’m a sucker for a cozy snow day in. At our home, I love opening the windows & admiring the woodsy views as the snow falls & covers the ground. I also love cozying up on the couch with a warm beverage & a good book. My husband & I will also bundle up & take a walk around the neighborhood, especially if it’s a weekend or a day off. And as the Christmas holiday approaches, the more a snow day feels even more magical.

Family Time

My love language is for sure quality time. I would much rather spend money on a fun activity to do with family & friends than buying a bunch of gifts to sit under the tree. This year, my side of the family is boycotting material gifts all together. Instead, we plan to fill that time & energy on experiences. A few things we’ve done in the past include – getting dinner somewhere with festive decor, taking a trip to NYC & see the Rockefeller Christmas tree or going to Hershey Park, PA & enjoy all that’s offered at the sweetest place on Earth. I also love spending more time with the “family I’ve chosen” a.k.a. my closest friends. I love grabbing lunch & catching up for hours or visiting cute boutiques or walking around historic towns. And for the friends at farther distances, I love sending Christmas cards or little notes the old fashion way to show my appreciation.

Going to the Mountains

I love driving to the mountains & spending the weekend or week skiing, tubing or simply relaxing in a cabin setting. My husband [ back when we were dating ] we booked a cabin getaway & enjoyed nature hikes, good food & evenings in the hot tub. The only thing is you need to be on the look out for bears in those parts! I would love to go again this year for the holidays. I just find the atmosphere to be so relaxing & a great way to unwind. I think one of the best forms of self care in the winter is having those moments to let go & be at peace in a cozy setting. It allows us to have a balance of

what are some things you love about the winter season?

This post is in collaboration with a group of lovely bloggers I highly recommend you check out. Head to their blogs / collaboration post & show them some love.

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Hope you all have a wonderful winter season / holiday!


30 thoughts on “Romanticizing The Holiday Season: 3 Things I Love”

  1. I also have quite some dispair with Christmas.. the major point on your list, and what i’m lacking is family 😅 While dad’s family had been dissolved since i’m a teenager, recently we lost any « family house » we had.. dad’s mother went into hospice, mom’s mother went far in the woods (thats a story for another day), my uncle moved to his in-laws and my godmother still have her house- but one of my dog fear hers.. and with the storms it’s complicated travelling a 3hrs car ride; everyone that I love lives so far away, sadly.

    Ahhh a cabin getaway sounds lovely indeed 💕 I wish to experience it someday- we’re more seacoast people ahaha, mountains aren’t too close from here.

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    1. I am honored and excited to be apart of this collaboration. I love snow. I have only seen it a few times as I currently live in Florida. I love visiting my family and friends and getting to see the snow.


  2. I definitely do not miss the cold weather since now living in Florida but love seeing fresh snow fall especially during the holidays. Visiting New York during the holidays is especially special for me since I was engaged during Christmas season not far from Rockefeller Center 💕🎁🎄💍

    It has been so much fun doing this Holiday Collab with everyone.

    Pastor Natalie (Examine This Moment )

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  3. As someone who lives in a tropical country, I suspect that I’ll enjoy snow during Christmas too. Too bad that’s not on the menu. Also, it’s been a while since I’ve celebrated Christmas proper, so I guess the thing that I love most about this season is the memories. Always great to recall happier times. Anyway, thanks for this post!

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  4. Oh my god I would love to go to a mountain resort over Christmas, how heavenly! I think it’s super important to try and make the most of each season but also remember that it can be hard and to adjust accordingly. You can still have a wonderful time 🙂 xx

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  5. I think it’s a very good point you make about romanticising the seasons. I honestly don’t do it enough, but like you say, life is too short! One of my favourite things is family time, too. I spend a lot of time around the in-laws and with my Nan and I love it. I also love getting cosy and watching romcoms and Christmas films 🙂

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