A Memorable Precious Christmas Moment: guest post by Examine This Moment

Hello everyone! Hope you are enjoying the holiday season. Today, I have a guest post from Natalie of Examine This Moment where she will be sharing one of her favorite Christmas memories – her proposal story! I love hearing these stories & it takes me back to my own proposal & wedding which you can read about in my wedding series. I will be returning to the blog with my own original content in the new year. In the meantime, I hope you enjoy this guest post & please catch up on any of my previous posts if you are missing me. Without further ado – here is A Memorable Precious Christmas Moment by Examine This Moment…

I can remember it as if it just happened yesterday. The day I was asked to marry my
now husband. Take a moment with me as I want to share with you, “A Memorable
Precious Christmas Moment.”

We started the special date by going to see the NYC Christmas Spectacular with the
Rockettes at Radio City Music Hall. This alone was such an incredible Christmas gift for
me to experience. I wanted to see the show so much at that time and was really excited
and surprised.

Next, we went to eat at a sweet diner in the city. I loved it so much. The memorabilia
and feel of the place gave you a sense that you were sitting in a ‘70s diner. Perhaps
“Fonzie” from “Happy Days” would be there. What a great time it was together as we
just enjoyed each other’s company and reflected on the beautiful NYC Christmas
Spectacular at Radio City Music Hall.

The funny thing about the day was that it happened to be a little warmer while we were
out and that only made us want to walk a little more in Central Park. We went over
where there is a beautiful ice-skating rink and a lovely bridge. There were lots of people
out walking and enjoying the day too.

Then as we approached the bridge and began to cross over, my now husband stopped
and just wanted to talk with me as we looked at the ice skaters in the distance. The next
thing I knew, he was on one knee asking me to marry him. I was so in awe and excited
that I immediately said enthusiastically, “Yesss!” I also said, please now stand up I do
not want you to mess up your nice pants. LOL, that just makes me laugh as I remember
this precious moment. We kissed and hugged and saw that there was an audience of
people celebrating with us. Clapping and congratulating us.

This precious moment is a Christmas moment I will not forget as it took place just a few
days before we celebrated Christmas. As I looked at the beautiful engagement ring, I
just received I was speechless. I could not believe this had just happened. I could not
wait to tell all my loved ones and friends.

To this day, as we prepare for Christmas, we both remember that day when we made a
commitment to one another and what that meant as we would prepare to say “I do” in
the near future from that day forward. I think it is important that we remember precious
moments that impacted our lives for good. This turning point in my life has remained
something I will remember for the rest of my days.

Tell me, do you have a memorable precious Christmas moment too? Sharing your
stories can bring encouragement to others. I am very honored to have written this guest
post for “B.” Thank you for the opportunity. I hope you all enjoyed reading one of my
memorable precious Christmas moments. I look forward to hearing about your precious
memories too whether it is from childhood or more current.

About me: Over time, I have come to realize that we must take
pauses, or we are just experiencing life passing us by quickly!
Every day there are several moments we can perhaps all talk
about and be an encouragement to someone else with.
I have enjoyed the opportunities to collaborate with other
writers. I have been interviewed on podcasts and by others
in the writing community. I have also appreciated writing
book reviews.
~Blessings Pastor Natalie
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28 thoughts on “A Memorable Precious Christmas Moment: guest post by Examine This Moment”

  1. It’s wonderful to have so many joyous memories because every day is another reason to celebrate! I’m happy you made this memorable and precious Christmas moment, thanks for sharing with us!

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  2. I am so honored to share my precious memorable Christmas moment about my proposal on your blog ‘B.’ Thank you for having me. I really love reading everyone’s response to my story. I especially liked the state that this can be a romantic Hallmark story. You all have bought joy to my heart to hear your responses. I honestly will not forget that special day.

    Pastor Natalie (Examine This Moment)

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