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Feeling Burnt Out? | 5 Mindset Shifts To Consider

I’ve been experiencing quite the burn out lately in all aspects of my life. And I’ve touched on being creatively drained quite a bit on the blog; but when I found myself drifting into this feeling with my personal life, I knew it was time to reflect, make a few changes & of course write about it. My life has changed a lot in the course of the year – with battling grief & coming to terms with the changes of my dad no longer being here & how certain milestones & life has been because of that hurdle. But along side all of this, there has been the usual “new year new me” mindset of setting healthier goals, establishing better routines & focusing on self growth. In general, I want this year to be a time where I really evolve as a person & gain happiness in more authentic ways. In today’s blog post I want to share a few ways I’ve been managing my burnout & actively making changes in my life to better my mind & soul.

Change Your Surroundings

One of our goals for this year is to at least start the process in finding a new home. Whether it’s driving through different towns & new neighborhoods or searching the web, I want to start manifesting a new home for ourselves. For the time being, we have rearranged our furniture in our living room, decluttered a few items & added some new decor to spruce up the place. I’m really loving how the space is more open & appears larger. It’s funny how a simple change such as this really brightened my mood & gave me more motivation. Sometimes although you may be wanting to make a more drastic change like move to a new town, you need to first start with your present location. Ask yourself what would make your space more cozy. For me, decluttering sessions & reorganizing can really make a difference.

Take Social Media Breaks

I’m trying to learn how to be more present. This means spending less time updating my Instagram stories & more time away from my phone. I love documenting my life & sharing my interests online. But I think we all can get caught up in our digital personas. I can’t tell you how much time I waste scrolling through my feeds & other people’s stories. It has gotten out of hand. Ever since I started making the habit of hiding the app or putting my phone down, I’ve found myself being more productive & in a general better mood. Whether I want to admit it or not, I tend to play the comparison game or feeling the pull to constantly update people about my life for validation. And I’d much rather establish a healthier social media mindset where I post for my enjoyment only & allow myself to spend a few days a week unplugged. You don’t have to share every photo or moment of your life. You don’t need to post things right away either. You can practice digital mindfulness. Most importantly, spend time away from technology more often & give yourself a break from that world.

Don’t Forget About Yourself

You can be equally there for others while also prioritizing yourself. It’s not selfish. It’s crucial. Make those doctors appointments, go on that walk, take a nap, eat a balanced diet, reflect on your passions, apply to that job & learn something new. When we put time & energy into ourselves, we can actually be more helpful to others. When we are all one sided, we immediately feel off kilter & that’s when burn out can rear it’s head. I’ve been making small changes of making to-do lists & sticking to them. I no longer push things to the side & say “I’ll get to it when I get to it”. I’m more proactive in my day to day errands & business tasks. And in the process, I’m growing more as an individual. I’d also like to mention, if you need to rest – let yourself fully rest it out. I think we all tend to make ourselves feel guilty to take a break. We confuse this word with laziness & that mindset needs to stop.

Don’t Overfill Your Plate

When I’m creating to-do lists, I try to keep to the saying “I need to get these done, but not all at once.” Sometimes I get lost in the idea that being productive means being very busy, have a packed schedule & no time for anything fun. This is not the way to be. I have actually became more productive & motivated when I slow down & take my time. Even though I take things slow doesn’t mean I’m being lazy. I am teaching myself not to rush & that tasks can be taken care of in a timely manner. As someone who can get overwhelmed & anxious, I have mindfully taught myself to slow down on purpose. I choose a few tasks per day to complete & try not to make them feel like the end of the world. Easier said than done, I’m sure. But I have seen a positive difference in myself with these subtle shifts.

Declutter Your Space

It wouldn’t be a Mind Beauty Simplicity blog post without the discussion of decluttering would it? I strongly believe your space reflects your mind. When my home is disorganized & cluttered, I immediately feel out of control. As a practicing minimalist, I have successfully downsized my life in half. This removal of literal baggage is one of the main factors to my overall well-being. I tend to conduct seasonal decluttering sessions where I take inventory of all aspects of my life: my belongings, my home, my digital space, my social circle & my habits & ask myself “what is no longer serving me?” If you are feeling overwhelmed & burnt out, maybe this would be a perfect moment for you to do the same. And you don’t need to be heroic about it either. Start small & choose one area of your life that may need sorted. I can guarantee this small realignment will make a difference.

Have you been feeling burnt out lately? Let me know which tips you found helpful in the comments. If there are other ways you combat burnout, please feel free to share.


40 thoughts on “Feeling Burnt Out? | 5 Mindset Shifts To Consider”

  1. these suggestions could not have come at a better time! Number four especially. I tend to do the opposite – make a to-do list and feel so much pressure to get it done as quickly as possible.

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  2. These are some really great tips! I resonated with all of them, especially the social media bit. I completely deleted all my social media accounts and it has been such a freeing feeling. The only thing I have left is Pinterest (inspo) and YouTube because I have a channel. I have so much more time to do the things I truly love and enjoy and even started my own company. Simply being present everyday has been amazing. I’m even thinking of deactivating my blog as well. Keep the posts coming 💕

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  3. These are some really great tips! I resonated with all of them, especially the social media bit. I completely deleted all my social media accounts and it has been such a freeing feeling. The only thing I have left is Pinterest (inspo) and YouTube because I have a channel. I have so much more time to do the things I truly love and enjoy and even started my own company. Simply being present everyday has been amazing. I’m even thinking of deactivating my blog as well. Keep the posts coming 💕

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    1. thanks!! I remember you doing that, and I’m sure that deleted social media has been quite riveting. That’s amazing you have started your own company. I say, if you feel in your heart your blogging days are over and you’d rather prioritize other creative ventures like your YouTube channel, then go for it! sometimes we have to shift our priorities as time goes on. Sending you all the best. 💕


  4. Recently, I have been feeling overwhelmed, and overwhelm is often linked to burnout. I felt lazy, uninspired, unmotivated, and unhopeful. The first thing I do when I feel overwhelmed or burnt out is to take action, specifically, productive action.

    I like how you mentioned decluttering as a way to combat burnout because I do this too! I often turn to decluttering, organizing, cleaning, etc. I look around my house and focus on one thing, whether that is a drawer or table, and I declutter it. Today, I am decluttering my nightside table, which is something I have been putting off for over a year. Now, I am trying to declutter my blog drafts because I have 66 unwritten blog draft ideas. I told myself to finish them/delete them before moving onto something new. Physical and digital clutter can really take a toll on us, along with mental clutter.

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    1. so sorry you’ve been feeling this way. we’ve all been there and it’s quite frustrating. decluttering is one of my favorite ways to combat burn out. haha

      I totally relate to having tons of blog post drafts!

      thanks for reading!! 😊🫶🏻

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  5. I have also slowed down my pace lately. I am taking a break from writing books to re-assess whether I want to continue devoting so much time to this. I may go back to playing music instead. I am also focusing on improving my health using natural supplements, since my scheduled appointment with a surgeon could take months.

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  6. I’m totally with you about not posting your Instagram Stories right away! When I was in Disney World, I took photos there, but I posted them when I had downtime in and outside of the parks, so that I was able to enjoy the moment rather than update my social media.

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  7. These are all fantastic tips! After experiencing burn-out for the first time last year, I put these tips in place to make sure it doesn’t happen again. I think taking a social media break is so important- you don’t realise the impact it can have on your mental health 🙂

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  8. I agree that physical and emotional burn out can happen for any number of reasons; your suggestions will help anyone going through this. I experienced a really bad bout of it related to a particularly difficult time and doing something like this would have helped a great deal Thanks for sharing!

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  9. These are some good suggestions to help reduce the burn out and feel more relaxed. Burn out and being overwhelmed is so horrible. Thank you for sharing.

    Lauren – bournemouthgirl

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  10. Great and very important honest tips. Self evaluation and implementation are important keys for change. I’m working on feeling stretched very often and wearing a variety of hats while taking care of myself too. Enjoyed reading. Wishing you success in looking to purchase a new home. 🤗🙏🏻

    Pastor Natalie (ExamineThisMoment)

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  11. What a lovely post Bee, it’s so important that we talk about topics such as burnout more, they play such a massive role in our lives 🙂

    Glad to see that you were able to identify when you were feeling burnt out and took action to help recover from it, even if that action is simply doing nothing for a little bit, it all helps in the grand scheme of things!

    I’ll repost this for all of my viewers to see 🙂

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