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5 Questions To Ask Yourself When You Have Nothing To Wear

I’m sure a lot of us have had those I have nothing to wear moments as we are staring at our closets. Even though there are hangers & hangers of clothing, nothing seems to speak to you & you are slowly entering a style rut. Lately, as I’m entering the spring cleaning era, I found myself so uninspired by my fashion sense. I don’t know if it’s due to the pandemic & leaning into the altheisure wear trend. But now that we are three years out, I’m wanting to get back into fashion & experiment with different looks. This means, I’ve been going against the minimalist lifestyle of owning a certain number of clothing pieces & instead, allowing myself to be less strict with living with less. I’ve felt deprived & honestly – a bit frumpy.

As I am decluttering my closet once again for the rest of the spring & summer season, I have come up with 5 questions to ask yourself to create the perfect capsule wardrobe.

Do I Have The Basics?

When it comes to your closet, being basic is actually a good thing. Those basic t shirts & tanks are the bones to your outfits. Case in point – the classic white tee & jeans. You just can’t go wrong. As you are going though your closet, be sure you have those essential shades of black, grey & white as well as the colors you love best. I for one am excited to add a few brighter colors to embrace the warmer seasons.

When I Put This On, Does it Make me Feel Confident?

Every single clothing piece you own should make you feel confident & your best. There’s no need to hold onto those just in case items or those maybe one day pieces that will simply collect dust. And as you are decluttering & find yourself lacking confident boosting outfits, it might be time to treat yourself to a shopping trip.

What Am I Lacking?

I tend to discover the clothing pieces I’m lacking to create the perfect outfit. I realized I would love to own / experiment with different styles of jeans & pants. I find shopping for tops easier, so the bottom half of me seems to suffer.

What Do I Need To Stop Buying?

Clothing declutters enlighten me on what I waste money on. As I see the piles of clothing I no longer want, I take in mind & remind myself to not buy those types of items again. It’s important to be smart with your purchases & not buy tons of clothing all at once. Creating a wardrobe you love takes time.

Am I Being True to Myself?

There are times where we dress to impress. But sometimes we need to remind ourselves, our style is our own. And we shouldn’t be choosing clothing based on other people’s opinions. It’s fine to take style inspiration. Believe me, I do it all the time. But it’s important to understand the difference of completely copying someone & wearing something that truly makes you happy. If you feel yourself in your clothing, you are on the right track.

As you create your seasonal wardrobes & let go of the pieces you no longer want, I feel like these 5 simple questions will help you establish a wardrobe that defines you in the best way possible. In the comments below, let me know of your favorite styles & what piece that makes you feel the most confident.


14 thoughts on “5 Questions To Ask Yourself When You Have Nothing To Wear”

  1. I did a major culling of my clothes a year ago when we moved. Now it’s just my overflowing pile of old t-shirts that I have difficulty letting go of because they all remind me of a certain time and place. I need to get rid of the ones I never wear.

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  2. I’m definitely not a minimalist when it comes to my wardrobe, and I tend to keep a lot of things despite the years passing by! My goals is to buy something with the intention to keep as long as I can, unless I really grow tired of it.

    For me, usually, when I’ve nothing to wear, it’s more about having a momentarly bad mindset in which I simply cannot set for something that makes me comfortable that day.

    But yes especially to the question “What Am I Lacking?” and the following question too! I used to be a major shopper, not I tend to pick my choice carefully and think how much I can truly style these new clothes and if I want to put effort in styling them with time if I’ve nothing to match them with.

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  3. These are some great questions to ask yourself especially the does this outfit make me feel confident. Following on from that I would ask myself would I be comfortable. Thank you for sharing.

    Lauren – bournemouthgirl

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  4. I do feel a little uninspired sometimes whenever I’m trying to put together an outfit for the day; most of the time I go for the same old stuff (which doesn’t help). These tips were really helpful; I’m going to have to look at my wardrobe carefully and use what you’ve shared/asked to spruce up my choices!

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