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5 Ways I Wouldn’t Be Considered A Minimalist | & Why It’s Ok

It’s so easy to place ourselves into a box. I’ve never liked strict labels because as soon as you veer off the course, you are seen as a hypocrite. Minimalism is no different. As soon as you say you enjoy living with less, people expect you to live in a barren wasteland. I’ve said it before & I’ll say it again. Minimalism & intentional living looks different for each person. But to all the critics out there, here are ways I am not the ‘less is more’ queen you all think I am.

I Enjoy Shopping & Experimenting With Fashion

The pandemic placed me in a serious style rut. I was more than happy to walk out the door makeup less & athleisure wear. And although I’m grateful it gave me a sense of confidence I didn’t realize I needed, I miss expressing myself through my appearance. Lately, I’ve been shopping more often, adding new pieces into my wardrobe & finding excitement over what I will wear to xy & z event. I do try & maintain an intentional mindset when making purchases & I don’t go overboard. But I also no longer deprive myself on new clothing. Life is too short not to experiment with trends, colors & patterns.

I’m Not 100% Sustainable

I do my best with using less & less plastic as well as finding alternative ways that benefit the environment & my wallet. But I am not 100% there. I don’t compost. I shop fast fashion more often than I’d like. And I don’t own all of the reusable tools that are offered. I still love using paper towels & napkins & even paper plates if it makes life easier. I’m trying to be more sustainable but I’m not perfect & that’s ok.

My Dream is To Own a Home Library

I strongly believe the notion, if it makes you happy – embrace it ( unless it’s drugs ). I have slowly become a guilt free collector of books. Reading is my favorite hobby & having my favorites displayed like trophies makes me so happy. It provides a homey atmosphere & I’m able to showcase a side to myself I am proud of. Now, as I read more & more books, I have learned to be more selective on the ones I purchase. I have become rather resourceful with finding free options to read most of the books on my TBR through apps, the public library & audiobooks. I also do yearly decluttering sessions of my bookshelves & donate or sell the ones I no longer wish to own. But at some point I do hope to have a room that is floor to ceiling shelves with an array of literature.

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I Don’t Always Live With Intention

Life can be hard. I tend to let stress overtake myself & as much as I would love to slow down & take in each moment with grace, I’m human. Endless to do lists & circumstances I just simply cannot control ultimately becomes the narrative. Sometimes I choose to scroll Tiktok for a few hours before getting out of bed. And sometimes, making a quick trip to the fast food drive through is just easier. As much as I would love to set better intentions, meditate & write in a gratitude journal regularly, it’s just not the reality.

I Don’t Keep a Strict Inventory

I’ve tried my hand in challenges such as project 333 or limiting myself to a select number of items within all categories of my life. But as someone who declutters enough & refuses to feel deprived, I don’t like limiting myself to a number of items. I will have duplicates in some cases, especially when it comes to toiletries. I own multiple pairs of black leggings because it’s a go to piece of clothing. In general, if you are looking to downsize your life, these challenges really help you open your eyes to how consumerism can get out of hand. But I also don’t want to feel like I can’t own something just because it’s not minimalistic of me.

So, no I’m not the poster child of intentional living. I don’t think there is an ideal within such a lifestyle. I love to organize & declutter. But I also tend to embrace consumerism far more than most. I don’t want to count my belongings & trap myself in this boring box of deprivation. I guess you should call me “minimalish” from now on.


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