Blogtober 2021

Happy Blogtober! October & Halloween season is my favorite time of year so I’ve decided to participate in the ever so popular blogging challenge of posting a blog post every single day from October 1st through October 31st. Since it’s quite a bit of content, I’ve chosen to create a designated page with a schedule of each post. This way, you can easily keep up with all the content because it’s going to be a lot of reading for you all. But I hope you enjoy what’s in store. Blogtober is allowing me to expand my niche & write outside the box. Although you will get plenty of intentional living content, I also wanted to include other lifestyle topics & even a few ghost stories along the way.

Blogtober 2021 Schedule:

Day 1: An Introduction

Day 2: My Hometown Is Haunted

Day 3: My Fall Self Care Routine

Day 4: What To Watch This October

Day 5: The Blogtober Tag

Day 6: My Current Fall Obsessions

Day 7: Why You Should Own a Gratitude Journal

Day 8: Fall Bucket List | Things To Do in Fall

Day 9: Fall Bucket List | For Anti Autumn People

Day 10: How I Take Care of My Own Mental Health

Day 11: What Happens When You Make Everything Important

Day 12: Guest Post: My Blogging Schedule As a Full Time Blogger

Day 13: Stop Caring About What People Think of You

Day 14: Life Can Be a Witch Sometimes

Day 15: How To Declutter Your Makeup Collection + My Holy Grail Products

Day 16: I Want To Declutter But How Do I Start?

Day 17: Books To Put You in The Fall Mood

Day 18: My Maple Tree | A Poem By 10 Year Old Me

Day 19: Messy to Minimal Episode 5: Paper Clutter

Day 20: Travel Guide: Spooky Edition

Day 21: 5 Things I No Longer Buy

Day 22: How Much Should We Actually Share as Bloggers?

Day 23: Youtubers I Watch During Halloween

Day 24: You Asked & I Answered: October Q&A

Day 25: The Spooky Halloween Tag

Day 26: What Truly Makes You Happy?

Day 27: Let’s Celebrate Our Small Victories

Day 28: How Bloggers Should Handle Being Unfollowed

Day 29: Sharing a Few Ghost Stories With You

Day 30: 15 Things You Can Do to Downsize Your Digital Space

Day 31: Happy Halloween | A Blogtober Recap