Mindsets To Leave Behind In The New Year

The start of a new year always sparks inspiration to clean house, reflect & begin again as Taylor Swift would say. I’m always finding an excuse to declutter & downsize my belongings but I’ve also taken some time to reflect on non material items I wish to change as I’m feeling 2022. [ alright –Continue reading “Mindsets To Leave Behind In The New Year”

10 Things You Can Declutter In 2022

The new year is always a favorite time – with the glitz & glam & thoughts of fresh starts. I’m not one to make large resolutions, but I do like to reflect on my past year & gain perspectives that will entice growth. Most importantly, I love going through my physical baggage of the pastContinue reading “10 Things You Can Declutter In 2022”

5 Things I No Longer Buy

My journey through minimalism has been a wild ride. A few months ago, I began to question it all together & try to find a healthy balance without feeling too extreme. This resulted in relabeling myself as an essentialist. If you’d like to read about that reflection, click here. But I think the best wayContinue reading “5 Things I No Longer Buy”