Mindsets To Leave Behind In The New Year

The start of a new year always sparks inspiration to clean house, reflect & begin again as Taylor Swift would say. I’m always finding an excuse to declutter & downsize my belongings but I’ve also taken some time to reflect on non material items I wish to change as I’m feeling 2022. [ alright –Continue reading “Mindsets To Leave Behind In The New Year”

The Aesthete Blogger Award

Thank you so much Katie of The Dating Bitch for nominating me for this award back in 2021. I’m finally getting around to answering your questions & nominating a few other bloggers for this same award. Be sure to check out Katie’s award post here & subscribe to her blog. She posts amazing content allContinue reading “The Aesthete Blogger Award”

Visualize Your Life & Watch It Come True

My First Vision Board I’ve been watching a lot of videos on creating vision boards & manifesting your life. I’ve done this in the past with gratitude or manifestation journals, but I haven’t yet dreamt of my future through a collage in a very long time. I actually had quite the nostalgic feeling of reminiscingContinue reading “Visualize Your Life & Watch It Come True”