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Project 333 Pandemic Edition & This Is How It Went

Out of all the times I attempt a challenge such as this, 2020 was probably not the best choice. When all you are wearing are oversized sweatshirts, joggers & slippers around the house, my fashion sense left the building. I mean, don’t get me wrong I tried. On weekends, I would take advantage of any outing (even the grocery store) & put on jeans & a cute top. So, in a way Project 333 was pretty easy & I managed to wear even less than 33 items. Does that mean I win?

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I Definitely Wore Less Than 33 items in 3 months

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This year has taught me it is possible to only own 33 items in a wardrobe, because I even wore less than that! The reasons probably are due to the fact most events were canceled & I was inside my house more often than not. But still! It is possible. The concept of this challenge is genius & perfect for those trying to pair down their wardrobes. I think we all develop this idea of needing MORE when really it’s simply society’s way of brainwashing us to fuel the economy.

There Were a Few Adjustments

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So, my original list of items for my capsule wardrobe needed tweaked for sure due to the surprisingly warmer temperatures. I was wearing sandals through the end of October. So, I needed to swap a few pairs of boots with some summer replacements. Other than that, I was able to create plenty of outfits for these 3 months.

I’ve Embraced Being an Outfit Repeater

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Remember how when we were in middle school or even high school, the idea of repeating an outfit was like sacreligious? Yea, I don’t believe in this notion any longer. If I look bomb in an outfit, best believe I’m wearing it for multiple occasions. I own this red dress that I’ve had since I was 18 years old. And I still wear it to this day. I take pride in my belongings & treat them like vintage attire. I mean, I feel like back in the day people held on to their items for years & passed them down through generations. People are so quick to declutter almost too much. And as much as I preach letting go of stuff that no longer serves you, I also think it can go too far!

I Did Do Some Shopping

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I know! I know! During Thanksgiving break, I did treat myself to a few new clothing pieces. I have been doing well with my Low Buy Year but I really wanted to purchase a few new items for the new year. Luckily, my shopping habits are better & I stick to basics. I found a long sleeve army green top from J Crew (The Artist Tee) which are the perfect style for my body type. I also bought a pair of gold hoop earrings because they are coming back in style. The reason for this is because during the challenge, I discovered so many duds that need to go to the Goodwill ASAP. I believe in reinventing your style sometimes & I learned I really needed a shift.

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