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Will You Be Your Own Valentine? Valentine’s Day As a Day For Self- Love

Within our society, Valentine’s Day is still seen as a day for lovers to celebrate their relationship. For many single people – including myself – Valentine’s Day is one of the days where they feel even more lonely and it can be really hard to struggle through. But why should Valentine’s Day only be for lovers? Let’s turn this day into a day for self-love!

Hi, my name is Chloë, I own a lifestyle blog over at and today I got the wonderful opportunity to write a guest post for Mind. Beauty. Simplicity. 

Valentine’s Day = Self-Love Day

Something I see too often in today’s society is that we don’t take enough time to love ourselves. We’re always in a hurry with a thousand projects going on at the same time and often neglect our own needs in the process. Our bodies are temples and we need to take care of them. 

Organise A Spa Day

Depending on the budget you have available, either book a trip to the spa or create your own at home. Go to the store and buy some products that will help you relax. I personally really love Nuxe or Rituals, but there are plenty of other (more affordable) brands that will offer the same type of products. 

Vanilla and lavender are two scents that are often associated with relaxation. Fill up your bathtub, put some bubbles in it, turn the lights off and light some candles. Grab your favourite book and take all the time you need to feel relaxed and taken care of. Your skin will feel refreshed and your mind will feel more at ease.

Cook Your Absolute Favourite Meal

Or have it delivered at your front door if you really don’t like cooking. Food is fuel for our bodies and we are allowed to give in to our cravings. Take time to prepare your meal and carefully slice every single ingredient. Drink a glass of wine in between or any other drink you like and savour the moment. 

This day is all about you and you only. You love this meal and deserve to have it. Your body is grateful that you’re taking care of it. It will lift up your mood instantly and help you enjoy your own company. 

Put On Your Favourite TV Show

Or movie, if you prefer them. Grab your favourite snack from the cupboard and enjoy it as if it were your last one. Taking care of you includes giving your body the things it’s been craving. Enjoy watching your favourite movie or show to the fullest and try to not think about all the other things you still need to be doing. 

Whilst relaxing on the sofa or in your bed and watching your favourite things, put on a face mask. Nourish that skin and let it glow. Become the best version of yourself all from the comfort of your own bed. 

Treat Your Body Like A Temple

Love it today, love it tomorrow and love it every day. The only person that ever needs to love you and like you is you. You need to be happy with who you are. Other people’s opinions of you don’t matter – as long as you love yourself, everything will be okay. 

These were my tips on how to spend your Valentine’s day as a day for self-love. I hope you liked them. Head over to my blog if you’d like to read more from me! Thanks again to Mind. Beauty. Simplicity for letting me write a guest post for your blog! 

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5 Intentional Gifts To Give Your Valentine

Tis the season for love & affection. And what better way to show that love & affection with a gift from the heart. Gift giving, during any time of year can be stressful & lots of expectations can be placed on ourselves by society to gift in a certain way. But you don’t need to be breaking the bank to show someone you care. Whether you are gifting to a love interest, family member or friend – I’m here to let you in on some intentional gifts you can give this year.

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The Gift of Time

Spending quality time with the people you care about is such a priceless gift. At the end of the day, I think a lot of us can attest to only wanting to share more memories with that special someone. Even just a phone call or Face Time, if you are miles away, can make all the difference in showing your appreciation to someone. I know the pandemic has really caused me to appreciate the simple moments of being with family or friends in person. It’s something I took for granted before. And so now, I make it a priority.

Show Off Creativity with a DIY Greeting Card

Granted, you may be spending some money on supplies – I think a handmade card makes it far more special than any Hallmark one you’d find at the store. You are free to customize it however you please & personalize it with your own handwriting. Other ideas you could consider include a hand written letter [ like the old days ] or even a poem if you want to get super creative & romantic. My fiance actually wrote me a poem on our first Christmas together when we were dating. It’s now framed in our bedroom & I’ve cherished it ever since.

A Photo Jar or Album

Another idea is to showcase memories together with photos. Either creative a scrapbook or albm with cool captions & stickers. Or you can even roll up printed paper of each photo [ message in a bottle style ] & store them in a jar. My fiance did this for me & included a tag that read “the best gifts are the memories we share together.” I also love the idea of displaying polaroids throughout the person’s room or home & surprise them with a memory scavenger hunt. It’s a great way to reminise on the time spent together.

Give The Gift of Adventure

I always believe experiences are the best type of gift. You may be spending some money, but you are also gaining a new memory. You can choose something you both have never done before like sky diving! Or you can explore a town you have yet to visit. The great part of this option is there are so many directions you can take with this idea. It could be as simple as a picnic at the beach or park or even watching a movie you’ve both wanted to see.

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Help Them Out With Something

Is there something they’ve needed help with? Or is there something that could make their life easier? Like the last idea, this can also go in many different directions. For example – you could help fix something that is broken in the home [ or at least call someone to do it to get the ball rolling ]. Even if it’s doing a specific chore for the other person or cooking them a meal. These acts of kindness show you care.

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Regardless if Valentines is coming up or not – I believe thinking more intentionally with gift giving is a better mindset to practice. I also believe these acts of appreciation can be done any day of the year. It’s always nice to show someone you love & care about them. I hope this list of intentional gifts sparks inspiration for you. In the comments – let me know how you’ll be spending Valentines Day & what gifts you are considering to give. Also, what’s the best Valentines gift you’ve received?