This Time Next Year Tag

I’d like to thank Mummy Conquering Anxiety for nominating / tagging me to do the This Time Next Year Tag. I was actually thinking of doing this anyway, but now that I’m properly tagged, I thought now would be the perfect time to share my goals! My favorite part of this time of year isContinue reading “This Time Next Year Tag”

How Bloggers Should Handle Being Unfollowed

Rejection sucks! I get it! But I also think it’s something that comes naturally during the course of life. People are going to enter your life & set up camp while others slowly go away with time. Although this can happen in everyday occurrences, I wanted to focus on how it feels to be unfollowedContinue reading “How Bloggers Should Handle Being Unfollowed”

Lets Celebrate Our Small Victories For Once

Why is it we tend to only pride ourselves of the big accomplishments? Do we feel like our small wins are not worth to brag about? I’m here to tell you, THEY ARE worth it & here’s why. Burn out is a real problem in today’s day & age. I’ve talked about the importance ofContinue reading “Lets Celebrate Our Small Victories For Once”