Happy Halloween! A Blogtober Recap

Happy Halloween & final day of Blogtober! I can’t believe I actually managed to accomplish such a challenge. To be honest, I thought I had too much personal things going on that would cause me to call off the entire thing. But since I had it all written & scheduled, I pushed forward & successfullyContinue reading “Happy Halloween! A Blogtober Recap”

How To Declutter Your Makeup Collection + My Holy Grail Products

I used to be a collector of makeup. Cute packaging was my downfall & I always wanted the newest release or every brand. I honestly, think I wanted to create my own makeup store in my bedroom. Luckily, with being introduced to simple living & watching a few minimalist makeup collection videos on Youtube, I’veContinue reading “How To Declutter Your Makeup Collection + My Holy Grail Products”

Life Can Be a Witch Sometimes

Our days can feel not quite fair & we wake up pondering the question, “why me?” But I’m here to tell you, you aren’t alone. It’s just that way sometimes. There has to be a balance of good & bad times because if not, we wouldn’t appreciate those highlights. Or maybe I just sound likeContinue reading “Life Can Be a Witch Sometimes”