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The Fall Bucket List Book Tag

I want to thank HerDigitalCoffee for tagging me in this fall inspired book tag! What a wonderful way to embrace the autumn season & discuss my favorite hobby. Be sure to check out her Fall Bucket List Book Tag if you haven’t already.

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Before The Coffee Gets Cold is a short fable about a chair in a coffee shop that allows you to travel back in time. I have this on my fall TBR & can’t wait to read it. Whenever I think about fall, I picture coffee shops, warm beverages & chilly weather.

I’ve seen Love in The Time of Serial Killers all over booktok & Instagram because the cover is just iconic for spooky season. I haven’t yet read this one but have this on my October TBR, so I’ll let you all know my verdict in my October Reading Wrap Up.

I decided to choose the Halloween classic – It by Stephen King because although this is a story about a killer clown – it also showcases the friendship of a group of kids in the 80’s. [ very Stranger Things esque ]. A warning to the wise is that this book is long! [ 1,000 pages ]

This is a Kindle Unlimited find that sounds perfect for Halloween / fall season. It’s a suspenseful mystery with hints of culinary wonder – a cute town [ in winter ] with shops of spice & pumpkins galore.

A talented “chef” of magic spells [ because I couldn’t think of a book with an actual chef. LOL I’ve heard great things about this mystical trilogy & actually watched the tv show in August. It tells the story about a professor with witchy powers & tries to find the meaning of The Book of Life.

I’m choosing Rock Paper Scissors by Alice Feeney because it’s a 5 star thriller read in my opinion. I rarely give thrillers 5 stars, so I jumped for joy because I didn’t see the twists & turns at all. To the point where I wanted to re-read the book once I understood the truth.

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