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Fall Bucket List | Things To Do in Fall

This month is already moving so quickly. How are we already on day 8 of Blogtober?! With this in mind, I wanted to challenge ourselves with diving head first in the leaves or experiences if you will & share a few fun fall activities we can all do before the month is over.

“I’m so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers”

Build A Fort & Have a Movie Marathon

This activity is perfect for any time of the year, but during the Halloween season I like to take it up a notch. In your fort, you can string some orange fairy lights, fill it with blankets & pillows of course & cuddle up with a warm beverage or popcorn. My favorite is a chai tea latte. For your cinematic entertainment, you can choose to have a Twilight or Harry Potter Marathon, watch some Halloween themed classics or a favorite sitcom. Check out Blogtober Day 4 for more suggestions on what to watch.

Go To a Pumpkin Patch

It wouldn’t be fall without mentioning the quintessential “basic” fall activity which is head to a local pumpkin patch. Usually these places, whether it’s a farm or market ; has an array of produce to either pick by hand or just purchase in containers. I love going to our local pumpkin patch to choose a pumpkin to carve, buy a few cases of apple cider & possibly get a few pictures along the way.

Get Lost in A Corn Maze

Another popular fall activity is going to a corn maze. We went to a local spot last year where they had a scavenger hunt mixed in. The place was Harry Potter themed so we enjoyed some glasses of butter beer, went on a hayride (The Hogwarts Express) & successfully made it out of the corn maze.

Have a Picnic

Hopefully it’s not too chilly to be outside quite yet because on warmer fall days I love getting outside. Head to a local spot or simply your own backyard & have a picnic with friends or someone special. Make this picnic your own. Maybe you’d rather sip wine with the girls or even have a day of painting as well. This is a great way to get fresh air & take in the beauty fall has to offer.

Carve Some Pumpkins

I love saving this activity closer to Halloween, but I absolutely love carving pumpkins. I’m not the best at it to be real with you. Last year, I may or may not have cut too much & made my jack-o – lantern eyeless. But it adds character you know?

Go Back in Time At The Renaissance Festival

In my area, The Renaissance Festival has been going on since August, but I prefer to go closer to October because it’s a lot cooler outside. For a long time, I wouldn’t dress up & just go primarily for a turkey leg & to take home a few crystals. But a few years ago, my fiance & I decided, “why not?” & he went as John Snow while I went as a whimsical fairy. I loved doing my makeup all intricate because I never really wear my makeup this way regularly. I’m really hoping we can go this year after a year hiatus from the pandemic. Truthfully though, I think I’m over dressing up now.

What activities do you like to get into during the fall season?