Overcoming “What If I Need This One Day” Type of Clutter

One of the biggest questions that runs through a lot of people’s minds during decluttering is, “what if I need this one day?” Even I’ve battled with such obstacles from time to time. Those “just in case items” seem necessary to hold onto because you think you are saving money. “What if I need thisContinue reading “Overcoming “What If I Need This One Day” Type of Clutter”

30 Items You Don’t Need In Your Wardrobe

Out of all the places in my home, my closet & dresser drawers are spaces I declutter most frequently. Although I’m more of an intentional person, I do love fashion & trying out different styles ever so often. With that, I tend to accumulate quite a few clothing pieces throughout the year. I no longerContinue reading “30 Items You Don’t Need In Your Wardrobe”

10 Five Minute Decluttering Tips For The Weekend

This week – we have a guest post from Simply Alex Jean! Enjoy! Decluttering can feel overwhelming so quickly. When I read the word, I immediately think of all the space I’m going to free up, all the joy of clutter being gone I’ll feel and how much more I’m going to enjoy my space.Continue reading “10 Five Minute Decluttering Tips For The Weekend”