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What Does Minimalism Mean To Me?

Picture this. I’m sitting in a lawn chair on my back porch starring across the sky, breathing in the fresh air, tapping my fingers rhythmically atop the arm rests trying desperately to find a moment of peace in my chaotic routine I call life. In the distance I spot a family of geese flying effortlessly across the clouds & I yearn to be as free as them. I had no idea bagging up a few old belongings & hauling them to my local donation bin would be the answer to my problems. And here I am six years later living weightless & intentional just like the geese in the sky.

Everyone’s journey to minimalism looks a bit different. Each individual’s “why” is always so fascinating to me. So, I decided to venture through the minimalist community on social media & ask others who live this more simple life the question, “what does minimalism mean to you?” As some of you have followed my blog for a while, you know my simple living journey began in 2017 when we were clearing out my Nana’s home after she passed away. I took the Swedish Death Cleaning approach & discovered how much clutter we leave behind for others to deal with. And it helped me realize the true importance to life which are experiences & relationships with others & ourselves. Since then, I’ve developed a healthier outlook on consumerism & “stuff”. It started out with donating a few bags of clothing to now living presently in the moment & cherishing the smaller moments as well as the grander ones. Minimalism saved my life. And once you cut through the service, it becomes far more than just getting rid of “stuff.” And after hearing what other minimalists have to say about the lifestyle, I’d say it’s worth trying. Here’s why:

Minimalism Get’s You Hooked

“I started minimalism in 2018 after coming across a YouTube video that resonated with me and my lifestyle at the time. I knew my clutter was affecting my life but I didn’t know how to take control over it, it was controlling me. I started decluttering, as many do as their first step to minimalism and started seeing benefits in my life, relationships, finances, and more. I was hooked! I started to share my journey and tips on YouTube in hopes of inspiring others to simplify their lives. I want others to see the amazing benefits that I’ve experienced. 

Minimalism is a tool to help you live intentionally so that you find freedom. Freedom of overwhelm, debt, and guilt. That way you can focus on what actually matters in your life.”  – Mariella Merino

Minimalism Pulls Back The Layers of Your Life

“Simplifying my life was the way I reduced stress to feel and be healthier. For me, minimalism is removing the things that remove you from your life.”

“For me that has included everything from clutter, busyness and debt to being worried about what other people think of me and drinking alcohol. There is always another layer that surprises me.” – Courtney Carver of Be More With Less

Minimalism Helps You Focus on What Truly Matters

“For me, minimalism is a lifestyle choice that helps me to focus on what is most important in my life. It allows me to live more simply and with less stuff, which in turn gives me more time and energy to focus on things that matter most to me.” 

“I initially chose minimalism because I was feeling stressed and overwhelmed by the amount of things in my house. But over time, I came to realise that minimalism meant so much more than just decluttering my ‘stuff’. It’s about living more intentionally and being more present in the moment. It’s about finding joy in the simple things and letting go of anything that doesn’t bring me happiness. For me, minimalism has been an absolute game-changer and my future self thanks me for making the choice to live more minimally!” – Vourneen of The Plain and Simple Life

Minimalism Gives You Freedom

“I started my minimalism journey in 2019 not long after the death of my great-grandmother. I was in a tough place mentally and knew I needed to make some changes in my life but I wasn’t sure where to start. One night, I was looking for something to watch on Netflix and stumbled upon the Minimalism documentary. The message was so powerful that I felt it in my bones. I cried, praised God for the door he just opened, and never looked back.

Minimalism, to me, is freedom. I’m no longer trapped by societal expectations and norms and the discontentment they bring. I say yes to what makes me happy and no to obligations. I spend money and time on things that enhance the quality of my life. I live in a way that reflects my personal values. My journey hasn’t been easy and I still have a lifetime to go- but knowing that I am finally able to live a life that is free of nonsense and full of the important things is pure freedom.” – Callie Zimmerman

Minimalism Lightens The Load

“I’m fortunate to say that I grew up with a lot of stuff. As a kid, I was spoiled with tons of clothes, books, games, etc. From my childhood into my teen years, I thought that all of these things were what made me feel safe, comfortable, and happy. This changed when I moved out of Alaska at 19 last year. I lived in Washington for a few months, spontaneously lived in Argentina for 3, and bounced between Washington and Colorado before I made it back home to Anchorage.

I found that I was happier when all of my belongings fit into a suitcase and backpack! Traveling every few months, plus embracing a slower lifestyle abroad, inspired me to live minimally from that point forward. I define minimalism as embracing gratitude for and being content with what I already have, plus living a more sustainable and adventurous life. My blog, Brew and Let Be, was created to find other slow living and minimalistic travelers who want more adventure with less baggage.” Jordan of Brew & Let Be

Minimalism Allows Us To Let Go

“Minimalism for me means letting go of everyone else’s expectations in order to create a life aligned with my values. A life in which relationships and peace take precedence over material things and status. A life that offers freedom to explore and grow instead of suffocation by the physical, mental, and emotional clutter obtained for the approval of others. Minimalism means the freedom to create a meaningful life on my own terms. ” Kelsey of The Mediocre Minimalist

Minimalism Is Customizable To You

“To me minimalism is about consciously choosing what adds value to my life.
It’s letting go of things that do not align with my values to create more time & space for the things that do.

I think everyone’s minimalism journey, and everyone’s take on minimalism will look different. We all have different values so minimalism will naturally work for us in different ways. What I love about minimalism is you can apply it as little or as much as you like, to specific areas or all areas of your life, there’s no right or wrong!

Personally, discovering minimalism has provoked me to question what really matters most to me in life and provided a sense of clarity around my personal values. With this clarity I am now able to put my time and energy towards the things that matter most to me – for me those things are connection (making memories with those I love); health & wellbeing & personal growth. I also love the sense of calm I now feel within our home.” Mel of More Joy Less Things

Minimalism Allows Me To Breath & Have Peace

“I started my minimalism journey when I felt owned by my possessions. I wanted more time freedom, and more peace in my life. I started slowly decluttering things, and now I’ve been on this minimizing journey for two years. Minimalism gives me breathing room and time for what actually matters.” Sarah of Living Less


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The 10 Misconceptions of Being A Minimalist

Minimalists & the fellow Marie Kondos of the world tend to get a bad wrap. I can’t tell you how many comments I see on the internet calling this community a cult. People kind of understand the concepts of decluttering your space & letting go of the unnecessary, but when people start to talk about it as a lifestyle change, that’s when the questionable looks start to show. And part of me kind of gets it. Like any type of “community” there are those who are more extreme than others. With minimalism, there are those who simply like to keep an organized home while others literally live out of a backpack & are traveling nomads living in a tiny home or van. So, today I wanted to share with you 10 common misconceptions of being a minimalist. And before I begin, I want to just say this is all in good fun. However you see minimalism is your truth. I’m not here to judge.

  1. We Don’t Like Gifts

I know minimalists tend to go through the cycle of donating the old & clearing out the cluttered spaces. But it doesn’t mean we aren’t making space for the new either. I almost see my belongings with expiration dates on them. “This item is great for this period of time in my life, but I don’t need to keep it forever.” So, yes I enjoy receiving new things. And I’m always appreciative of anyone taking the time to think of me & give me something they believe I would love. It really is the thought that counts. And if you are in need of a minimalist friendly gift guide, click here.

2. We Only Paint Our Walls White

Sometimes we choose a nice muted grey, ok? But no, there is not an aesthetic rule book that states all minimalists need neutral or white walls in their homes. Although, I do love the Scandinavian style on Pinterest, we own a light blue chair in our living room, we have an array of bright photos & artwork on our walls, & we even have shelves filled with random decor. We do what we want.

3. We Only Live In Small Spaces

A mansion? Why would a minimalist want to live in there? They don’t need all that space. They have no stuff. A lot of people assume minimalists live in one bedroom apartments or tiny homes their entire life. And although I don’t see the need at the moment, it doesn’t mean I’m not manifesting a five bedroom home with 10 acres of land & a built in pool. Maybe I would simply leave most of the rooms empty anyway. More space equals more surface area of dance parties, kids biking through the kitchen or even doing yoga in the middle of a room. The possibilities are endless let me tell you.

4. Minimalists Are Rich

People love to assume those who live a minimalist lifestyle are well off & highly privileged. They can easily get rid of their belongings because there is never a fear of needing it in the future or not having the money to replace. Personally, I think anyone can practice this lifestyle because it’s the concept of being intentional & learning what truly is important in life which to me are experiences & relationships. Your socioeconomic status should never really be a factor. For me, whether I was doing financially well or not, I’d still live in the mindset of less is more.

5. We are Sustainability Kings & Queens

As a minimalist, I still shop cheap at times, I buy fast fashion & I’m not the most environmentally conscious person. I’m doing my best to switch over & learn better alternatives. But it has been a journey. As much as I would love to shop more sustainably, prices can be rather expensive. I’m not at a place where I want to own $200 t-shirts. I don’t think I ever will. To think all people who follow these habits are 100% environmentally conscious is unfair.

6. We Aren’t Fashionable

I would say I have leaned towards a more simple & classic style when it comes to my wardrobe. But it doesn’t mean I can’t spice up an outfit & feel fashionable at times. I still keep up with trends & rock other shades besides neutrals. I’ve just learned the clothing that is the most bang for my buck which are basics & timeless pieces. I tend to downsize my closet seasonally & if you are looking to declutter your own clothing, click here & here. You can have a set number of items & still find numerous ways to pair them together. You just have to get creative.

7. We’d Rather Be Off the Grid

As much as I feel like social media is a waste of time & negative to our wellbeing, I refuse to go completely off the grid & not be online at all. With blogging, having a social media presence is necessary as I discussed here. But to be more intentional as a blogger, you can always downsize your digital footprint & online presence. For tips & tricks on decluttering your digital space, click here. I think we can still be apart of this tech savvy world by limiting who we follow & what we let our minds absorb. It’s all about balance.

8. We are Closet Hoarders

I always think of Monica Gellar when her friends found her secret junk closet. A clean freak having such a secret? Ha! In a lot of ways, the reason I adopted the less is more mentality was because I was an organized hoarder in a sense. I couldn’t stay organized to save my life & would throw all the junk in drawers. It was hidden to the untrained eye, but once a closet door was opened or a drawer was showing, you could see the chaos. So, in a sense this misconception could be true to some. I think sometimes you need to think extremely to get a hold of bad habits. But to this day, I have a few drawers that are filled with god knows what. I’m guilty.

9. We Can’t Date / Be Married To Non-Minimalists

There’s no minimalist dating app to my knowledge, but to be honest I wouldn’t want to date / be married to one either. I like that my fiance is different from me in this way. There’s a lot of give & take & I’ve learned to let some of the little things go. Like whether our house has a lot of decorations or not or whether his side of the closet is more full than mine. I do encourage him to declutter a few things once in a while but I don’t sweat the small stuff.

10. We Are Miserable Souls & Are Actually Very Unhappy

I can’t speak for all minimalists, but I am definitely happier with this mindset. I feel less stressed & anxious with less junk around & I’ve learned to appreciate things in my life I looked past. I focus on my relationships & am choosy of the ones I give energy to. I seek adventure & experiences more often than a new designer bag. I feel more at peace even through life’s most trying situations. My life is in no means perfect, but leading a more simple one, I flow easier in my routines & remember to show appreciation & gratitude. There is no longer this feeling of needing or wanting the next best thing. I just focus one at a time.

I hope you enjoyed this list of assumptions & misconceptions the minimalist community tends to have lately. I’d love to hear anymore misconceptions you may have & discuss it in the comments. Let me know if you’d like a part 2 of this topic in the future. There are so many other misconceptions to discuss.


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You Seriously Want My Advice?

Here I am doing a post I thought I’d never do. But in all seriousness, I still feel like a beginner in the blogging world, so when people ask me for MY advice on blogging, I was extremely confused. When I look to advice I read posts from Olivia Blake or Pooja. I feel like I don’t deserve to make a post like this. You asked for it though & I’m here to serve. So here’s some advice from a beginner blogger.

If you are new to my page, Hi! Welcome to Mind.Beauty.Simplicity where we talk about all things minimalism, saving that coin & learning to live with less. I also dabble in other lifestyle topics such as makeup, fashion, home decor & apparently self help & advice. Hope you enjoy my perspective on things.

The reason I call myself a beginner blogger is because I’ve only been in the game since the end of July. Granted I’ve had the idea in my head for years (but that’s another story). But in this short amount of time, I’ve definitely learned a lot so far. So I want to make this post a discussion. Comment your blogging stories & your advice & let’s support our fellow bloggers. Let’s get started.

Find Your Niche

What is it you want to write about & share with other people? What are YOU interested in? Figure out your initial direction of your blog. You can always tweak it & try other avenues later. But determining what you want to write about will help lead you to the audience you want & fuel your passion even more. And when you are figuring out the topics you want to cover, always listen to yourself & not what others think you should do. It’s your blog anyway. You are the writer, editor & business person to this platform so what you say goes.

Brand Yourself

Now, I’m no marketing guru. But I do know one thing. Whether it’s creating a unique name for your blog, making thumbnails for your posts or logos for your social media platforms, you MUST design it in a way that fits your personality & what you want to portray on your site. This allows people to spot you out of the crowd of other blogs & place an aesthetic to a face & name.

Take Advice With a Grain of Salt

I’m not talking about constructive criticism. This type of advice is helpful. I’m talking about when people give you topic suggestions or directions that are different from your purpose. Never feel obligated to write about a topic you were requested. If it doesn’t interest you, you shouldn’t waste your precious time writing it. It’s so easy to get in the habits of pleasing your entire audience. And you never will. So write what you want to write about & the loyal audience will keep coming back.

Gain Traffic Through Multiple Platforms

I started off merely focusing on WordPress & other pages. After about a month, I realized I needed to expand to other social media if I wanted to reach a bigger audience. So, I joined Instagram, Twitter & Pinterest to share my writing. My main focus is Instagram though as I love adding visual effects to my blog posts. Pinterest is something I am still figuring out. And Twitter is so useful as you can tweet numerous times a day with hashtags such as #writerslift & #selfpromo(day of the week).

Network With Other Bloggers & Brands

Blogging is a two way street. If you want other people to read your stuff, you should really return the favor. Supporting other bloggers & engaging in genuine conversation is the reason I have the following I do. You want to have a circle of bloggers who have your back, can give you advice & cheer you on. And you should do the same for them. I love shouting out different bloggers & showing my support. This shouldn’t be a competition.

Don’t Spam Comment

In the beginning of my blogging journey, I was guilty of this. I thought the only way to get people to read my page was to link my posts on numerous comments. It wasn’t until I read some blogging advice posts when I got really embarrassed & realized what I was doing was annoying. Now, I don’t see harm in linking your information in comments if you do it in the right way. If you genuinely read someone’s post & comment something nice & relevant, you can easily end your comment with your links. But never force people to click your links. That won’t really work for the long haul.

Guest Post & Collaborate

I did this early in the game & it honestly really helped me become one with this community quickly. I think it’s a great way to support multiple writers & expand your audience. Choose people with the same interests / niche as you as well. This will help you build solid networking relationships.

Be Authentic

Never try to be like anyone else. There’s a difference between inspiration & completely copying someone. I think the reason I am successful (& I say that loosely because defining success is arbitrary) is for my authenticity & realness. Your audience follows for your writing & stays if they feel connected to the writer behind the blog.

Don’t Worry About Follower Count

These milestones are accomplishments for sure & setting goals are important. But never base your talent & self worth on number of followers. It can be easy to get down on yourself about this, but I’ve learned if you stay true to yourself, the following will come. You just can’t let it rule your life.

Be Consistent

I don’t care if it’s once a week, once a month or once every hour (ok…maybe not the last one) but having a schedule to my blogs has created structure for myself. I personally post MWF but at any point I need to cutback, I will. It all depends on my stress levels & my other obligations. When you have a schedule, your audience will learn when to look forward to your posts. I hate when I read a blog post & they haven’t written anything new for 6 months. It’s like, “hellooo I love your work, I need more from you!”

Have Fun With It

The sole reason I created this blog was for my own entertainment. Everything else is just bonus. I needed a creative outlet for myself & love writing THAT much. And for those who don’t think blogging is a job…BOY ARE YOU WRONG. There is so much work that goes into a single post. It’s the aftermath of posting that really is the kicker. SEO [ search engine optimization ], I still don’t understand you! But never get yourself so stressed out over the blogging world. Keep working hard, be creative & be patient.

I hope what I shared here was helpful to you. In the comments, share your blogging story & a few tips you’d like to share.


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