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31 Blog Post Ideas For Blogtober

Hi everyone! Blogtober is a few months away & I decided I’m going to participate this year. I’ve already been typing away & brainstorming content & it is definitely a lot of work! Coming up with topics takes a lot of brain power. Since other bloggers may be wanting to challenge themselves to this month long, 31 post extravaganza, I am going to be nice & share a few blog post topics you can choose from. After all, this isn’t a competition & simply a fun way to celebrate the fall / spooky season. So, here are 31 Blogtober Blog Post Ideas to help you spark some spooky inspiration…

1. Share Local Folklores, Haunted Locations & Stories

2. Blogging Routine & Set Up

3. Fall Makeup Favorites

4. Fall Look Books / OOTD

5. The Blogtober Tag

6. Favorite Halloween Movies / TV Shows

7. Favorite Fall Memories

8. A Personal Ghost Experience

9. Fall Clean With Me / Declutter

10. Monthly Favorites

11. Blogging Advice / Things You’ve Learned

12. Personal Stories

13. Fall Music Playlist

14. Work Out Routine

15. Why you love / hate Halloween

16. Fall Self Care Routine

17. Favorite Video Games To Play

18. A Blogtober Recap

19. Share a Fall Themed Experience / Travel Destination

20. Why You Started Blogging

21. How To Decorate For a Halloween Party

22. Monthly Goals

23. Share a childhood memory

24. Write a fictional scary story

25. Fall Date Night Ideas

26. React To Reddit Creepy Pasta

27. Life Update: Fall Weekend Plans w/ photos

28. Fall Clothing Hauls

29. How To Be Minimalistic During Halloween

30. Decorate Your Home For Halloween

31. Sustainable Alternatives For Halloween

I hope this gives you some inspiration for your Blogtober planning. Let me know, are you participating in Blogtober this year?



Guest Post: How To Blog When You Have No Ideas

Lack of Inspiration can hit at any time in your blogging life. You’re probably recalling a time right now where writers block got in the way of you being able to come up with new ideas and put pen to paper. Or perhaps you’re going this exact thing right now. Well, fellow blogger it happens to the best of us and it’s okay and very normal if it does. Thinking of new ideas and churning out new content can be really tough, especially when other factors affect your writing abilities.

In todays post I want to share some of the things I do when inspiration is lacking. And I really wanted to show you that its okay if you don’t have inspiration right now. There are so many other things you can be doing to advance your blog than worrying about getting posts published or scheduled.


Friend, there are so many useful sites out there just waiting to help you get your creative juices flowing again. When I get really stuck thinking of new content I tend to look at pictures on stock image sites or on google. I am very much a visual person so whenever I see images they often spark inspiration. 

One of the best tips I ever received from a blogging friend was this magical website called Answer The Public. It’s such a handy tool to use when needing to find inspiration for posts. Its a google search insight tool, which allows you to type in key words and see what the public have been searching on that topic. So for example, you could write in there ‘Blogging’ and it will break down the who, what, why, which, can, are etc etc. I have used this tool so many times when trying to find ideas, its helped alot! So I hope it helps you too.


There is nothing wrong with getting some blog admin completed instead of writing. There is nothing worse than writing when you don’t feel like it. And honestly, you won’t produce your best work if your mindset isn’t in the right place. Theres so many other fun things you can be doing with your blog such as checking comments, replying to emails and updating your site.

At least once a month or so I look over my site and make changes here and there. Getting creative is a passion of mine so doing this never feels like a chore. The downtime from writing will do your brain some good too. Maybe even get outside if you can and let the fresh air wash away those uninspired thoughts!


If you’re feeling uninspired sometimes all you need is a solid plan to get back on track. A schedule is something I always tell my readers to create right at the beginning of creating their blogs. Being consistent in posting and writing is really important if you want to grow your blog. Its also really important if you want to get your inspiration back too. Knowing there’s a plan in place puts some responsibility on your shoulders and can be just the boost you need. I don’t know about you but feeling like I have my life organised makes me feel so much better. 

Recently over on my blog I released a 30 day blogging strategy plan that I created with a fellow blogger. It’s a great resource to use to help increase your knowledge on blogging topics such as design, content creation and SEO. It also has a handy 30 day schedule in there too. All of the hard work has been done for you already! A whole 30 days of content days, social and admin days are all ready to go. I’m so happy that so many people have already been loving and using the plans for their blog. 

I wanted to share a special discount especially for Mind.Beauty.Simplicity readers! Use Code mbs10 for 10% off your purchase.

How do you find inspiration to write when you feel like you don’t have any?
Do you have any tips you can share with us?

Thanks so much Brittany for allowing me to write for your blog today! I hope these blogging tips are helpful to you and hope to see you over on my blog soon.

Olivia x
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Social Media Detoxes Are Good For The Soul

In the world of blogging, if you don’t market yourself properly, you won’t get the following you deserve. In my personal life, I let go of social media (minus Facebook) because the battle of comparison was way too much. Not only that, but my life didn’t feel like my own. Nothing was left to mystery but I also liked the attention. It was a vicious cycle & I wanted to be free of it.

Once I started blogging, I saw the benefits to having different platforms to share my work. All the advice articles to blogging say it’s the best way to increase traffic. But to what cost? I felt myself slipping into the habits of wanting to look perfect on Instagram & take the best photographs. Everyone else makes it look effortless. But I find it to be a waste of time. As a minimalist, I want to live in the moment more. Constantly browsing through social media sucks that time from you. So I had to reevaluate my purpose for these platforms & be my authentic self.

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Instead of feeling the need to post photos of my day, I want to solely stick to the blog posts I write & inspirational quotes. If that means I lose followers, it is what it is. I’d hope people would enjoy the authenticity and stay around. But my main goal is to share my writing. Twitter has been a good way to do that. It’s just my link & no other extra fluff to it.

Take a Step Back

When I deleted most of my personal social media in 2016, I felt free. It became annoying when I would go out, friends would Snapchat me without me knowing. I didn’t want that to be out there. I wanted to enjoy the night unplugged. The best parties & events are the ones where you take no photos. The times where you are so engaged in the moment, the thought of documenting doesn’t even cross your mind. I love to take photos. But I know I have a great life. I don’t need to prove it to anyone.

The Comparison Battle is Ruthless

It’s so easy to look at other people’s lives & highlight reels & think you aren’t enough. This is why stepping away from social media some is healthy. You can then connect with yourself better & know your true worth. It’s good to be different. I’ve seen this even in the blogging world. There’s so many blogs out there. Everyone is unique & I think the ones that are truly successful are the ones that stay true to themselves. It shouldn’t be about follower count. It should be fun & inspiring. Readers see though fake content. Eventually you have to be real. Might as well start that way.

I Gained A Happier Mindset

When you let go of technology you let go of the unnecessary distractions. Minimalism is much more than decluttering. It’s a mindset shift into living with intention & appreciating the people around you. Social media seems to keep you connected. But how many of those “friendships” are real? It’s superficial in the grand scheme of things. I promise you when you look up from your phone, you realize all the precious time you are wasting. So log off. You’ll be happier.