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5 Reasons Letting Go Is So Damn Difficult!

Wanting a more simple life starts with letting go of what no longer serves us. Easier said than done am I right? I feel like I say this, but always end up saving tons of questionable items. Why is it so hard to let go in the first place? I wish I could just turn my feelings off for one second.

Recently, I helped my husband downsize his childhood belongings from six large storage containers to only one. It was quite the project but one we both knew was something to tackle. It got me thinking about why we hold onto certain things & also why it can be so hard to finally let go. It’s almost like the longer you own something, you start to believe whatever that something is, must be special & worth holding onto. And we discovered even though he forgot most of what was in these containers, the memories started flooding back. And this is why sentimental item can be the MOST difficult to let go. But any type of belongings, if we place too much meaning on said item can become difficult to throw away. Here are 5 reasons why letting go can be so damn difficult.

You Are Still Living in the Past

Nostalgia can be a precious thing. Whether it’s a smell, an object or even a single thought , these things tie us to what we once were. We almost hold onto things for the sole purpose of trying to preserve our memories.

Especially with physical objects, we almost keep these things with the fear of forgetting. We must remember the most powerful aspect of our memories are ourselves. We must let go of said fear & trust we will remember things in our minds. Again, don’t let your objects hold so much credit. You are far more than what you own.

I don’t know if anyone else feels this way, but sentimental items are very difficult for me to declutter. I have been biting the bullet though & challenging myself to go through these items brutally. And through this process, I’ve learned a lot about myself & the things I hold near & dear to my heart. In my 5 Things To Keep In Mind When Decluttering Sentimental Items, I pinpointed key factors that helped me downsize my keepsakes in half!

I felt like I was holding onto too many past memories that ultimately made me feel stuck & less likely to move forward in my life. Although I still have plenty of sentimental items to look back on & cherish, I allowed myself to be rid of the pointless emotional baggage that was taking up space in my home. You need to remember life is constantly moving & you will have far more memories & keepsakes ahead. Make room for the future by narrowing down your past.

You Feel Guilty Giving It Up

Maybe you have a pit in your stomach for purchasing something so expensive you never use. Or perhaps you were gifted something & although the gesture is always sweet, you just don’t use it. These feelings of guilt should not become a burden to your mind.

If you feel guilty over whether you should get rid of something, you should always be rid of that item. That mental turmoil will only make matters worse. I always believe it is better to let go of something you don’t use so it can be treasured by someone else.

And if you are having difficulty letting go an item because it was either passed down to you by a family member or given to you as a gift, ideally the person shouldn’t be upset if you no longer want something. Either return it to the sender or give it to someone who would better appreciate it. Material items should rarely have such pressures of value. And if they do hold lots of value, finds ways to use it or display it. Otherwise, let it go.

Fear of Needing it in the Future

This concept reminds me of everyone buying tons of toilet paper in the beginning of the pandemic. Fear & consumerism when tied together, create chaos. You can’t go walking around with the mindset of the world is ending or “I’ll never be able to find this again.” That’s when hoarding develops. And we really don’t want that. In today’s world, it is rather easy to find certain items online. If at any point you are missing an item or need it again, you can always repurchase it later.

This is why when shopping I don’t purchase just incase items or bulk items. To me, it just seems like a waste of space, money & product. Save some for the rest of us please. I think a lot of people have this notion that if you hold onto something for those just in case moments, it saves them money in the long run. I have noticed this is a wrong way of thinking.

Rarely do I feel grateful for having kept certain things for those just in case items. For example, I’ve had this Christmas sweater I wore one time but have held onto it JUST IN CASE we have an ugly christmas sweater party to go to. The future is always questionable & who truly new we wouldn’t be having large get togethers with friends for a year. By the time we actually have a party, I’m going to want a brand new outfit!

What Will People Think?

Repeat after me, stop caring what people think of you! If a person truly cares if you get rid of something, maybe you should gift it to them. This is your life to live so if you feel overwhelmed by the clutter in your home, don’t waste anymore time.

I’ll be honest, I probably still own plenty of things other people told us we HAD to have when owning a home. But slowly I will even downsize these items because most MUST HAVE items are useless in my opinion. And if there comes a time we truly need something, we will buy it. Simple as that.

It Hints You Were Wrong

Whatever it may be, it’s ok to admit it wasn’t right & it’s healthy to finally let it go. Life is too short to be living with things & people that don’t serve you. And if anything else, these wrongdoings can be seen as lessons leading us to our correct path.

Admitting you were wrong about something can be a hard pill to swallow. But it’s also extremely human & liberating. Maybe you were wrong about a certain style of clothing working for you. Or in a more deep sense, maybe a certain person in your life is wrong for you. These mistakes & lessons are normal & a part of life.

I truly hope these tips help you have more clarity with the idea of having a clutter free life. Comment down below what holds you back from letting go.


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Guest Post: 5 Essential Oils to Use When Decluttering a Space

This post contains affiliate links at no extra cost to you.

Thank you, Simply Alex for guest posting on my blog today. I truly appreciate it as I am taking a hiatus from original content this month. I hope you all enjoy this post!

I love decluttering – I know that’s not likely what everyone thinks when they see the word decluttering. But honestly, I love it! Now my other half, he can’t stand to declutter and is the exact opposite of Marie Kondo as everything bring joys to him. The pandemic and lockdowns have really provided space and time to really dive deep into decluttering my space. Most recently I tackled decluttering my work from home office space. I want to keep this routine going now that things are starting to open back up!

If you’ve read any of my blog, you know I’m a huge essential oils fan. Essential oils really provide me much needed aromatherapy. Over the past year I’ve found a couple oils that really help with decluttering as they help provide motivation and cleansing vibes. With any essential oils I encourage you to do your research and to learn about how to safely use them before beginning. I spent quite a bit of time learning before I was able to use oils safely. So which oils would I recommend as you get ready for a day, weekend, or couple of days of decluttering! Read below for my thoughts. 

I use Revive Essential Oils for all my oils as I trust their brand and science behind their oils. If you’re interested in Revive essential oils, click here to get 10$!


I love lemons, the fruit and anything lemon scented! Lemon essential oils is one of the best oils for decluttering – in my opinion – as it has a clean scent. Smelling lemons just instantly makes me envision clean and tidy spaces and surfaces. It helps to improve your mood, evoke positive thoughts as well as promote a sense of clean. I would recommend when you’re getting ready to declutter a space, place your diffuser in the room and add 4 drops of lemon. Let it run for 5-10 minutes before you go it. Then once you enter, you’ll have that wonderful smell to help promote you cleaning the space!


Another favourite – I love the smell of peppermint and having this in my peppermint tea is one of my favourites! Peppermint helps wake up your mind, increase alternes and promote motivation! This oil is one of my get stuff done oils that I diffuse when I need that motivational push! Peppermint is also very stimulating which helps keep you engaged in your activity, decluttering can take quite a bit of time, so this is a good oil for the long haul! Use a couple drops mixed with carrier oil to massage onto your chest to breathe in as you clean, using safe methods to topically apply the oil. You can also diffuse a couple drops as you declutter the space. This oil is great if you’re not in the decluttering mood but know you need to do it!


Rosemary is a lovely scent; I find it incredibly calming and grounding. Rosemary is good for helping promote cognitive alertness and increasing your memory. When you’re decluttering and reorganizing spaces it’s important to remember your new spaces for things. I like to use Rosemary when I’m decluttering emotional or sentimental things, rosemary helps me feel a sense of calm but also supports my emotional health. You can add a couple drops to a diffuser and even add some lemon to it as well if you like! 


Sandalwood is a very warm and woody smell with an earthy aroma to it. For me, I use sandalwood for emotional support when decluttering sentimental items. Sandalwood helps with calming anxious feelings and helps you by promoting mental focus. When going through memorabilia, gifts, or sentimental family items it can evoke a lot of strong emotions when decluttering. Sandalwood helps with calming those feelings as you make decisions about items. For me I love to diffuse it with a bit or nutmeg or bergamot. Just add 3 drops of sandalwood, and 1-2 drops of nutmeg or bergamot to your diffuser as needed. 

Bergamot Mint

Bergamot Mint is such a purifying scent. It’s also a favourite of mine as I apply a couple drops to some cotton balls/pads and keep them in drawers and cupboards to help keep them fresh as I go through to declutter! Bergamot Mint is a scent that I find very relaxing and light, I enjoyed it when I’m cleaning and wanting something to help lift me up and get excited! You can diffuse bergamot mint with lavender or with sage – just add a couple drops of each to your diffuser as you like! 

There you have it 5 different scents that you can use when decluttering your next space! Best of luck with your decluttering.

Hello! I’m Alex from Simply Alex Jean, I’m a lifestyle blogger based out of Ontario Canada. Thanks to Brittany, Mind Beauty Simplicity for having me onto her blog to write a Guest Post! Simply Alex Jean Lifestyle blog focuses on Organization, Health & Wellness and Lifestyle, as well as has Pinterest Management Services available. Check Out my blog at

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Why Bloggers Need Their Own Work Space

I think a lot of us bloggers can relate to being nomads when it comes to our work space. I for one love going from my kitchen table to the living room couch to even the patio in my backyard. In a lot of ways the change of scenery sparks inspiration. Over the course of the year, my goal was to create a space of my own – a blogging office if you will. And like many home projects, it took a while to get to a place where I could even work in here. And honestly, it’s not quite finished. I still want to purchase a proper reading chair. But having a space where I can work & brainstorm in peace is a total game changer. I feel like all writers & bloggers deserve their own creative space to venture off to.

Let’s Take a Tour Of My Blogging Office…

I’m lucky enough to have the opportunity to claim this spare bedroom all to myself. When I moved in during quarantine, I took over the closet in this room to store my dresses & dress coats because the other closet I share with my fiance couldn’t hold all my belongings [ well, it could, but i liked the idea of having my own closet for my dresses like the movie, 27 Dresses]. I treated it as a dressing room in a sense & a place there I could go to watch television, do my makeup or read. But as I became more serious with blogging, I decided to make this space into my own personal office. My fiance made an office for himself in the basement & I felt I wanted to do the same upstairs. Plus, I have a lot of personal trinkets & things from my room at my parent’s house I wanted to display. Here are a few photos & an Instagram Reel of my blogging office:

Why Blogging Offices Are Worth It…

It’s Calming & Away From Distraction

I’ve never felt so productive when it comes to my writing. I didn’t realize how distracting doing work in the common areas of a home can be. Especially if other people are wandering the house & constantly wanting your attention, it’s hard to get anything done. Now, that I have my own proper space, if I need to I can close the door & type away.

You Need To Differentiate Work vs. Play

When you have a designated workspace instead of using a common area like a living room, it trains the brain to know when it’s time to work vs when it’s time to put the laptop away. I can’t tell you how many times I’d just continue to work on the blog or answer tweets way into the evening. When I have a designated work station, I know to leave those tasks in that specific area & give myself the deserving break I need.

You Can Show Off Your Personality

Having my own blogging office allowed me to showcase my “brand” or interests in a space. Since I live more minimal, I wanted my office to be simple & calm. I leave the center of the room open so it feels more inviting & I have space to walk around. I added wall shelves to add height as well as have a place to display my favorite possessions – like my F.R.I.E.N.D.S. dvd set. Especially when you live with someone else, you can’t always decorate the entire home to your liking but it’s nice to have one area I can do whatever I want.

It Sparks Inspiration

The worst feeling is being in a creative rut & suffering from writers block. I’ve found having my own place to write actually sparked inspiration. I can think more calmly & productively without distraction. I swear the ideas keep flowing now that I can work in peace. It isn’t to say changing scenery doesn’t do the trick too, but I’ve found I benefit more from quiet spaces.

It Keeps You Productive

In other parts of my home, I was too distracted to write or get anything done. Some weeks I wouldn’t write at all – which is ok some, but I was slowly getting in this rut. Now that I have a proper place to work, my to-do list gets complete & I’ve been writing more than ever.

Overall I find having a blogging office to be extremely beneficial. Having your own sanctuary creates a sense of peace & productivity. I think all content creators should consider creating their own offices whether you are a full time blogger or do this as a side hustle. I feel more official now that I made this change.

Do you have a blogging office? Where do you go to write?