10 Simple Ways To Show Love on Valentines Day

Today, I’m excited to have Sejal of The Lazy Gal Blog for guest posting on Mind Beauty Simplicity. I hope you all enjoy her suggest simple ways to showcase love to the ones in your life this Valentines Day. If you enjoy this post, please be sure to check out her blog & follow her on social media. All of her links will be down below at the end of the post.

Valentine’s Day is a day for showing someone you cherish and appreciate them. Some people love going all out, and others like being more mellow. This post is for the latter. I know people who don’t like big commotion and being in front of others. Maybe because of social anxiety or other reasons. Here are some simple ways to show your special person why they’re special to you. Not only for Valentine’s day but every day

Cook for them Or Order their Favorite Food

A surprise breakfast(in bed), or just a meal that you know they love. Even a dessert they love, or a cultural dish. If you’re scared about something exploding, you can always order their favorite dish from their favorite restaurant. Or from a place where both of you have good memories.

Make them Something

No one said you have to splurge on a gift. Painting something, taking ceramics classes to make something, making paper roses, etc. A collage of memories, or something else handmade. Putting effort into something like this is appreciated. Especially if you make it of something they like. If they love roses or tulips, you can make a painting for that or make paper versions. There are so many ideas on Youtube, Instagram, Tiktok, and Pinterest!

Buy them something special

If you saw them look at something they wanted but didn’t get, or something that’s been on their wishlist. You can think about getting that. This shows that you really care, and would be a cute surprise If you know they’re a reader, then this post is perfect for you! If you know they love music you can get them merch, concert tickets, records, and favorite singer/band-themed items. Get your partner something that truly shows you know their interests and what they want.

Get something matching for both of you

Matching necklaces, rings, bracelets, etc are all simple cute ways to show your partner you cherish them. I’m not talking about super expensive diamond jewelry, I mean handmaid items. Or matching crystals, designs, and colors. This way you can always have a cute reminder of them, and vice versa. You can also get matching hats or clothes. Whatever you think is best for you and your partner!

Book a hair, spa, or nail appointment

Some caution, if you know your partner wouldn’t like you booking appointments like this, please don’t do it. However, if you know they’ll love a little spa or self-care day, this is perfect! Check-in with their usual salon or nail area, and see what’s available. Both of you guys can even go! Everyone needs a little break, and this would be a sweet surprise.

Write them a love letter

Get them their favorite flowers, and write a handwritten letter for them. It’s such a simple way to express your adoration and love for someone. They can always reread this letter, when they have a bad day or just because. 

Love Jar

A love jar is just a little jar with sheets of paper. Now for a love jar, you can make sheets of compliments, inside jokes, memories of a good day, songs, movie or book recommendations, etc. This is such a simple and constant reminder of your love. Grab a paper after a tough day, or when you miss them, and you suddenly feel so much better. 

Romantic Picnic

If you want to take the food idea to the next level, then have a picnic! If your partner doesn’t like sitting on the grass, etc, you can always have it on the table at a park. You can go for a romantic walk after, and get coffee, etc. You can buy tea sandwiches and fancy little pastries. Have fun with it, it’s your day too!

write little love notes around the house

This is an expansive version of the love jar. It would be a cute surprise if you hid it around the apartment or house. Maybe even a scavenger hunt for a bigger gift, either way, it’s very simple and adorable. Just paper, pen/pencil, and that’s it!

send them a flower/chocolate delivery

I don’t know about you, but I would love it if someone surprised me with flower/chocolate deliveries. Maybe at work or when they go home, etc. This might be a bit pricey, but if you know your partner is a big romantic, this would be a nice and simple way. Especially if you both are busy, you can show you didn’t forget about Valentine’s day and them!


These are 10 simple ways to show your loved ones, that you love them on Valentine’s Day. Most of these are accessible and affordable to make, which makes great memories. Something heartfelt and really thoughtful is bound to make a great memory for Valentine’s day. I wish you all the best for Valentine’s day, and if you have a valentine or not, I hope you have a great time!

Hey, I’m Sejal! I help people on their journey to become the best versions of themselves. My blog the lazy gal is about self-improvement and has guides, tips, and much more. Follow me on Twitter and Instagram, and don’t hesitate to say hi! Read my newest post and all my other links here!

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5 Intentional Gifts To Give Your Valentine

Oh Valentines Day- the holiday of love! Whether you have that special someone or you simply want to show your love to family & friends, I feel like we all tend to focus on the love language of gift giving this season. And although I find gifts to be one way to show love & appreciation, I also know there are more intentional ways to go about it. You don’t need to be spending tons of money trying to impress that special person in your life. And I think it’s important to not let consumerism dictate any holiday. Today, I wanted to share five intentional & more practical ways to shower that special someone with love.

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The Gift of Time

One of the most underrated ways to show appreciation is the gift of time. We tend to forget how fast time flies & how priceless time can be. This time of year especially, place effort in making that phone call to a friend or family member. Plan a fun activity to do with someone you really care about. And prioritize your energy on the right ones too. Really ask yourself who truly adds brightness to your life & showcase that by carving out time for them. When you weed out the ones who don’t deserve it, you realize how much time you really have to give to those who do.

DIY Greeting Cards

The greeting card industry is a hot commodity. I swear there’s a card for pretty much any occasion. And I personally think cards are a great way to show someone you care or are thinking of them. What makes a card even better though, is putting little extra love & effort by letting those creative juices flow. Collect some construction paper, scissors, markers or even print out images or prints to really personalize it. I think when we make a card more personal, it holds a lot more meaning. Don’t forget to add a heartfelt message as well.

A Photo Jar or Album

I love reminiscing on specific memories or moments & photos are a great way to capture them. One of my favorite gifts my husband gave me when we were dating was a photo jar filled with rolled up prints. To this day, I love looking through them & thinking back on a few of our most memorable times. Scrapbooks or photo books are easy ways to showcase times that you enjoyed with a specific person & it lets that person know it meant something to you. Not only this, but it’s a great way to look back fondly on experiences that allows you to want to make more in the future.

Give The Gift of Adventure

Experiences are my favorite types of gifts because they are clutter free & allow a person to make new memories. You can either plan a day of activities to do together or you can surprise them with an event or activity for a future date. Some of my favorite experience gifts include hiking trips, movie dates, bookstore trips, weekend getaways, Topgolf or mani/pedis.

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Help Them Out With Something

Is there something they’ve needed help with? Or is there something that could make their life easier? In some instances, it could simply be accompanying them while they run errands or help them with a project. The love language of acts of service, when done right & with good intentions can be very meaningful to a person.

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Regardless if Valentines is coming up or not – I believe thinking more intentionally with gift giving is a better mindset to practice. I also believe these acts of appreciation can be done any day of the year. It’s always nice to show someone you love & care about them. I hope this list of intentional gifts sparks inspiration for you. let me know some ways you are celebrating love this month / self care

sending so much love & appreciation to all my readers. you brighten my day with all your comments & am so grateful for all of you.


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How To Remain Intentional As A Bride

I’m so excited to be finally sharing the first installment to the wedding series on Mind Beauty Simplicity. It took some time to determine how I wanted to execute the information & stay on brand without giving too much detail about my own big day. Yes – I am a 2022 bride getting married in May in a pandemic era. So, I definitely have a lot to talk about. I wanted to start this series by providing an intentional living guide to all brides ( & grooms) who are in the middle of wedding planning. The entire process can feel stressful at times and we must center ourself & remind ourselves what truly matters and that’s marrying the love of your life.

Know Your Why

What’s the reason for this important day? Most would probably say, marrying the love of your life. It seems pretty self explanatory doesn’t it? The reason I bring up the reminder of knowing your why is because the main purpose can become easily lost through the stress, obligations & little details of the event. Yes – the day is about celebrating two families coming together, but remind yourself it’s a marriage and not a party. The most important aspect is you as a couple & announcing your forever love.

The Day is About You As A Couple

You will receive comments & opinions from all parties throughout this process. You need to remind yourself who’s day it truly is & stick to your guns. What you enjoy & want may not be what your MIL would like or anyone else for that matter. That’s why weddings are so unique. It should represent you as a couple & what would make you all happy. Never feel like you have to do something just because it’s tradition or a family member says you should. Most traditions are pretty archaic anyway.

Be As Traditional or Non Traditional As You Want

I want to make an entire separate blog post talking about the traditions we are ditching & how we are making the big day our own. It’s important to remember you don’t have to do any traditions you don’t want to do. Even though it may feel like there are certain rules to adhere by, weddings can be as unique as you’d like them to be. And when you remove some concepts out of the mix, you’ll find the day to feel so much less stressful.

Keep A List Of Must Haves

Between you & your partner – & each family [ because sometimes we still have to compromise with parents too ], keep a list of things each person must have for the big day. For instance, your fiance may insist on having certain friends or family in the wedding party. Or they may really want to splurge on the photographer / videographer. Discuss these wants early on & know you may need to compromise a bit too.

Compromising Is Key

One of the biggest things I’ve learned through wedding planning is there will be a lot of compromising. Believe it or not, I have always been someone who leaned towards getting eloped or having a very intimate sized wedding. But my fiance has always wanted a bigger wedding & he believes his family would disown him if we didn’t. Ha! So, we compromised & am having our wedding at my family estate with over one hundred of our friends & family. There are so many other ways you may have to compromise as well like your guest list, what flavor cake you both want, what music you want played, the menu or the dress code. The list goes on & on.

Learn To Say No

Although there is a lot of compromise, there is also plenty of times to simply say no with no extra explanation either. For instance, I do not want a bridal shower. I will give my readers an explanation but it truly isn’t needed. Planning a wedding in grief & losing my dad is the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do. Literally, my dad passed away in September & through my shock, started planning this wedding. The least amount of events I have to sit through the better. As excited as I am for this next chapter, it has also been heart renching at times. We had an engagement party last summer & we are doing a no boxed gifts policy so it just seemed like a waste of time & energy. I’ll keep you posted on how that really goes though – ie the compromising point above.

Have Fun

At the end of the day, a person’s wedding day is a very very special milestone. And as much as people say how stressful wedding planning is, it’s only a small period of time in your life. Create a mindset as a couple to find ways to enjoy this process leading up to your wedding day. Prioritize date nights & spending quality time to enrich your relationship. Because at the end of the day, although the celebration is fun, the marriage & relationship you are building together means so much more.

I hope you enjoyed this introduction to my wedding series. I hope to post quite a few blog posts pertaining to this phase of my life even after our big day in May. Let me know topics you’d like me to cover like my wedding dress shopping experience story, our bachelor / bachelorette weekend & planning a wedding through grief & a pandemic to name a few suggestions.

– B