Overcoming “What If I Need This One Day” Type of Clutter

One of the biggest questions that runs through a lot of people’s minds during decluttering is, “what if I need this one day?” Even I’ve battled with such obstacles from time to time. Those “just in case items” seem necessary to hold onto because you think you are saving money. “What if I need this quesadilla maker on the off chance I want to make a quesadilla?” “What if we go to Paris in the near future – this beret [ i’ve never worn before] may come in handy at that moment!” What if the person who gifted me that item [ I never use] questions where it is when they visit?” The scenarios could go on & on. And if you let this category of item get to you, you’ll find yourself in the midst of becoming hoarders.

The Scarcity Mindset

Sometimes the reason we develop clutter is through fear. We are afraid we won’t be able to attain said item again in the future. Many times this correlates with socioeconomic status & the growth from lower to higher income. It’s a subconscious fear you won’t be this well off forever. So, you decide to hold onto things with the notion you won’t be able to attain it later. But regardless of your socioeconomic status, everyone should follow the 20×20 rule instead.

What is the 20×20 Rule?

If you can replace the item in 20 minutes with $20 or less, you should probably donate or sell said item. From my experience, anytime I finally get rid of something, I rarely regret or need a replacement in the future. For instance, over last summer we hosted an engagement party at our home. We purchased a bunch of paper plates, foil pans to hold the food selection & plastic cups & utensils. We ended up only using not even half of the supplies, so I stored it in a cabinet for a while. This May will be a year since we hosted said party & we haven’t used the items since. The paper plates have begun to yellow & quite honestly in our town home, we don’t have the best storage space. So, although I thought, “we could use this for our next get together or party.” I ended up donating what was still useable to a local donation centers. I’d much rather let those items go now & repurchase supplies when we do decide to host another party. Now, we have plenty of space for other necessities in this cabinet.

Doesn’t That Waste Money?

A lot of the reason for hoarding is due to the thought of “saving money.” If you hold on to xyz now, you don’t have to spend money later. But what I found with the kept party supplies was, they became unusable over time. Nobody wants to use paper plates that are discolored or broken plastic utensils. Who’s to say, when a get together did arise, I wouldn’t have purchased new supplies anyway? I find, when we fill our home with clutter – we aren’t truly saving money. We are losing time & energy, we are purchasing storage bins to keep the clutter contained. We are purchasing more cleaning supplies to keep the chaos of our homes at bay. I’d much rather let go of the unused items & spend a little cash in the future than fill my home with unnecessary things.


Even though you may think you need to hold onto every little thing you decide to purchase. In reality – there is a slim chance you’ll ever use that just in case item anyway. Save your home from the clutter & finally let those items go. Do you still own any items that make you say, “will I need this one day?”


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10 Things You Can Declutter In 2022

The new year is always a favorite time – with the glitz & glam & thoughts of fresh starts. I’m not one to make large resolutions, but I do like to reflect on my past year & gain perspectives that will entice growth. Most importantly, I love going through my physical baggage of the past year & cleanse my space with a proper declutter. Here are 10 things you can declutter in 2022.

1. Clothing That No Longer Defines The New You

I plan to go into more detail on decluttering your closet in the next few months, but one of my favorite spaces to downsize is my wardrobe. I’m going into the new year wanting to experiment with fashion & be rid of any items that no longer make me feel like the new me.

2. Holiday Decor You Won’t Use Next Season

As you pack holiday decor away, instead of buying more storage boxes – go through each piece & ask yourself if you’ll want to use it next holiday season. I know I’ve personally accumulated quite a few Christmas decorations in the course of the pandemic era. I wanted to make my feel extra cheering. But as I put things away, I’ve discovered the lack of space we have to store such items. It’s time to downsize for sure.

3. Who You Follow

Go through all social media platforms & clean house. Let go of any accounts that no longer inspire or make you happy. I no longer keep the mindset of follows for follows. It feels less genuine & I’d rather be authentic going into the new year.

4. Digital Files & Emails

Although these items can be discreetly stored on tablets with very little visual clutter, it’s important to go through these forms of technology & clean out your digital storage.

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5. Books You’ve Already Read in 2021

Unless you love having shelves filled with books, it may be keen to declutter a few you’ve read in the past year. Make room for new ones & allow others to read ones you’ve loved. You can donate them to local libraries.

6. Purge Your Pantry or Fridge

Let go of any expired goods or foods you won’t eat in the new year. Perhaps you are trying to establish a healthier lifestyle. Get rid of any snacks or junk foods that would prevent this new habit. Start fresh with fresh groceries.

7. Expired Beauty Products

Did you know your makeup products have an expiration date? In the new year, I like to refresh my collection with a new foundation or other products. I will get rid of any products that are quite old or ones I know I will no longer use. It’s better for your skin.

8. Gifts You Won’t Use

During the holidays, we tend to bring in a lot of new items. Some of which aren’t suited for our lifestyles. Be honest with yourself & get rid of anything you don’t want. There is no need to have guilt. You can even regift certain items – just be sure it’s not in the same circle of people who gifted you first.

9. Masks

Don’t get rid of every single one quite yet. But I’m sure you’ve accumulated a collection by now. Let go of any masks that don’t fit properly or you don’t like. Clean them & donate them to shelters.

10. Sentimental Items

Sometimes, to move forward – we need to let go of the past. I have a feeling most of us hold onto physical items that represent such memories. Whether it’s greeting cards, letters, trinkets or event tickets – it is important to go through these items carefully & be sure we aren’t holding onto anything they will keep us stuck.


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Guest Post: 5 Essential Oils to Use When Decluttering a Space

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Thank you, Simply Alex for guest posting on my blog today. I truly appreciate it as I am taking a hiatus from original content this month. I hope you all enjoy this post!

I love decluttering – I know that’s not likely what everyone thinks when they see the word decluttering. But honestly, I love it! Now my other half, he can’t stand to declutter and is the exact opposite of Marie Kondo as everything bring joys to him. The pandemic and lockdowns have really provided space and time to really dive deep into decluttering my space. Most recently I tackled decluttering my work from home office space. I want to keep this routine going now that things are starting to open back up!

If you’ve read any of my blog, you know I’m a huge essential oils fan. Essential oils really provide me much needed aromatherapy. Over the past year I’ve found a couple oils that really help with decluttering as they help provide motivation and cleansing vibes. With any essential oils I encourage you to do your research and to learn about how to safely use them before beginning. I spent quite a bit of time learning before I was able to use oils safely. So which oils would I recommend as you get ready for a day, weekend, or couple of days of decluttering! Read below for my thoughts. 

I use Revive Essential Oils for all my oils as I trust their brand and science behind their oils. If you’re interested in Revive essential oils, click here to get 10$!


I love lemons, the fruit and anything lemon scented! Lemon essential oils is one of the best oils for decluttering – in my opinion – as it has a clean scent. Smelling lemons just instantly makes me envision clean and tidy spaces and surfaces. It helps to improve your mood, evoke positive thoughts as well as promote a sense of clean. I would recommend when you’re getting ready to declutter a space, place your diffuser in the room and add 4 drops of lemon. Let it run for 5-10 minutes before you go it. Then once you enter, you’ll have that wonderful smell to help promote you cleaning the space!


Another favourite – I love the smell of peppermint and having this in my peppermint tea is one of my favourites! Peppermint helps wake up your mind, increase alternes and promote motivation! This oil is one of my get stuff done oils that I diffuse when I need that motivational push! Peppermint is also very stimulating which helps keep you engaged in your activity, decluttering can take quite a bit of time, so this is a good oil for the long haul! Use a couple drops mixed with carrier oil to massage onto your chest to breathe in as you clean, using safe methods to topically apply the oil. You can also diffuse a couple drops as you declutter the space. This oil is great if you’re not in the decluttering mood but know you need to do it!


Rosemary is a lovely scent; I find it incredibly calming and grounding. Rosemary is good for helping promote cognitive alertness and increasing your memory. When you’re decluttering and reorganizing spaces it’s important to remember your new spaces for things. I like to use Rosemary when I’m decluttering emotional or sentimental things, rosemary helps me feel a sense of calm but also supports my emotional health. You can add a couple drops to a diffuser and even add some lemon to it as well if you like! 


Sandalwood is a very warm and woody smell with an earthy aroma to it. For me, I use sandalwood for emotional support when decluttering sentimental items. Sandalwood helps with calming anxious feelings and helps you by promoting mental focus. When going through memorabilia, gifts, or sentimental family items it can evoke a lot of strong emotions when decluttering. Sandalwood helps with calming those feelings as you make decisions about items. For me I love to diffuse it with a bit or nutmeg or bergamot. Just add 3 drops of sandalwood, and 1-2 drops of nutmeg or bergamot to your diffuser as needed. 

Bergamot Mint

Bergamot Mint is such a purifying scent. It’s also a favourite of mine as I apply a couple drops to some cotton balls/pads and keep them in drawers and cupboards to help keep them fresh as I go through to declutter! Bergamot Mint is a scent that I find very relaxing and light, I enjoyed it when I’m cleaning and wanting something to help lift me up and get excited! You can diffuse bergamot mint with lavender or with sage – just add a couple drops of each to your diffuser as you like! 

There you have it 5 different scents that you can use when decluttering your next space! Best of luck with your decluttering.

Hello! I’m Alex from Simply Alex Jean, I’m a lifestyle blogger based out of Ontario Canada. Thanks to Brittany, Mind Beauty Simplicity for having me onto her blog to write a Guest Post! Simply Alex Jean Lifestyle blog focuses on Organization, Health & Wellness and Lifestyle, as well as has Pinterest Management Services available. Check Out my blog at