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My Fall Capsule Wardrobe

What is a capsule wardrobe exactly? Minimalists like to define it as a set number of clothing items to reduce the troubles of decision fatigue & allows us to understand the benefits behind owning less. Courtney Carver, the writer behind the book, Project 333 goes a step further & challenges those to have 33 items of clothing for 3 months. I attempted project 333 for myself during the pandemic & I did take note of the benefits. But overall, I don’t necessarily like to limit myself to a set number of clothing pieces. I simply ask myself how often I wear something? Does it fit the person I wish to be? And is it practical? Otherwise, I let it go. And over the course of the summer, I’ve downsized my wardrobe extremely to the point where 95% of my clothing is gone! As the new season approaches, I look forward to revamping my style & curating a capsule wardrobe that allows me to create classic outfits.

As I’ve decluttered over 10 bags of clothing in the past few months, I’ve also made a few replacements along the way. I’ve been in a style rut & wanted to enter my fall season with a bit more style. Summer tends to put myself in a style rut [ especially when it’s hot ] because all I wear are athletic shorts & basic tanks or tees. Fall fashion is elite. And I’m so excited to share the pieces I’ve bought & put together.

Denim Denim Denim

A classic pair of jeans is a staple in any wardrobe. As a millennial, I still find skinny jeans to be the most flattering at times, but I have been wanting to branch out to different styles. I purchased a pair of the viral 90’s straight leg relaxed fit jeans from Abrocrombie. And I totally understand the hype! I can’t wait to rock these with some sneakers & basic tees all fall season.

Business Beige

To jazz up your dressier occasions, why not swap or add a pair of beige slacks to your wardrobe along with the typical grey or black. I personally love incorporating lighter shades to my fall wardrobe to showcase a brighter look. No white after Labor Day, who? I also love adding knits to make your look a bit more casual.

Stick To The Basics

The majority of my closet is filled with basic tees & tanks. Lately – I’ve added a few fitted crop tops to my wardrobe. I love pairing tighter tops with baggier pants to create a bit of definition. I love layering these with flannels, cardigans or jackets to stay warm. I recommend you have a basic white, black & grey t-shirt & tank & then go from there. Stick to shades that are the most flattering to you. There’s no need to own the entire rainbow.


I’m trying to get away from just living in Uggs until March (although if you are from the East Coast, it’s pretty much inevitable). Last fall, I purchased this pair of Sam Edelman sneakers in this white & beige shade. I thought they would be a perfect minimalistic look to any pair of jeans or leggings.


It’s hilarious to me Birkenstock clogs are back in style. I wore these almost daily in high school. I haven’t yet purchased these, but am looking to add these to my capsule wardrobe soon to add variety to my shoe collection. I feel like they would be perfect paired with my A&F jeans.

Dainty Statement Jewelry

I strongly believe you can enhance an outfit by just adding a few statement jewelry pieces. I love pairing my rose gold B&T necklace with a crop top & jeans or adding a pair of gold hoops.

Oversized Sweaters & Cardigans

Of course, it’s not fall without that cozy sweater weather feeling. I love pairing them with black leggings, a warm beverage & a book in hand. They are like warm hugs! For the most part, I prefer neutral shades like beige, grey or black , but I also love wearing Halloween themed jumpers to be festive.

Water Proof Boots

On the east coast, I feel like it’s crucial to own boots that are weather resistant. Whether it’s walking through the pumpkin patch or the muddy Renaissance fair, I’m so glad to have boots that will be easy to clean. During the Nordstrom anniversary sale, I purchased a pair of black water proof ankle boots & I have a strong feeling I’ll be wearing these a lot this fall season!

Graphic Tees

During my recent declutter, I let go of a ton of old graphic t-shirts that were faded or had holds in them. I still believe we don’t need to own an entire drawer filled with graphic tees, but I do think it’s fun to own a few to make an outfit more unique. One of my favorites is my zodiac sign flower t-shirt.

Even More Inspiration

Pinterest is my favorite site for finding fashion inspiration. Here are a few photos that depict the style I’m going for lately…

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What clothing styles / pieces are you looking forward to wear this season?


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I Want to Declutter. But How Do I Start?

What I love about the start of a new season is beginning it with a clean slate. Decluttering has become a therapeutic practice for me. A weight is seriously lifted when I’m finished. But I get a lot of questions on how to even begin such a daunting task. So here are a few things to consider while decluttering.

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Remove Everything From The Space

That’s right. Whether you are decluttering your wardrobe or any other closet space, take everything out & place the items either on your bed or a floor space. This practice allows you to start the process with an open & clean space as well as notice the amount of items you had in that particular space. I know, from personal experience, when I would declutter my closet & leave the pieces hanging, I wouldn’t do a thorough job. I would quickly glance at the items & assume most clothing pieces worked for me.

Hold Each Item One At a Time

By removing & holding up each item, you are being more honest with yourself. Ask the question, “Do I truly use or wear this object enough to keep it”? [Marie Kondo also says to thank each item, but I find that a bit odd]. But there is a sense of appreciating your material items, especially when it’s time to let them go.

Split The Piles Into Categories

By organizing the piles into categories, the task seems less overwhelming & you can see how much of each type of clothing or item you have. This helps you pare down what you have a lot of & what you may be lacking.

Determine What To Keep, Donate or Trash

Once you have organized all your items, now comes the fun part. You have to figure out what you want to keep & what to let go. I like to consider a few things as I am making this decision:

By asking these questions, it really makes you think. I especially found pieces that no longer fit my age or never did. I had these shorts that were so unflattering & made me look like a 40 year old housewife. I also had too many graphic T-shirt’s & a bathing suit that made me look 12 years old.

The key is to keep what makes you feel the most confident. Everything else is negotiable & unneeded.

Also, when it comes to products, make sure to throw out your empties. I felt proud of all the bathroom products I used up & makeup I hit pan on so far. And when it comes to makeup consider these questions as you downsize:

Try Everything On

If you have the time, trying on everything really makes a huge difference in the number of items you end up keeping. I for one discovered so many that were too big on me or made me feel less confident. It’s so easy to assume something works for you & leave it sit or hang in your home. But there have been countless moments where I kept something for years, never touch it & realize it never fit me or was damaged in some way. You need to make space for fresh & uplifting things.

Put Back What You Love First

Now that you’ve paired down your items, it’s time to pair down even more. Start by only putting back your favorites & the things you use or wear the most. Whatever is left is still negotiable & maybe needs to be reevaluated. I realized this step helped me donate even more. My maybe pile always ends up being too much anyway.

Organize What You’ve Decided to Keep

Once you have everything you wish to hold on to, it’s time to organize it in a cohesive manner. If you haven’t checked out my post on capsule wardrobes, I recommend you do so. I discuss the benefits of having less clothing & having a certain number of items in that wardrobe.

Having less belongings & decluttering on a regular basis has helped me stay less overwhelmed. Cleaning takes less time & in some places, I’ve paired down enough where I no longer have to declutter. I hope these tips help you with your downsizing projects.