I Don’t Want to Be A Minimalist Anymore

This realization happened all because I broke my only pair of flip flops in the middle of a liquor store. I had to embarrassedly limp my way out the door & into the car while I waited for my fiance to bring out our fall ciders. That’s right – I’m sick of only owning oneContinue reading “I Don’t Want to Be A Minimalist Anymore”

Happy Halloween! A Blogtober Recap

Happy Halloween & final day of Blogtober! I can’t believe I actually managed to accomplish such a challenge. To be honest, I thought I had too much personal things going on that would cause me to call off the entire thing. But since I had it all written & scheduled, I pushed forward & successfullyContinue reading “Happy Halloween! A Blogtober Recap”

31 Posts in a Month?! Let’s Do This! Happy Blogtober…

Happy Blogtober everyone! I’m so glad to be back posting original content. I’d like to thank the few bloggers who sent in guest posts for the month of September. Be sure to check out those posts here & go follow those lovely bloggers! 7 Simple Living Habits To Live A More Meaningful Life – VoureenContinue reading “31 Posts in a Month?! Let’s Do This! Happy Blogtober…”