Holiday Decor You Need To Declutter Before You Start Decorating

Ever since I moved out & am now living in my own place, my husband & I have accumulated quite a bit of holiday decor. It’s funny because when we first talked about living together, he had told me the only decor we would have was a Christmas tree & nothing more. Ha! He thought! How did we go from that mindset to an entire storage area filled with bins of seasonal decor? Some of it had to do with the pandemic atmosphere & wanting our home to feel festive when we were stuck inside. But I think it’s time to go through & narrow down to our most favorite items.

Here are things you might want to consider decluttering before you put up your holiday decor:

Broken or Damaged Ornaments

As careful as we try to be, there always seems to be a few ornaments that need to be retired out. If you are looking at your collection & have more than what could fit on the tree, maybe you should even get rid of one’s you don’t want to use. Ones that are in good shape can be donated. I’m sure there are other people who would love your unwanted ornaments. But the ones that have broke or are damaged in anyway can be recycled I believe. Have a curated collection of ornaments you absolutely love.

Lights That Don’t Work

The most annoying thing ever is discovering your Christmas lights are completely burnt out. We’ve had to replace our outdoor lights a few times because of this. Be sure you aren’t holding onto these types of items. Before we even try to display them, we test them out before hand inside. If they don’t work, they are trash!

Sparse Wrapping Supplies

Rolls of wrapping paper that are down to the last pieces, bags with holes, ribbons & bows that are used up or damaged are just a few examples of supplies to possibly downsize. Looking through your collection of supplies can also help you take inventory of what you have so you don’t buy things you don’t need.

Decor You Just Won’t Use

Although I try to choose classic decorations that can be used for years to come – there are some instances where some items have hit their expiration date. Either it’s not fitting the aesthetic you are wishing to showcase no longer looking like it once did – it’s time to let go of these type of items. Donate them to someone else who may love it in their home.

Decor That Was Passed Down

Going along with decor that isn’t used, sometimes the decorations that are passed down to us from generations just don’t fit our style. Instead of just storing it in a bin for years, why not let go of that guilt & send it on it’s way to someone who will use it & love it? There is no sense to hold onto items [ even though they were a part of the family ] if you don’t have a purpose for it. For instance, when I moved out of my parent’s house, I was given a small container of family ornaments they were no longer using. Although lots of the ornaments brought back nostalgia, I only kept a select few. The rest were quickly donated. The ornaments I did keep nicely fit the aesthetic of our more newer ornaments & they bring a smile to my face when I see them hanging on our tree.

Items That Are Annoying to Store

Half the battle of holiday decor is storing the items properly after the season. Sometimes when Im decluttering, the deciding factor is whether I can store an item easily or not. I’ve let go of plenty of bulky decor pieces for this very reason. And now, I try not to purchase anything that would give me trouble later. This can include an excess amount of outdoor lights or those inflatables that are displayed in yards. I stick to a set number of lights, a wreath & our fake tree. Other items need to be able to be placed in storage bins & stacked accordingly.

What are some holiday decor you could let go of this year? I find, when you declutter as you decorate, you can easily create storage space for when January hits. And sometimes, when I look through the bins, it’s funny how you can completely forget what you own.



10 Post-Lockdown Items To Declutter Today

I’ve survived lockdown & still powering through what is left of this pandemic. But as a result, my home has become a dumping ground of miscellaneous assortments of “survival tactics” & activities that helped battle the boredom of stay at home orders & quarantines. Now, I am ready for a clean slate & ready to be rid of most reminders of this traumatic experience. Here are 10 Post-Lockdown Items To Declutter Today:

  1. Puzzles: These items became all the rage in the beginning of the pandemic. My bf & I rushed to Target to purchase an array of puzzles some being as large as 1,500 pieces. It’s funny what cabin fever will do to a person. But now, I am sick of puzzles & plan to not do anymore until I’m like 60.

2. Masks: *PSA – don’t get rid of all your masks just yet* I’m talking about ones with ugly patterns or ones that are damaged. I don’t know about you, but I have managed to create a collection of 30 different cloth masks all ranging from holiday themed, solid colors & even ones that match certain outfits. For one person, this is way too much. Clean them up & donate them. I personally have been loving the cloth ones by Kitsch. They are super comfortable, washable & come in such cute patterns as well.

3. Hobby Supplies: I’m sure a lot of us picked up a few new hobbies during quarantine whether it was painting, drawing, cross stitch or gardening. And some of you may keep it up but if you aren’t & over the phase, this is the time to donate those types of items. Don’t let your fantasy self get in the way of your future self.

4. Streaming Services: We watched a lot of tv during quarantine & with that caused us to purchase quite a few streaming services. This is a great time to decide if you really need all of them & if there are some you can let go of. I know I’m going to be spending more time outdoors this summer anyway.

5. Extra Cleaning Products / Hand Sanitizer: I think a lot of us bought cleaning supplies in bulk this past year. I love to keep my home clean, but I felt like I owned way too much. So, I decided to donate some of the extra supplies to shelters & the goodwill. You’ll feel good giving back to the community.

6. Books: I did a lot of reading during quarantine. More than I would usually do if I’m being completely honest. And I’m someone who hates to keep a book once I’ve read it. I’m not a re-reader. So, I collected a stack & sent them over to my local library & donated others. I’m actually thinking of getting a kindle since it would take up less space. Should I bite the bullet & buy one?

7. Joggers / Other Clothing: I went on an online shopping spree multiple of times during stay at home order. Specifically, I went after the Stars Above Joggers from Target. And can you believe I own like 10 pair now? That’s not very minimalistic of me, is it? This is a great time to go through your closet & donate any clothing you plan to never wear again. Make room for those cute outfits for when we can travel & have proper social gatherings instead.

8. Bulk Food Supplies: My grocery list became 10x larger during stay at home order. And with that, our pantry is still filled to the brim. Now, a lot of it we do plan to still eat but unfortunately some items went bad or just won’t be eaten in a reasonable time. To save space in your kitchen & to spread kindness, why not donate some supplies to homeless shelters or to friends & family. I think a lot of us can attest to over purchasing this past year. We were in survival mode though, so don’t get down on yourself. Just know it may be time to clean out those shelves & fridge.

9. Unrealistic Expectations: Not only should we declutter physical belongings, but also certain mindsets we had for ourselves. Don’t feel in a rush to get back to a more normal life. Yes, we are itching for that normalcy & to reach certain goals we had for ourselves before this all happened. But don’t get down on yourself if you just aren’t quite there yet. We’ve been through a lot. We’ve been in survival mode as I said. We need to be kind to ourselves more than ever.

10. Past Self: Along with shifting our mindsets, we also need to let go of the parts of ourselves from the pandemic that won’t serve us for this bright future. We are constantly changing & growing as individuals. There is no need to accept anything that you feel needs to be thrown to the curb. For instance, I want to leave behind the notion of always putting others before myself. This isn’t necessarily pandemic related, but I went through a lot of reflection during this time & I realized I can be a people pleaser. And there are some moments where I’ve needed to put my own self care above anything else. I want to go into the future with this new mantra.

What’s something you wish to declutter & change as you go into this post-lockdown era?