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Spring Clothing Essentials: My Spring Capsule Wardrobe 2022

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I’ve condensed my wardrobe quite a bit these last few months. As someone who tries to live a more simple & clutter free life, I felt like a closet declutter was well overdue. Check out my 30 Items You Don’t Need in Your Wardrobe to get some decluttering inspiration. If you are familiar with Courtney Carver’s book & minimalist challenge, Project 333 – she talks about having less clothing to choose from will allow you to let go of decision fatigue & realize you don’t need tons of items to feel like you have plenty to wear. Today, I wanted to inspire you & share with you my own capsule wardrobe & the spring clothing essentials I recommend. Over the years, I’ve learned it’s important to have a strong collection of basics as they are the bones to your outfits. From there, you can add a few unique pieces to express your own style / personality. Without further ado, here is my spring capsule wardrobe for 2022…

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A Crisp White T-shirt

In the spring, I always like to make sure I have one new white t-shirt. Most of the time, I get either one or two seasons out of a white t-shirt, & need to replace it after that. Currently, I have two styles of white t-shirts- one basic crew neck ribbed t-shirt from the A New Day brand at Target & a longer white t-shirt from The Loft that has shorter sleeves that are in between a t-shirt & tank. It’s important to pick styles that work for your body type.

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Other Neutral T-shirts to add variety…

I’m a huge fan of neutrals. Along with a crisp white t-shirt, I also have a black version of the A New Day brand, a grey t-shirt from J crew & a navy blue t-shirt from the Universal thread brand at Target. Most colored items are in a more muted / neutral color palette. Some other great options include – blush pink, olive green, beige, camel, or brown.

Variety of Styles & Textures

Within those tops, make sure you have a variety of styles & textures. As much as I love a basic t-shirt -I’ve learned having a few silk blouses, bodysuits & even light nits expand the verticality of an outfit. In the spring especially – the weather can be all of the place. So, some days, I’m still wearing sweaters or cardigans to keep warm. For example, in my specific capsule wardrobe, I have this mid length grey cardigan from The Loft that is light weight but can keep my shoulders & arms warm on those brisk days. I also LOVE having a white, black & grey bodysuit in my wardrobe because of the countless ways you can style these items. You can dress them up for a night out on the weekends & also pair it with a blazer for workdays. When I was decluttering my wardrobe, I noticed I want to add a few more button downs & flannels [ as I have none at the moment].

Pops of Florals

I recently added a floral long sleeve top from Loft to add a bit of spring vibes to my wardrobe. Although for the most part, I stick with neutrals & basics – I like having a few unique pieces here and there.

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A Good Fitting Pair of Jeans

My favorite brand of jeans are the Topshop Jamie jeans. I have them in dark wash, light wash & black. I personally have gotten away from white jeans [ but if you enjoy that look – it’s also a great shade for the spring time].

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Faux Leather

To add a bit of spice to your wardrobe, I recommend a pair of black faux leather pants or leggings. In my capsule wardrobe, I have a pair of black faux leather leggings from Abercrombie. They really turn a basic look more sexy & unique. I’ve worn them with heels & a silk blouse for date night & also with ankle boots & a sweater for a family dinner.

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Mules, Sandals & Sneakers

I’ve been wanting to build my shoe collection this year. I think there are a few spring staples that would create a multitude of outfits. My Sam Edelman white sneakers have been my favorite for every season.

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In the spring, they pair nicely with long maxi dresses, jeans & shorts. Some other great essentials are neutral mules & sandals. I have two pairs of Sam Edelman sandals in brown & black that I wear constantly in the spring time.

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Maxi or Midi Dresses

I typically save shorter sundresses for the summer but in the spring, I love wearing maxi dresses or mid length dresses – especially if they are floral in pattern. I’ve considered trying the trend of wearing nits on top of my dresses. In my capsule wardrobe, I have a few maxi dresses – one white with blue flowers [ very Santorini esque style ] & this lavender one with yellow flowers I want to wear on Easter. As a minimalist, I still love experimenting with colors & patterns. And the longer length of these dresses still keep me warm during those more chilly days.

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Bright Long Sleeves

Since spring can be a rather transitioning season with the weather. I love still wearing longer sleeved tops & knits in the spring. But to brighten up my look after a cold, long winter – I have added a pink sweater t-shirt from Zara & a coral sweater from the brand A New Day at Target. I also still love wearing my beige long sleeves that I wear in the fall in winter in the warmer months too.

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These are essential during the spring because they are great layer pieces on top of t-shirts & tanks – especially in the evenings as it get’s colder. You can dress them up or even wear them around the house along with lounge / athleisure wear.

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Why I Broke Up With My Fantasy Self

A little below 30 degrees, wind & snow hitting my bare face as I look down the snowy mountain. Gripping my poles, I give myself a push & glide down effortlessly from side to side. I can barely see what’s in front of me. A white dusting is all that is visible. I close my eyes to brace the cold. I open them & I’m sitting in my living room, watching tv? You see, in reality, I haven’t skied in 3 years. But my fantasy self thinks I’m a ski bunny who hits the slopes everyday. The dust accumulating on my gear in my parent’s basement closet says otherwise.


Fantasy Self: the way you envision yourself or rather how you wish others perceive you.

Lets say, you own all of these fancy cooking gadgets because you see yourself hosting tons of dinner parties & believe you will be the next Rachael Ray. In reality, the microwave is your best friend.

Or you own this beautiful library filled with books. You see yourself as this sophisticated individual who sits in a lounge chair, novel & coffee in hand, gazing out your picturesque scene of a window. But really, you haven’t read any of them & they are simply collecting dust.

For me, it was my ski gear. I learned to ski when I was 9 years old & we went to the mountains almost every weekend as a kid. I finally bought my own set of skis & accessories in 2010 & I thought I was the coolest person ever. But as I got older, I became tired of it. I remember riding the chair lift when it was 6 degrees windchill & I thought to myself, “how is this fun?” Not to mention, walking in ski boots is a bitch. But I liked telling people I ski. There was a sense of pride that came with it.

I think we tend to fear change. We hold onto our past so tightly because if we let it go, we lose a part of ourselves. Selling my skis was a big step for me. I had to remind myself, although the material items are gone, my talent is still with me. And it’s not that I will never ski again. But there was no sense in keeping outdated gear if I wasn’t going to hit the slopes anytime soon. Plus, hauling them to my new home seemed like a lot of work. I’d much rather rent my gear if I ever decide to take a spontaneous trip to the mountains.

You have to remember, material items can always be replaced (for the most part). If I ever feel the urge to ski more often, I can always purchase new ones. Not to mention in my case, the gear I owned probably needed updated regardless. So, I was filling space for no reason essentially.

I’m sure a lot of you own items in your home that haven’t been used in years. Craft supplies from a hobby you thought you’d get into, sports you played in the past but will no longer use or even special workout gear that was supposed to entice you to get active. But you’re still sitting on the couch. And you know what? It’s ok. It’s ok you aren’t that person you created in your mind. If anything, you are just blocking yourself from your true potential.

When we place so much importance on our physical belongings, we slowly lose the connections with people & what’s surrounding us. Instead, it’s crucial to live in the moment more & not let our appearance dictate the experience.

I’m not saying you shouldn’t dream or have aspirations of who you want to be in the future. Having goals & milestones help us move forward. Trying new things is a way to evolve as an individual. But sometimes that fantasy side to you can be rather exaggerated. Seeing the world in rose colored glasses can be enlightening but it can also stunk us from reality.

There’s a difference between your fantasy self & your fearless self. While the fantasy of owning certain material items seems to be changing you as a person, always remember your possessions NEVER define who you are. You need to walk fearlessly through your life & seek experiences that get you out of your comfort zone instead. That’s what truly will make a difference.

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