10 Five Minute Decluttering Tips For The Weekend

This week – we have a guest post from Simply Alex Jean! Enjoy! Decluttering can feel overwhelming so quickly. When I read the word, I immediately think of all the space I’m going to free up, all the joy of clutter being gone I’ll feel and how much more I’m going to enjoy my space.Continue reading “10 Five Minute Decluttering Tips For The Weekend”

Lets Celebrate Our Small Victories For Once

Why is it we tend to only pride ourselves of the big accomplishments? Do we feel like our small wins are not worth to brag about? I’m here to tell you, THEY ARE worth it & here’s why. Burn out is a real problem in today’s day & age. I’ve talked about the importance ofContinue reading “Lets Celebrate Our Small Victories For Once”

Paper Clutter: Messy To Minimal Ep. 5

It’s been a while, but I’m back with another Messy to Minimal episode this week! We’ve gone through the living room, the bathroom & the kitchen so far & today we will be tackling the horror that is paper clutter. This was a topic that as requested to me on Twitter & I don’t blameContinue reading “Paper Clutter: Messy To Minimal Ep. 5”